Translation contrary

According to Scandinavian archaeologists, Europeans stopped using runic writing around the 12th century. However, it is preserved on the runic stones of Scandinavia and other rarities.
The author asked the question: would contemporaries in the XXI century be able to use the runes for writing. To this end, we decided to do a little experiment. Runes have two phrases written in Russian and English. For the sample, a runic alphabet was taken from the famous stone from the Swedish city of Rok. These later runic writers achieved the shortest alphabet. It is only 14 letters: A E G I J K L N P R T U V Z. In it, the signs denoted by the letters G, N, P, T, Z, U substitute H, M, B, D, S, O. That is, some middle sound was used. In general, the text is similar to the "Dancing Men" by Conan Doyle, is not it.

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