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. HEAD NO. 1
Conversation which was conducted by both professors as if the planet top turned on an infinite orbit. So it often happens if scientists cannot compromise and defend the extreme views. Especially unpromising is a dispute when the speech comes about the Universe birth prime cause.
The pushed curtains created the easy twilight because of what the situation, in the room, spacious with a high ceiling, caused association with a medieval castle where men of science compete in sophistry.
Gray-haired, with the making the way bald patch, professor Igor Timoshishin, nervously tapping with the tube decorated with the gilded Hungarian coat of arms on an ebonite surface of a table, insisted:
- The theory of a Big Bang became a paradigm for the vast majority of scientists long ago. In its advantage many factors, both a razbeganiye of galaxies and presence of relic radiation, or the whole set of optical paradoxes testify …
Younger, but seeming because of length with beard streaks of gray very age, professor Marat Apelsinov, carefully tasted dry wine. In slightly chilled throat unpleasantly tickled and he few times coughed. Then logically parried:
- Well as explosion could generate a turbinal form of galaxies, or strict structure of stars, including characteristic rotation around the center and many other things. Any expert after the bomb expert will tell that elementary particles in this case have to scatter approximately evenly in different directions, but not be twisted in a spiral and the more so to get a system rotary motion!
Igor Petrovich, having postponed a tube, angrily knocked a palm on a table and wanted to give already the worthy answer as suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a perelivisty, nightingale trill of a call. Absolutely rather well-to-do Moscow apartment became a little lighter. The housemaid in a golubenky dress in large green peas fluttered out, hurrying to open couple of perfectly protected doors. The pretty girl, though not the beauty, in white soft slippers which were so brightly cast (as if swans on a sea smooth surface) floating on a malachite carpet.
The little cat as if did not react to a call, and continued to lie on a velvet rug. In the neighboring room the bulldog began to move, but unexpectedly abated.
The servant silently opened one, and looked at the door casting steel through special parabolic glass on the external platform, and was dumbfounded.
The observation port was faced by the girl of unprecedented beauty, the dazzling and shouting perfection and eroticism. Hair shone more brightly than gold leaf in the African midday. A figure which jewelry did not hide but only they on the contrary did far more perfectly, emphasizing fantastic proportions. It looked and is modern and as the princess from the fairy tale. Legs of light-chocolate color are almost entirely open, in transparent as if the purest diamonds shoes on a high heel. And clothes from east dancer, but the western style. In hair of the whole three brooches from jewels, and in drawings: flowers, small fishes and butterflies - extraordinary beauty, artistry and brightness, will nearly be stuck together by eyes. In hands at the stunning beauty something very strongly fancy with buttons rychazhka and the small antenna … Fingers in rings with large semi-precious stones. And big eyes in which all colors of a rainbow are at the same time reflected.
The housemaid mechanically opened doors and only after it whispered:
- You to whom?
The girl having taken a step the room, answered with very sweet and pleasant voice:
- To kind people!
Also entered the room … Darted a glance at a carpet, looked at a crucifixion, in eyes the almost audible shadow flew, looked at professors who collapsed in chairs and heaved a deep sigh. Its look now was not so self-confident. 
Professor Timoshishin politely inquired:
- And who you are such you will be the citizen?
That unexpectedly became angry and eyes found imperious expression. The answer looked ambiguously:
- Such questions of the man to beautiful ladies are not asked!
Younger Marat looked very cold too. Probably absolutely it was dried up by science. But he tried to observe politeness:
- You are beautiful, but in this case we have a discussion of the important scientific problem having the applied purpose!
The little girl giggled, and darted a glance at the servant. Anyuta right there gave her a chair. The beauty took seat, having thrown harmonous, very exactly suntanned legs and is sure answered:
- About what you diskussirut that: whether the stationary Universe or pulsing, the Big Bang generated a razbeganiye of galaxies, or gravitation bends space and photons cannot precisely move on a straight line in these gravitational breaks. Scientific snowstorm of type - stars generate according to professors when the infinite wave is extended as the rank of soldiers stretches a system having faced a cross-country terrain, or bypassing ravines from different places …
The little girl after the long introductory phrase in each word from which appeared barefaced irony, the tirade of obscure antimoniya said by melodious tone very rigidly finished:
- Nonsense! All theories of an origin are incorrect! – Having caught a puzzled look of scientists, the beauty specified. – All but creationism. All the rest - only human fabrications!
Timoshishin grinned and without hiding disappointment, noticed:
- Conversation with religious fanatics seldom when is interesting and is almost always aimless!
