The Main Rule

“You had to play the game,” he said.
A gunpoint of his revolver rested again my cheek.
“You know the rules.”
All this shit began when I set foot on a bad way. The bad way of dating with Chasey.
I tried to back away from him, but my flesh crept when he cocked his pistol. It wasn’t a joke and I had to get out of the mess.
I’ve had it, and the reason of everything was Chasey. Before me she was a girl of Jason, the guy who was taking aim at me at this moment. Should I say that Jason and I were friends? The rule is never to date with the ex of your friend, and I broke it.
I have to pull myself together to stand a chance to save my life, or Jason will pull the trigger and smash my face to powder.
Chasey knew this rule, too. But she came to me, and I couldn’t handle with a desire. She was a goddess. Damn, she was a dame to kill for.
So, Jason is going to kill me now. And he won’t leave me alone.
“You know, buddy, I love her.” he said.
Of course, he loves her. Actually, he thinks he loves her. Chasey, this goddess, the demon goddess, got him mixed up. And she got me too.
And now, me and Jason, bloody old-sports, staying here, and the gunpoint of his revolver is being rested again my cheek.
“I love her.” he said, “And you can’t take her away from me. Again…”
I screw up and the last thing I heard was the sound of the trigger.
I think there was another sound. I think it was the voice. The girl’s voice. Chasey’s voice. She shouted something. I think she shouted “NO”.
But I don’t give a fuck.

Curious! Peter, good luck and inspiration! Sincerely,

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