Crimes left israel

A direct result of the crime in Oslo in practice was the deportation of Jews from gush Katif and Northern Samaria.Evicted people who scratch in the desert, they built a real green Paradise. In Israel taboo to talk about this criminal deal .Such is one-sided freedom of speech...
The Bolshevik "Zionism" gives birth to monsters — "peace now", B'tselem, New Israel Fund, whose goal is the destruction of Israel.
They are not just talking about it in practice — "knock" to the officers and soldiers of the IDF to create a situation in which they do not want to fight. It is not history, is our present. A symbol of betrayal we — Joseph Flavius (Yes, erased his name and the memory of it) — his excuse was "Shalom."
All criminals convicted in Israel for treason and espionage for ideological reasons, — ALL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, are natives of the "Bolshevik Zionism": the Colonel of the Israel Bar, Aaron Cohen, UDI Adiv, Mordechai vaanunu,Colonel Shimon Levinson,Moshe Sneh and others.
The actual destruction NEELY, the murder of Deana, blood libel in the history of the Arlosoroff murder, "Season", "Altalena," the betrayal of the Jews of the Soviet Union, "Oslo" — this is not the end of sneaky sabotage. Their representatives in all arenas of the world anti-Zionist , Pro-Arab UN ,they are the initiators of anti-Israeli sanctions are making the announcement of the boycott of Israeli products,Universities... by Any means they achieve power.
The left has become a tool in the hands of the Arab Jihad fascism. Hence their 100% support Arab claims and crimes against the Jewish people in those short periods when they were in power, "Oslo", an attempt to give the Golan, an attempt to give 96% of Judea and Samaria, an attempt to give 90% of the Old city of Jerusalem including the temple Mount, consent to the destruction of Israel through recognition of resolution 194 of the UN security Council, the deportation of the residents of gush Katif.
Today they are waging war in media against the family of the Prime Minister B. Natanyagu. They don't even hide that they are lying in order to remove Bibi. Most of them are worried of a Champagne bottle Sarah-wife Natanyagu. No one investigated,however, hosted by Shimon Peres luxurious "small meeting" with the leading actors of Hollywood,where the Champagne flowed like a river...There were other "bottle"...All this was done openly with the money of Israeli taxpayers. They can do everything...Israeli democracy works for them as well as freedom of speech.

Where the bird's hubbub is not afraid of the time
And rarely sow clouds in the sky,
There is speed, like Eden,
The limit of the desert there for sure...

The catcher hills of discouragement the burden
Was "the magic city" gush Katif.
Suddenly flew over the tale of the evil Demon,
Destroyed and all the stones turned...

Out of tales that had been razor – people
Sharpened the malice of inanimate.
Crazy rough verbiage,
Broke life ,playing with fate...

Amona, gush Katif...the area is deserted.
Became the ground Paradise – green garden.
Do not expect lovemaking and foreplay.
Once betrayed, betray now!