Marat not absolutely agreed with this aphorism, having vigorously objected:
- I the believer convinced at least three that there is no God! Sometimes it is possible to prove obvious!
The little girl with malice in a voice noticed:
- Obviously? Than absence of God is obvious!
Timoshishin was responsible for the younger colleague:
- Because God was seen by nobody and ever! Because the Bible is full of mistakes because it around the world reigns angrily and you never know still here because … And you fanatically believe that God is!
The girl shook heavy hair and adequately answered:
- I do not say that I believe as if God is …
- That and it! – There began Marat. But the little girl without paying attention to its remarks, continued:
- I precisely know that God is!
Timoshishin made a helpless gesture and insinuatingly said:
- So show us this God if you know!
The guest carefully looked at the sky and having slightly shifted black eyebrows which were so wonderfully combined with hair of color of topaz, ironical tone noticed:
- But you are not afraid of people to die because it is impossible to see God and not to die?!
Marat became angry and knocked a fist on a table:
- All this your religious excuses! You count on ignorance of people. And from where you can know that God is?
The little girl hesitated for a time second and quietly without changing a voice timbre, answered:
- I can know because I am Lucifer or as you are more often than me you call: Devil!
Both professors chorus burst out laughing and, Marat already more cheerful tone ordered to the housemaid:
- Bring to the deviless of the best for cognac, with all the heart made laugh!
Igor Petrovich agreed with the colleague:
- Yes beauty at it devil, you will not argue with it.
The little girl's voice suddenly changed, passed into a loud bass, and to the room even became cold:
- I do not joke! I am that Lucifer – the Son and the press of perfection, the strongest of all creations of God in the Universe!
Change of tone forced professors to extend faces, windowpanes rang out, and Anyuta nearly fell down in a faint. Marat however kept cool:
- You well are able to imitate a bass, but that believed in your devil essence it is necessary, something other!
The girl having replaced tone on normal, indulgently asked:
- You want miracles?
Professors amicably nodded. Timoshishin shook from a high forehead of a gradinka of sweat. 
Devushka-Satana politely asked:
- Then take out a crucifixion from the room …
Marat was surprised:
- Really the piece of an ebony can affect the most powerful angel in the Universe?
- It is consecrated! – And the guest impatiently waved the hand sparkling rings.
The housemaid hurried to execute the order, carrying away a crucifixion to other room. The bulldog in it was not any more, the dog disappeared somewhere. And the little girl radiantly began to smile and from her yellow light went … It became valid in room to grow warm quickly, and heavy, shod silver a candlestick having flown from a case, floated before the struck professors in air. The deviless clicked fingers and in height the multi-colored flame rose. It grew to a high, marble ceiling of the elite apartment, and then again shrank. And so now zelenovato flickered in the form of a sphere. And Lucifer provereshchat:
- Here the simplest example – a Satan in all your legends operates fire.
Marat not quite surely murmured:
- But also David Koperfild can do it …
The girl burst out laughing, and the candlestick instantly moved to a case again. A mighty, strongest and absolute angel of the universe, patiently explained:
- David used old effects of essential oils before blowing. You want other miracles and I precisely know what!
Small, yellow kruglyashka began to fall from a ceiling with a ring, as approaching a floor they grew in the sizes, turning into the most real gold coins, the whole heaps - piastres, chervonets, doubloons were promptly heated up. It already really looked like a miracle … The servant did not sustain and began to collect gold. And the girl devil tolerantly nodded:
- Take – for me gold not that, metal that needed it the mightiest spirit of the universe …
Timoshishin nevertheless skeptically noticed:
- And you are sure that you the Devil? That. what in the Writing?
The girl changed design, having turned an easy, wicker chair in covered, diamonds and rubies with emeralds and topazes a throne and, indulgent tone asked:
- I hope foolish questions for the account of horns, hoofs and a tail will not follow?
Igor Petrov assured the fallen angel:
- No! These are purely human inventions, but … A Satan from the Bible – It!
The little girl on it innocently smiled and seriously answered:
- I am not a person and I cannot be that you put in the primitive concepts of a floor. The Satan is the mighty spirit capable to accept any cover.
Marat wanted to insist:
- And why women, but not men?
The girl devil honestly answered:
- It is as little as possible to be similar to Christ … He hated women and in the Bible, they are belittled by apostles. I love all fine, I ennoble unloved Jesus a floor, accepting that shape that I want!
