Non-circular proof of God

The God knows, what God exists, why then Christians reject the proofs? The comments, which are not supported by valid arguments are mostly ignored. Thank you for non-stupid comments.

There is arguments for God (e.g. "5 ways") and they are not debunked. The assumption, what they will be debunked in the near future, is not the debunk-ment. I understood following property of the proofs: circular argumentation. Which is not fallacy: the Science is based on circular reasoning. Time is what the clock measures, and clock is what shows the time. Universe exists, because God knows so, and the God exists, because the Universe is there. But I found the non-circular proof, join the discussion.
If atheism agrees that all proofs are circular, then this acknowledgement will destroy the atheism itself: for if True God am not True Judge, then the proofs are not circular. Therefore, atheism can not say that the proofs are wrong. Atheism can not say either, what there are no proofs, because then there are no atheists (all them the solipsism has then absorbed).

To unrepented one: "Jesus Christ sees all depth of your heart, and He knows, what you are proud of your atheistic state of mind. Therefore you will not watch the video, because the theistic Grace can influence your atheistic state of mind. Please see the video and debunk it, as you promised. What do you say about the first proof? If it is the usual "even a theist can not understand this nonsense", then the problem is not in the video, but inside an atheist. I am living in Reality, not in your fantasy world. Please watch the video. What is your problem? Can you open one eye, and then open the certain natural hole in the head and watch the video? Watched? Then tell me, does the video seem like the total nonsense? If it does, then problem is not with video. The problem is inside an atheist. See: because atheist refuses to call the God the Judge of the problems, then there is only absurd in the world: nothing can be proved. Latter is solipsism, so there is no atheism either."

1. On motivation

Reality can not be both proved and disproved. If you want to prove God, you will necessarily prove Him. Right? It's a cool feeling, when you're right. It is offensive to accuse publicly a human in the sin or in the mistake, if you have no definite proof of his wrong doing.

I do not force you. I do not violate your free will. It would be violation, if I write: "If you repent, then I give you 10 euros." And I want my complete trust in Jesus Christ to grow into a true faith. To sin no more. After all, the Virgin Mary does not sin.

This is not a campaign and not an commercial add. Do not trust me? But then who gets the money? On the contrary, I pay it for my good deed. The unwilling individual can not pay for the church services, only one time for the Holy Baptism, but the human will be receiving the main Church Sacraments. There is a group of people - atheists, and they ask "prove God, the burden of proof is on the Christians". My article serves atheists' interest. On the "the unfaithful-s were burned" I say briefly: the Faithfuls were burned more often.

2. On the danger of solipsism.

In fact, the different types of absurdity like the Atheism, the Flying Monster pasta, and especially the Quantum Mechanics of Niels Bohr (as opposed to QM David Bohm), and so on, pull human into the abyss of complete solipsism. The human does not believe, then, that even inanimate nature is there. The whole world, the Holiness of God, the God Himself, and the person himself: do collapse to nothing in the person's mind. But the mind can not be killed. And there is a way out of the abyss of solipsism. Well, is it indeed, that in the Universe no living creature is present? And you, too, are like the smoke out of the certain hole? Of course you are alive, and not the smoke. If you have a goal - to prove the God, then you will prove Him. And if you have a goal - to prove the complete solipsism, then you are nothing (you are absent, you are not even born), so unable to prove anything. Faith is the Faithfulness to the Knowledge. Atheism can not be proven, because it must be proved not to me, but to the God  -- the Final Judge, the Holder of Verity. Here I have proved the Christianity. Because it is the will of God. "Love God with all your mind" - the Lord Jesus Christ commands.

3. The proof in the framework of Theism.

The man, a cat, a bacterium - all are living. Because the God considers so. And the very first of the living ones am God (see Appendix E). So God am. A circle of holiness! Not all circular reasoning is fallacy. For example: the time is that the clock measures, and the clock is what displays the time.

