" Tears flooded corners of my eyes once I learnt
The Dillinger Escape Plan had disbanded.
Their music was perfect...
Due to its numerous imperfections. "
–– author

And from nuisance!
And from the essence!
From quintessence of things!
Comes forth a force of order six –
Where nonsense does make sense.
From endless phosphorescence!
And boundless fluorescence!
From excessive luminescence
Of singer's sensless vexes,
His cruel and mindless hexes –
Symbols of coalescence
Of processes, possessions... –
Thanks to his bloody prowess –
He caused the effervescence
Speed up the convalescence –
Serene and quiescence –
At men's senses' expense.
The scent of dirty suspense
That fight prosperous prudence,
Caressing inflorescence
Within the flows of river Styx; 
Circumflexing convexes,
Assessing life's affections –
Intensive and defensive,
Bottomless and shoreless,
Figureless and formless –
Creatures of the seas unknown
That dwell within the hearts
Of those – 
Who seem to be as cold as snow.

" Beyond the realms of wistful wisdom
Certain things start getting crazy.
Exceptionally bizarre!
I'm sorry, honeysuckle,
But I shall leave it as it is.
Because this way it would be perfect...
Due to its numerous imperfections. "