Timoshishin suggested:
- Perhaps therefore there many female witches burned in the Middle Ages?!
The girl Satan having nodded, agreed:
- Possibly in each beautiful woman the Devil seemed to them … To my greatest regret!
Marat asked the arising question:
- And why you, being the most strong in spirit in the Universe, did not rescue them?
The girl devil answered with unfeigned bitterness:
- My power in this world is limited by God. Inquisitors had protection, I against them was powerless!   
And the heavy pause hung in mid-air. The servant collected a big parcel of gold coins and with great difficulty transferred heavy kruglyashka, having put them near the safe. Looked towards professor Timoshishin who in difference from it, knew a code. The little girl devil krutanut a forefinger. The sack with gold disappeared, but the music specifying that in the safe, something heavy appeared played and can be even moves.
Marat suddenly blurted out:
- Mastera and Margarita you read?
The guest hit question with a question:
- And what, it will give you more idea of my essence?
Bearded professor hesitated, but the housemaid found the answer:
- In this art fiction you such interesting!
The little girl Satan radiantly smiling, answered:
- But not such beautiful … I love beauty and an esthetics …
Marat on it a little tactlessly noticed:
- Hitler was an artist too!
The Lucifer quite naturally took offense:
- The biggest delusion to connect me with the evil. I am an ancestor of a sin, but it is not angry!
Timoshishina surprised such statement of a question:
- You speak a sin … But a difference between a sin and the evil so thin and almost imperceptible!
The girl changed the shape now, having become the young man with very fair hair and nice-looking in a civil suit with a red tie. Now Lucifer found a baritone of the preacher broadcasting from department:
- Though it is also impossible to call the Scripture the objective book, but even in it a certain difference between a sin and the evil is visible. - The young man lit at himself over a palm the hologram image. The bald old man with a careless beard that shouted towards the running-up, barefoot children. Right there were two sharp-toothed, saber-toothed she-bears who with wild a roar jerked for children. Here the got under blow of a sharp-clawed paw, fair-haired girl, screamed and calmed down. The lovely face still distorted by pain arose close up. Then the boy failed with the cut-out skull. Several girls fell on knees begging about mercy, and the furious she-bear with a bigger rage rushed on children. Having overtaken, began to mill jaws of a leg of the next child. Shrill shouts and hysterical crying turned out soul.
The housemaid screamed and nearly fainted. And Marat it is rigid with frenzied irritation, asked:
- It that for a horror film?
The young man Lucifer with an innocent smile explained:
- I showed a bible episode from the fourth book of kingdoms – where the prophet Boga, Eliseus damned the children and two she-bears teasing it forty two children broke off.
Timoshishin threw up the hands and unexpectedly applauded:
- Bravo! Here evident demonstration of a difference between a sin and the evil! It is possible to remember Abraham's "feat" also!
The Lucifer nodded also with pleasant maliciousness, confirmed:
- Trade in the wife was not blamed of Abraham, and readiness to kill the innocent child – became "great" business … Whether affairs Abraham justified himself, having assigned the son to an altar?
Marat heaved a deep sigh and noticed:
- How many I lectures other on scientific atheism … I know that the Bible along with ennobled by ideas contains the mass of ideas of obscurantism … - Bearded professor wearily nodded. – But I I to the fooled people proved to these that there is no God at all and not that He is Angry!
The young man Lucifer turned into the girl, only in more modest dress, almost conventuals, only a cassock skirt too short again, opening fine, bare feet. And under it right there were small uvulas of a flame. The Devil incarnate said, very mild and humble voice:
- Sin concept not of the evil! A sin, it when you arrive not as God orders to you!
Timoshishin wanted bigger clarity:
- And you think that it is good?
The Lucifer answered, directly looking crystal purity eyes:
- Already to you to people to solve it! Here it would be good or it is bad, refuse Ache to build an ark? 
Professor Marat pomorshchit a forehead and tried to answer before the Satan:
- On the one hand refuse Ache to build an ark, that all mankind could be destroyed. But with another it is possible that God having lost an opportunity to rescue the elite, would refuse in general idea of a flood. In this case millions of people would survive!
The fallen angel waved a hand from where in air there was a big, turned their sandalwood table. On it there were magnificent viands, worthy tsars. And legs of the deviless had huge, black and very fluffy cat. His skin looked velvety, and with a white tip the tail reminded fox. Having intercepted thoughts of professors, Lucifer explained with benevolent tone:
- The idea with the Hippopotamus personally was pleasant to me. Though it is only shape of an angel – because my servants, mighty spirits have no usual flesh, but can be at the embodiment anything.
