Are the holy angels like the time-cops?

Are the holy angels like the time-cops?

1.The reality is real.

The black holes belong to the reality outside the human imagination.
Because no-one can deny the existence of some knowledge, the following is the basic principle: Presumption of Innocence. Hereby it is applied not only in the criminal affairs, and includes the freedom from sin, errors, delusion, criminality. It means, one can not publicly insult or diminish a person, if you have no disproofs of his Innocence. Conclusion: the reality is real.

The atheists often mess the reality of the imagination with the reality of the outside world. Because both realities are real, it is often not possible to distinguish them, if the person is willingly lying. As an example, the atheists often say to theists a mocking like the "I am the Prince of the Dragons, can you debunk that?" Our best response is "I do not care, just do not kill somebody."

2.The strong equivalence.

The definitions of the physical reality includes the ways of measuring it (in particular, the huge energy inside the cosmic void can not exist in a more adequate theory) by the instruments of the Metrology, hereby they are absolute unchangeable. This guarantees, what the physical processes are having the same laws throughout all of the space-time.

3.The limits of physics.

Because the actual infinity can not be linked to the nature, one concludes, what the spacetime is round like the sphere. Therefore, the space-time must be curved, and there is the velocity barrier: the light speed. The time has beginning and has the end: I am the Alpha and Omega, - says our Lord Jesus Christ.

4. Some examples.

The black hole has strong curvature of space-time, the Dark Matter and Dark energy are only the specially curved the empty space-time. Latter allows our Lord to avoid the complexity of the General Relativity.

5.The breaking of the light speed barrier.

Because the possibilities of the wormholes (and also: time machines, the Star Track machine “warp-drive”, and the Quantum Non-locality) do exist, the physical reality is linked to the spiritual realm and the spiritual police – the God's holy angels. The latter can not be measured by our instruments. Therefore, the spirituality (as the: freewill, God, angels, demons, love, hate, beauty, Church, Priests, Holiness, saints, holy icons, Grace, miracles, sin, original sin, cannibalism, aborts, sinful sorcery) is often ignored, as having no direct material profit.

6.The parable: The True God is like the “Time Cop”.