Under the fox moon. сh. 1

Chapter 1. Eruption

Life in the city of Chigelbas went on as usual. The company's office in this small metropolis was no different. Spacious, glass, plastic ... and sheer hypocrisy. Although the construction of multi-storey offices in a city with a volcano in the middle was still silly. But the developer didn't care. A dormant volcano, the city surrounded it in a ring.
Joe Nick has worked in this company for over 15 years and managed to establish himself only from the best side. The best manager of the company, always responsive and moderately strict. They did not dare to withhold the salary, because he will return it in full. What company did Joe work for?

This is the press. Moon's Road Publishing House. Sounds pretty, right? No one could have imagined what role the local media empire would play in this story.

- Hello! - Lara, the rising star of the publishing house, greeted him. - We can...
- Lara ... - Joe just carefully looked at the monitor screen and read the sent article. “If this is just more gossip, don’t even tell it.
- And this is not gossip ... This is material.
- I know your material.
Joe looked at her over his glasses.
 - I am an editor, Lara, I have my own department. How many times have we talked to you?
- Constantly.
- So what's the question?
He pressed his back against the chair and rolled back.
-  I'll go to Pan!
- Well, you can go. You are our new host, not me, I don’t check your news at all, I don’t have any authority, I’m the head of the information processing company in the publishing department, which is under his wing. Everything. And I think we better publish books. Come and see what they sent me.
Lara came up and, putting her hand on his chair, touching his shoulder, looked and read:
- Thirteen bears guarding the hemp field? Did the mole eat chicken? Are you kidding, Joe?
- Oh no, I'm not kidding. You have a policy. At least we laugh at it. We won't be funny from your material. If Pan sends it to me to check, good.
- Okay. I went.
Lara opened Pan's door ... The lock clicked, and their meeting was hidden.
- Hello!
Joe was distracted again. Now the red-haired Anna was sitting in front of him.
- Hi ...- Joe answered softly and with a smile.
- How about an evening?
- I should have asked you about it. I'm not busy.
- Great ... You and Lara are more careful. She's not the last person for Pan.
- I'm in charge here. He poses no threat to me, Anna.
- Be careful, Joe.

The day ended, Joe Nick and Anna left holding hands, and could not even imagine how closely they were being watched ... And an important flash drive disappeared from Anna's desk.
“Joe, I want to tell you something. You know that there will be elections the day after tomorrow.
- Yes ... I know ... And who are you for, - he asked with a smile.
- We will be betrayed ... Do you know Mr. Roman Polani? One of the candidates. And in general, how long have you watched the news?
- Never. Yes. It seems to be reliable.
- And if I say that in case of his victory the power will be in the hands of other people? If Mr. Polani is even real ...
- You ... As a living person may not exist, but everyone saw him.
- Yeah, then look!
- Okay. Yes.
- Our company is engaged in this. But I don't know anymore. I must disappear.
Anna handed Joe the documents and he put them in his bag.
- If anything happens to me. Read this.
She kissed him. Nick pulled her to him:
- Who is threatening you?
- This city. Thanks for going home.
- Welcome.

She disappeared through the front door. This was their last meeting as ordinary people.

At night the residents of the city were awakened by a loud explosion and a siren. Nick literally fell out of bed in surprise. The sleeping volcano has woken up. First, a cloud of ash covered the sky, and people rushed to close the windows.
- Then a stream of lava escaped and flowed, like through a dug tunnel - the lava formed a burning river and began to encircle the city in a ring.
Joe Nick first hid under the table, because the ceiling began to crumble, objects fell from the shelves, and the house seemed to be standing on the waves of the sea.
-Oh! - Nick began to run around the house so that nothing fell on his head.
Ashes stopped falling, but a red sky appeared. As if in a fancy picture. The volcano subsided, the city was surrounded by lava ... And all the people simultaneously fell to the floor, having heard a lingering sound coming from the sky.

Good morning. Nick woke up with a wild headache. Like a hangover. He felt something wagging its tail. Rave. How can you have a tail.
He walked over to the full-length mirror in the living room and screamed.
Nick got a fox tail, elbows became black fox paws, and fox ears appeared on his head. Shouts came from other apartments as well.
For some unknown reason, people under the influence of the volcano turned into foxmen. The blood-red sky has not returned to normal. Chigelbas's people became hostages of a strange mutation ... But it was not so.

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