Renaissance Fury - 2010


Album: "Renaissance Fury" ©
Release Date: March 25th, 2010
Singles: "Season rooms", "30 days of love in the Valley of Rains", "Carnelian fold"
Label: "Renderman Records"
Recorded: Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

Track listing:
1.  "Ц734.805 C"
2.  "Vij"
3.  "Season rooms"
4.  "Radiation"
5.  "Foxfire"
6.  "Delta function"
7.  "Deserve your dream"
8.  "30 days of love in the Valley of Rains"
9.  "Luck and its owner"
10. "Carnelian fold"
11. "8 Suns away"
12. "Olympia's snake"
13. "4-string lazies"

Val Monroe,
vocalist and a band leader

Ц Hey, man, how you doing?

Ц Good. Thanks. Good to be here.

Ц Glad to have you, man. Finally!

Ц Absolutely.

Ц So what have your band been up to these days?

Ц Well... A lot actually. Recording, touring, writing, doing interviews. That's pretty much it. Usual band stuff. Not much rest, let me tell you. All work and no fun makes Val a dull boy...

Ц Right. That's good, is it not? Keeping productive.

Ц Oh, I'm not complaining. I'm not being a littly cry-baby bitch. I love it! Appreciate all thatТs happening to me; to us as a band.

Ц Sure.

Ц Pretty happy with what weТve accomplished so far. Second albumТs out, and itТs pretty dope. Good to be in the spotlight. Good to be busy, you know. Back on stage - back in the scene. ItТs important. ItТs life.

Ц Sure. So youТve mentioned the second album.

Ц Yes.

Ц YouТve released it so soon - just over a year - after the "Doors to Chaotic".

Ц Right.

Ц What's the deal?

Ц Oh, well. ItТs a follow-up of our debut. And, yes, itТs been just over a year since the "Doors". I guess... we just had a lot to say. Still. We had hellЦofЦaЦlot of material that sort of accumulated over the initial writingЦofЦtheЦdebut period. Felt like we had to put it out there as soon as possible. After the fan reactions to our first record, you know. The label was trying to postpone its release but we weren't having none of that, you know. Wanted to release more songs asap. Fans would have wanted that.

Ц That's great. I'm sure they appreciated that.

Ц Definitely.

Ц When did it come out exactly?

Ц It came out on March, 25th.

Ц Happy with the reactions from your fans?

Ц Are you kidding me?!

Ц Are they that good?

Ц ItТs been excellent! So good. WeТre so very happy.

Ц Awesome, man.

Ц Hell yeah, itТs awesome. YouТre awesome, my friend!!!

Ц SomeoneТs in good mood... Ha-ha. Cheers for that anyway.

Ц Yeah!

Ц So does that mean you do not believe in the "sophomore curse" then?

Ц What in the hell is that?

Ц It is a common belief that everything that comes second to the debut is a waste of time. That the second release Ц films, music, literature... Ц is always crap.

Ц No. I do not belief in that rubbish. There are many exceptions we both can name should we think about it. I'm sure. I think oneТs projects are directly proportional to the amount of hard work and creative spark he or she puts into it, you know. The rest is pure BS. Nothing but an evening kitchen talk.

Ц Right. So I guess with the fan reception of your second album you officially become one of those bands that break this so-called curse.

Ц I have no idea what it is that we have broken, but I can definitely say that we are - what we are. It's as simple as that, you know. Being yourself and staying true to yourself is brave enough, I think. It is like the max that one can do to prove everything he or she ever wanted to prove to anyone in this world Ц to be and to stay yourself. I can tell you that we Ц as a band Ц are not only happy with what we have created, but we feel like we have certainly become more professional. This album Ц "Renaissance Fury" Ц is definitely a more professional record: better production, better quality, better lyrics, better instrumentals... Ц you name it! Ц better everything. Even the track titles.

Ц Yes, the song names do sound more...

Ц WhatТs wrong with the song titles on our first record?

Ц NothingТs wrong. The titles on this album seem more creative, I guess. Or perhaps more diverse... in terms of subject at hand, if you know what I mean.

Ц Well, shit. I guess you are right. I did want the track titles to have more diverse meanings to them with this record. We did really want to make the song names more memorable and more distinctive.

Ц Distinctive! ThatТs the word I was looking for.

Ц Original, too.

Ц Sure. So let me ask you: why have YOU decided to release it so fast?

Ц What?

Ц The second album. Why did it come out so soon? Why didnТt you hold on to it, while you bathe in the glory of the first record? Why not hold on to it for a while? And enjoy the ride...