The cat rose by hinder legs, threatened with a sharp-clawed paw to the right, having whimsically noticed:
- In your TV series, of me some freak was made. But I am much more beautiful than this dull screen version!
The housemaid Anyuta a little safely, considering presence of supernatural entities, objected:
- And is not present, just the movie was pleasant to me, in it there is so much interesting …
The Lucifer held, ready to rush on the girl, a cat. And made it at distance the movement of long eyelashes. Then with sense of humour grinned:
- Be not afraid! The cat does not zakatut! This is a kind angel … It only a little with you will turn round and round, can will show the earth from a lunar orbit … It will be remarkable!
Marat with curiosity asked:
- And to stars we can be brought quickly?
Here at once Lucifer hung. The conventual found a mournful look, besides her legs decorated heavy shackles as however and hands. Now in a voice the sincere suffering was heard. The cat too at once drooped and catastrophically grew thin, and in green eyes hungry gloss appeared. The Satan looked now as least of all you expect from the Devil – the mightiest of the created beings in the Universe, whom to be afraid of that many billions of people, the embodiments of horror and the evil. Well who could think, the that turned pale, barefoot girl in shackles – the master of a dark side of the universe. And the mild voice answered:
- Here in volume and a problem … The Satan seldom calls himself, but … I need your help!
Both professors goggled and exchanged glances. Miracles in a termokvarkovy yoke. Well unless it is possible, the Devil asks for help at mortal moreover in the form of the blond prisoner.
Marat choked and wanted to light. He as professor understood malignancy of a similar habit and tried to do it as seldom as possible, but in this case nervousness affected. It is necessary will calm down, otherwise heart will burst, especially it is still rather young to experience rough emotions. Professor Timoshishin, as older was self-controlled better, but for a start in a volley drained a glass of sweet and very nice to the taste wine. Then the first asked:
- We are simple people, and than we can help the Almighty God, almost equal on force?
The little girl stood having bent one knee, her legs in chains looked so charmingly who Marat could not look away from them. The image of the martyr goes … And it is valid concentrations of a sin and … is angry …
Timoshishin once again, is a little on another, repeated a question:
- Well two old blockheads, can make there where the Son Zari, Completeness of Wisdom, the Perfection Press, beauty Wreath came to grief?
- There are chains which not to remove by force … Because they are imposed by that who is stronger, obviously stronger than the creation!
Marat having at once guessed, in disappointment noticed:
- And we unless are able to do it … To win against God?
The little girl began to smile and chains began to melt slightly. The Lucifer already more confident tone declared:
- You people are created just like God. And we are angels though are stronger people and our abilities – even against your scientific and technical development tremendous, but. The essence is that we are office spirits, and the person an image of God Zhivy is capable to become similar to God … - the Lucifer considered it necessary to specify. – Potentially of course. After fall God told: now it one of us!? But Adam did not become an Almighty …
Marat became seems something to understand:
- You means that potentially the mankind found a reserve for development towards Omnipotence?!
The girl Lucifer rose from knees and changed appearance. Not strongly, but it is resolute – in hands a sword, hands of the little girl found muscularity, and sapphire eyes angry expression. And then the main revelation followed. For the sake of what similar visit was made:
- Time when approaches, development of humanity in a sin will end. Jesus Christ will come and the doomsday will come! And then any more to you to people never to fly to stars but all who not it is written down in the book of life will are dumped to the lake fiery and sulfuric!
Professors were silent, contents of their craniums strongly strained, on high foreheads ran sea ripples of a wrinkle. Both men of science, nevertheless not without reason science stars. And the main thing was understood quickly. Marat with egoistical irony noticed:
- Well then to me Gehenna about mine works on a kindling is precisely prepared … And it is already serious!
Timoshishin voiced not indisputable thought:
- The person is all the same mortal. And whether the difference between posthumous hell and Gehenna fiery after Christ's coming is so already big?!
The Lucifer finally changed. Now it was an athletic build the young man in an imperial crown and a magnificent armor. The impression was strengthened by the snow-white horse grounded by stars on which the Satan sat. The young voice became thunderous and sure:
- Well is not present! If there is a place where I really All-powerful, so am hell.! And there, believe, life is better than on Earth!
Marat with doubt asked:
- And why when badly tell – this true hell?!
By Lucifer it is sure answered:
- Because … People thought up this nightmare. And was called this place on a miscellaneous. Vikings - Valggala, pagan Slavs - Iry, at Greeks Eliseevsky fields.   