If Atheism believes, what here the phrase "because the God considers so" is necessary for my purpose (ie. to prove God), and turns the perfect proof into a circular argument (that Atheism used to deny), then Atheism must agree with the following: "God judges the atheism to be wrong." Another words:

Atheism is right or not right. Before whom? Before God, because God sees only two options for each single thing: right or not right. Therefore, atheism is not right.

Appendix E.

Since the measuring ruler has not an infinite number, and any place on the ruler has a certain number, then the line has a finite size. Therefore, there is no infinite past and integers line (1,2,3,4,....) is only potentially infinite, but not actually endless. Then there is no infinite future (nears the Day of Final Judgment), and no infinite space too. No infinite velocity, but the velocity has limit: the v<c.

4. Conclusions.

Darwinism, Panspermia, Multiverse and other assumptions can not completely abandon the God. A person can not do it, can not fall so deep into hole like the devil did. The Free-thinkers just so strongly bend our minds, trying to break them, but nothing happens to the existence of God in our mind. Mind can not be destroyed. Everything testifies of God. The first step toward a true picture of the world is to know God. To Know His fully scientific definition: "God am the first living one", at least in the history. Many my recent works (including the fine-tuning) a moderators have deleted. Why? Not for the speaking the Verity, because it is not the criminality. The persecution of Christians by the elites is simply the demon possession in the elites. I am completely calm. It's great to be banned: it means, that something interesting was written. That is what boiled the moderators over:

5. Fine-tuning of the universe testifies of God for all 100 percent, right?

Watch videos online from Christians about fine-tuning. My knowledge of it is:

In the abstract world (of the fundamental constants of nature) only a very tiny "island" allows a person to exist (by the way, of all the temperatures the 22 -- 27 degrees of Celsius are suitable for our naked parents: Adam and Eve). What is the probability that the Universe hit exactly on this island? Indeed, if the Universe was formed by chance, any place (in the "ocean" of constants) was possible. Why we were stranded on this (only one existent) tiny island? But the Universe is exactly on the island of human life. Does this phenomenon have the mathematical probability? Yes, it is scientific! I have the formula (see Appendix). Indeed, the parameters, which are beneficial to human, are calculated with a certain probability (because our tools and methods are not perfect) and the probability distribution function is usually the so-called "Normal (natural) distribution." The real physical constants fall in a certain region of this distribution, and it can be shown that the desired probability of Christianity has 100 percent, if the actual physical constants are the most suitable for human life. And they are! Therefore, the scientific probability of the Verity of Christianity is, 100 percent, in this example.

This result is in harmony with my scientific conclusion that the probability of spontaneous generation of the Darwin first living cell (but at least it would be a cell on the planet of "aliens") as calculated by "Creation Scientists" to be tiny small; so actually it is not small, but exactly round zero. The birth of Darwin cell is identical to the destruction of this special cell by reversing the time flow back. As the time goes only forward, the Darwin cell can not get alive by natural processes.

Here is funny case, received many likes. Anne: "Why, if Apollo 13 accident was at the 13th, spaceship started at 13 hours and 13 minutes, the Christians do not believe in horoscopes and signs?"
Answer: The probability of spontaneous generation of the first cell of Darwin is much less: why, then, the atheism criticizes the faith of Christians?

Appendix for scholars:

Let's say that our theory has given the probability distribution for a certain value. That is, the theory tells us that the most likely to find the value is in x = 0. But it is less probable that we will find the value in x = 1, and it is more unlikely that in 2, and more unlikely in 3, and so on: the probability function drops exponentially. Assume that the experimental value found is X = 1. What is the probability that our theory is true (to God)? Truly a maximum probability is calculated as the integral from infinity to x = 0. The normalization of probability requires that the integral value is equal to 100 percent. Therefore, the required probability is the integral from infinity to X=1.

Dis-respectful and proof-less criticism is not welcome, thank you for not stupid comments.