Ц Are you serious?! We have been in the spotlight quite enough now, I think. We have been staging performances for over a year now, and we still see ourselves as being at the very start of our careers. So naturally when you reach certain level of popularity you donТt want to give it up so soon and go off to live in some cave Ц that comes later, you know Ц at this stage you want more of it. And besides, as I said, the label wanted us to hold off the second record but we were against it. We wanted to feed the hungry mouths as soon as possible, and overall it felt right to release it in 2010.

Ц I see.

Ц Working on our first album we still had so much material leftover, I think it would have been a total sin to hold on it and not release it asap. It would have been wrong not to use it to make a second album while we were at it, you know. Might as well do that. You never know whatТs going to happen tomorrow, so you might as well do as much as you can today, you know.

Ц Sure.

Ц Have you had to write any new songs for it then?

Ц Oh, absolutely! We hadnТt just use the material that was left off the first record. IТd say only about 30% of it came from what we had leftover from the first album. The rest 70% were all absolutely original tracks written for the "Renaissance".

Ц Are all the tracks that youТd planned for this release on the album?

Ц Well, we had something like 19 songs done for it but only 13, as you see, made it to the record.

Ц What happened to the rest of the songs?

Ц Well, we thought they were not good enough.

Ц Right.

Ц In some cases they were out of the context. Not that the album does follow some elaborate context/concept but we tried to write all songs within at least some ideology so that every track fell into a category of what it is we felt, what it is we were going through at that time.

Ц Since you mention ideology Ц and taking into account the fact that your band does not write concept albums Ц does "Renaissance Fury" reflect on something particular? Idea-wise...

Ц CanТt say it does. "Renaissance Fury" is once again an album about experiences. Just like our first record it is a reflection of where we are as a band. It is also a voice Ц a statement, if you will Ц of what we are Ц the things we want to be and the things donТt want to be, what we hope to become and what we shall never become.

Ц Has something in particular OR influenced... OR rather what were the major influences of this record?

Ц Oh, man! This is such a vast subject. The discussion about the influences is always endless, you know. However, if I was to single some particular things out IТd say we have very much been influenced by the classic arts with this record. The films, visual art, literature. Actually IТve been writing quite a lot lately. Reading a lot about classic arts, too. Visiting classic arts museums and what-not.

Ц Right.

Ц Hence the title of the album.

Ц Sure.

Ц With the release of our first album we got to travel quite a bit.

Ц Sure.

Ц WeТve seen lots of new places. Visited different venues, performed in front of different people Ц language-wise, traditions-wise, culture-wise.

Ц Right.

Ц So I guess you were right to mention that this album is vastly distinctive from what we have written with our first record last year. Merely due to the fact that we ourselves Ц as individuals and as a group Ц have grown and developed so much. We delved into different cultures, time zones, geography and we have collected the very best from each place. A kind of digested version of pretty much every cultural background. Almost every track of this album Ц although recorded in one place Ц had in fact been written and originates from a completely and utterly different place. So when the time to name the album came I clang on to the Renaissance phenomenon. A culturally significant period in history when people started to pay more attention to arts and crafts. It was such an important period in human history and history of arts that almost no culture managed to avoid the establishment of arts as a common bloodline running through the world and its peoples.

Ц ThatТs deep.

Ц Thanks. So all in all as a band one could say that after the success of the first record we went through like a miniature version of the Renaissance. Our own little version of the Renaissance.

Ц Hell, thatТs deep.

Ц Thanks.

Ц Wise, too.

Ц ThatТs what weТve been going for.

Ц And the fury aspect?

Ц We are just very angry.

Ц Right.

Ц Ha-ha.

Ц What are your plans for the future then? Anything specific?

Ц No, not really. Planning to do this tour cycle and then probably we should get some rest. I think we are very mcuh due in for one. Working non-stop you get tired. Really tired. And it tends to build up, too. We still have a lot ahead of us to do, so you donТt want to burn out way too quick, you know. You want to save up some of that energy.

Ц Sure. So no plans to release the third album in 2011 then? Ha-ha.

Ц No. Not that IТm aware of. But we shall not let our fans linger for too long. We donТt not want to be one of those bands that after releasing something decent goes off and gets stuck in some sort of limbo, you know.

Ц Sure.

Ц Not at this stage at least. You donТt want anyone to forget about you, because you got lazy.

Ц Of course.

Ц So. WeТll get some rest and shall surely get back into the studio because the energy, the ideas are out there. Who knows?

Ц Thanks for dropping by, Val.

Ц Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Ц Good luck with everything.

Ц Cheers.