Seeing mistrust in the opinion of scientists, Prinze Satan smiled and insinuatingly added:
- If you want to know truth, then it is better on excursion in an underworld? So far time is!
Marat with logic of professor of a wide profile noticed:
- Even if there you also made good climate, but the contingent of angry sinners and cruel bandits is capable will turn also this place into Gehenna!
In a voice of the former Archangel the respect was heard, the young prince became much more serious:
- You are right professor … People are capable to cause angrily to each other. And management of a next world where go – almost all people, so escape only given rise from above, and such give God that one percent of the population gathered at least!
Timoshishin gave a whistle:
- Wow! Really only Saints escape?!
The Lucifer showed the opened Scripture over a palm, in the burning look when a flame as if the wave laps on pages. Sheets turned over, and the angel of light indicated by a sword edge lines:
- That's it, the birth from above and real belief from affairs … And it not just to be a good person and to go to church on Sundays – though such people very little!
Marat did not keep not to scoop a gold spoon from a dish of black caviar. Not so professors are rich that there is this scarce product spoons. Caviar was quite natural, and tart on taste. The truth black caviar has a property when you eat much for time, begins to taste bitter in a mouth.
But it only kindles appetite. Timoshishin decided to pass directly to business:
- It is not necessary to convince us. We also understand that our breed not from those that deserved paradise, but … What specifically we can make?
The Lucifer accepted already other shape, a form of the captain, and not young man, and more mature person, with the wide slightly curling beard. And the landscape changed. It appeared as if on the deck of the ship. Seemingly archaic sailing vessel, but extraordinary magnificent, with sails in an ornament and landscapes from jewels and the sparkling gold and platinum the deck.
And in team abundance of little girls, from all continents – very different, but at the same time permanently beautiful and with a clothes minimum. However, jewelry and jewelry on them it is, quite enough, that it was rich, but it is not excessive – that would already be bad taste. The team attracted to itself views, distracted attention. Even elderly Timoshishin involuntarily felt in himself youthful nervousness and painful desire. Well of course, there are so much fine, capable to shame all on a podium of girls in one place. It also will lift the old man from a grave. Plus still delicacies on a table, at their inclusion in you as if comes back, long ago the lost man's force already seemed.
Now that's something like it … And around them the sea seems …? But it on fantastic beautiful, waves spark it seemed in thousands of shades.
Lucifer captain answered a mute question:
- We can float directly from here to coast of hell. There is life as … at the billionaire in the resort … - And here the look at the Satan became rough. – If I consider it necessary of course. And who to me the enemy, to that it is possible to arrange such life that he perhaps and itself fiery will ask for the lake!
Marat mechanically noted:
- Owner barin!
And Timoshishin with admiration noticed:
- Nevertheless what you different …. Many-sided!
The Lucifer changed the shape, to fantastic Father Frost, the beard was extended and became gray-haired. And in hands there was a bag from which towards girls gifts departed. Different, but with very colourful wrappers gifts. Girls caught them and thanked the Satan, bending waists in easy graceful bow. And the master of hell noticed:
- All this sinners. Many from in life were not such beautiful, and someone managed to grow old and turn into ugly old women. – Here Lucifer became a young man, with a fair hair again, but remained in a fur coat of Father Frost, only the cap was replaced by a diamond wreath, and the attire became even more magnificent. The Lucifer with pleasure continued. – I gave them fine bodies though in persons some former individual traits remained … I love beauty … I hate decrepitude! – And here the fallen angel sparkled lightnings from eyes and offered professors. – I cannot forever give you youth yet – so on Earth you are not recognized, and you are necessary to me exactly there … But you want to find beauty and youth for a while?
Timoshishin heaved a deep sigh and with grief noticed:
- But it will be hard to come back to a former old body then?
The Lucifer crossed on a hand breast, surely and firmly answered:
- You will help me, I having found new forces, I will make you the happiest people on Earth. Also believe, all that professor Faust at Goethe had – will seem only a hut in a shadow of the imperial palace!
Marat pricked up the ears a little. Girls attracted in which the sea beams of several sun were reflected, it seemed kind and fantastic. Why, the paradise garden of the storyteller Andersen where the prince received everything was remembered, but did not sustain a temptation love. And here the ancestor of the evil, the Son Zari, offers you Viry. However the Satan is the Greatest of tempters, suddenly all this a dirty trick? And then as in that joke – instead of binge, snack, women and entertainments – you on the heated frying pan will put? 
