For whom the bells will never toll

" Колокола не звонят лишь по предателям и чиновникам. Это потому, что ни у тех, ни у других нет самого главного - стержня! ориентира! - человеческой души. И знайте, если по предателю или же по чиновнику где-то колокол всё-таки прозвонил, то всё это неискренне, ибо звон этот, как, собственно, это всегда и бывает, был кем-то и для чего-то проплачен. По-другому не бывает, друзья. "


Vice is on your fucking tongue,
And you’ve just licked your way through life;
Things you have and haven’t done,
You’ve planned to execute tonight.

You shall not drag to hell her, too, -
Your high-heeled-short-skirt secretary, -
For she is more sincere than you,
She will - you – won’t!!! - get into Heaven.

You’ve got no God in your soul,
You all are stuck in "Soviet-stasis";
Four-eyed, jealous, lewd and bold -
Your one and true iconostasis.

Yes! You have launched man into space
Yet even that wasn’t sincere,
You’ve driven minds into an endless maze
Rewarding talents with despair.

You're ready to drive your people mad,
To achieve your selfish goals
You, power-hungry, sweaty rats,
And for rats! - Hemi-bells don’t toll…

You’d sacrifice us all at once,
To sit your back upon "The Chair";
You’d order infants to be killed,
Should someone wish to be your heir.

You’ve gotten fat, whilst they’ve got thin,
And now - when the feast is done, -
Your children will not stretch their skin,
For they are weak - they "cut and run".

You ruined states to stay in charge;
You thought your legacy would last?
You, faithless, small, plebeian minds,
Your children blew it way too fast!

Not much has changed, although we're glad,
Your children now shall wage your sins;
Your karma shall not let you in
Upon the floors where robins sing.

You have betrayed not only people,
You have betrayed the humankind!
You are the traitors of human nature -
On arrogance you’ll overdose and die.

The Soviet dreams were all fantastic -
You’ve turned our culture into steam;
You’re old and still believe in nothing -
And so the light at tunnel’s end is dim.