It we had propaganda point – devils laugh: "from you party organizers also learned"!
The Lucifer probably read Marat's thoughts and took to him towards a step, having strong shaken hands:
- You are clever and are necessary to me such as you are people! - The Satan raised Marat together with himself a little in air and they appeared on a seven-color back seven-domed, very much even a dragon nice by sight. The Lucifer solemnly declared. – Be good to the person and it will return to you. What sense to harm people on whom your personal future, Iriya's future, and many billions of angels and sinners depends. Why to me reputation of the artful deceiver, especially in the opinion of the angels? Trillions of perfect beings believed me and followed me in opposition to God just because Lucifer never violates this word, that he serves grateful to those who trusts it and does not betray! 
The young man emotionally addressed a cat, and also the couple which arose with it to knights in an armor:
- You would follow the deceiver?
Enormous knights obediently nodded, and here the cat clown decided to make witticisms:
- For the deceiver, I would not go, but here for the greatest swindler of all times and the people why not to follow?
The Lucifer good-natured burst out laughing and patted a cat on a brilliant hair, that pleasure changed black color for white and zaurchat:
- Our king elect of heaven, our king as illusive demon! Our king the envoy of destiny, our king is only you!
At Marat all scepticism suddenly vanished:
- Is not present definitely, it is fated to be a sheep in Christ's herd to me! So there is nothing to lose and it will not be worse!
The Satan replaced an appearance again, having become the girl, but already east type, fine with slightly bluish hair, and very swarty skin. Something from the Thai beauty, with a light touch European features on Aryan to type. But the main thing this girl deviless very sexually and invitingly looked. Has a look at Marat and that suddenly tested unusual ease, freshness and cheerfulness in a body. So he never even in youth felt. The body changed, and it became the young man with muscles, strong: intermediate between Apollon and Hercules. The beard disappeared, and hair were on the contrary extended and became light. The little girl Lucifer winked at the changed professor:
- It is most part to love the Devil … I do not test your human prejudices, I have no inferiority complex or excessive pride. I am higher than it because – God of this century! Who is pleasant, that mine!
And devushka-Satana attracted Marat to itself, and further … As if couple of Universes and a zaplyasala in a round dance of myriad of galaxies blew up. It is impossible to pick up analog what the mere mortal cannot test and to compare to anything. With anybody there was no shadow of similar also – except as with the press of perfection and a wreath of beauty … It is higher than any the description and representations, and pleasure, so intensive that deafens and crushes, but at the same time you are ready to give the immortal soul on any flour to repeat similar again. And any more there is neither time, nor matter, nor space!
Timoshishin changed too, and, he wanted to become Black at the last minute and his desire came true. And girls flew on it and their multi-colored bodies were weaved into a ball. Too it is fine, but not to compare to Marat's feelings. Nobody so will be able to love, except for the Creator of the Universes, but he just will hardly present such happiness to the person. And here madness and the genius in one action!
Well when you young, beautiful and strong. Especially athletic, brawny that of which you dreamed all life, but it gyms and diets could not present you a body. And you receive it as a gift, even without having asked and as if it to you was pressed by force. But it and charm: Hollywood fairy tale.
The ship, little girls – magnificent viands. Everything is good, but something perfectly well is missing? And what? The good cabin with pirates!
Timoshishin did not manage to enjoy game with female bodies as tore off them
 cannon shots. 
And on the horizon the brigantine appeared. This and really the fairy tale about pirates. Real animation characters. Among them there is James Hook. Such here outstanding personality.
And girls are already ready to fight with freebooters. There too in crew it is full of women and very ugly villains. Their ferocity theatrical … But also real.
In crew of a frigate of the Satan couple of ship's boys – the only men except professors appeared. Here Timoshishin thought, these are the real boys who died at teenage age being rather spoiled lawfully to reserve the place in hell, or? Some demons? However on religion and non-Christian babies get to an underworld so what here to be surprised to? 
Boys however in this threshold of the Tartar live, cheerful and hold strange revolvers in hand a lot of decorated with flame-colored pebbles. In general there are a lot of jewelry. In the Bible too the Son Zari – is beautiful and loves yakhonta of all types. But when the bullet will get to the bearded pirate and that will fall having released blood fountainlet, it is already a little frightening. Timoshishin answers rare mushketny shots, aiming in James Kryuk, and at that the menacing artificial limb on a hand casts diamonds. It seems got, splashed between an eye scarlet splashes... and right there "cinema" will be gone … 
. HEAD NO. 2.

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