Under the fox moon. сh. 2

Chapter 2. Foxеs assembly

Joe Nick got up and went back to the mirror. Dark eyes, long hair to the shoulders, mustache, cheekbones ... - everything is as before, but the ears have transformed into fox ears. Nick twisted his tail.

"Hmm, I'm Nick and I'm half a fox, I'm just like a Zootopia character ... And the rest?"

Hands were covered with black hair to the elbows, claws appeared.

Joe looked out of the window, leaning forward like a beast. Lava took away some of the houses, the city was burning, but it was already being extinguished. All the people screamed out of their houses, food and screaming in terror. Everyone became foxes. But they also remained human for the time being. The red sky covered the city, the volcano smelled of sulfur, and the city was poisoned. Perhaps it put pressure on people.
- Citizens! You see it! - one of the foxes in a tight-fitting dress and a hood covering her face began to cheer up people who had not yet come to their senses. - We should have been warned!

Joe climbed back in, put on his favorite ripped jeans, shirt and leather jacket, and went out the window onto the balcony.

A woman in a dress with an open back, who could see that not only her arms, but also her back had become like a fox's, wagged her tail and tried to lead people. The City Hall was on the other side of the city.

But we do not know what happened to us? one of the crowd asked.

What's not clear here, it's all a volcano. We are an experiment. - the "fox" in the hood answered him.
The phone ... in my pocket ... Okay, Joe thought. And then he noticed how in the crowd itself, some began to push the crowd like shepherds’ flock.

He ran across the lower roof. He wondered who that woman was.

- Elections today, elections today! - the crowd began to shout.
Nick went down the stairs and approached the crowd.

- Our lives matter!

The crowd was united, once in the collective consciousness, the fox people could no longer think, they were ruled by fear, and the desire to get an answer for the mutation. And in the red sky, burgundy clouds appeared, in which lightning flashed menacingly. Okay ... But what will the election decide? And how is the candidate?

It turned out both outside the city.

- Our lives matter!

Joe went to the Moon Road building and began rummaging through his papers.
And the crowd swept away everything from its path, and, reaching the city hall, they began to storm its building, breaking the windows. The foxes were grinning and no longer just wanted an answer - they were ready to kill.
But a fox-man in a blue suit came out of the building, his face under the hat was also not visible.
- But, but. Aronians are already deciding why they are afraid, the reason is in the red sky. The incumbent mayor has no cloud dispersal devices. Osinsky are certainly wrong, but no one knew that the volcano would wake up. The devices started working at night, we had no chance, but if you choose the party of Aron and our candidate Roman Polani tomorrow, we will try to help you.
- We do not believe you!
- Go home. Otherwise, we will declare you sick. Osintsy are not here. They left the city. Go from here.

The crowd looked at the fox woman. She nodded.

- But what should we do?
- Until we found a vaccine and dispersed the clouds, he will accept it.

Joe took information about the volcano. He just wanted to learn about it. How did it happen that the volcano ended up in the center of Chigelbas? Were there any eruptions before ... He jumped out of the building, not noticing how a shadow was following him.

The fox followed him, slipping away into the corridor of the publishing house, and followed him by smell. Her green eyes sparkled with a serpentine greed, her brown hair fell down.

Joe ran to Anna, but she was not at home. Then he went to his room. Closing the door, he barely had time to hide the papers in the nightstand, frightened, leaning against the door. In the apartment stood the figure of a woman in a floor-length dress, wagging her tail and hiding her face under a hood.

“Don't call the police, it's me,” the fox pulled down her hood, thick hair fell forward, and green eyes looked at him.

- Lara?
-Yes, Joe ... Joe, how do you like your hair color? Well, don't be afraid, I'm an activist, not a universal evil ... Nick, come to me.
- What do you need? When did you have time to make up?
- It's all Vulcan. You were already dark and I am blonde. But I like. Nick ... I came to you, maybe you know what ...
- No. Lara.

He seems to have calmed down.

- The tail is real, everything is real ... I don't know how to be.

When he approached, the fox took his hand and they went into the kitchen. Lara tried to cook something, but it didn't work, like Joe, they laughed, and Nick lost his guard. Still, we managed to prepare breakfast - meat, salad and fox tusks turned out to be convenient to open wine. Nick could not take his eyes off Lara, she seemed to take his soul.

Lara's hand slid over his forearm.
- Lara ...
- Nick ... I love you ...
Lara dug her lips into his lips and hugged the back of his head with her arms.
- Lara ...- Joe was drunk.
She threw him to the ground.
- Lara, what are you doing, why are you undressing me?
- Well, you want it ...

The dress fell off her shoulder and he saw the snake tattoo. But at that time Anna came in ...
-Nick ... I'm sorry ... I won't interfere ...
-Anna! - he shouted. - Anna, wait, I was looking for you!
He pushed Lara off him. She looked furiously at his back.
- Anna! Lara, get out of my house! Get out!

- You will be sorry.
Lara left with her hood on.
Joe closed the window, the door and ran out after Anna. And Lara was watching them.

Nick caught up with her in the park, grabbed Anna by the arm, and she hit him, scratching his face.
- There was nothing, she came herself, Anna! I love you.
- It was me, a fool, who loved you, and you are a lonely fox, you don't need me.
- Do not say that.
- You have everything. Everything. It's good that our relationship hasn't gone far.
- Anna ...

She bared her teeth:
- Don't follow me!
- But ...

However, before she had time to make two steps, a shot was heard and she fell into the arms of a frightened fox.
-Anna! Help! Help!

He didn’t notice a shadow slipping by.

An object fell to the floor. Nick squeezed Anna's wound.
- Hold on, I'll call an ambulance.
- Will not have time ...
- Don't say that. - He kissed her face.
- Read what I gave you, they don't want to know it ...
- Who are they, who?
- Owl ...
Anna began to faint. Joe tore open his shirt, pressed on the wound, bandaged it, and carefully picked her up in his arms.
Nick walked from the park to the very heart of the city. He shouted and called for a doctor. But when the ambulance arrived and the police called the anonymous person, Anna had died.
Nick pressed her, crying:
- Forgive me, forgive ...
Nick was arrested, taking Anna away from him and lifting her over his head - this was done by one of the "shepherds of the crowd" with yellow snake eyes:
- She became a victim of patriarchy!
- What? Let me go, you have no right to arrest me so, where are my rights, on what grounds, - Nick tried to escape.
- Who told you that there are real police and an ambulance here, - asked the fox in a dark blue suit. - People have already made their choice. Fox lives are important!
- Leave her alone! She's a human!
- She is our saint, that you killed, we found a weapon with your prints. Do not believe?
He was shown a pistol ... His pistol. So that's what Lara was looking for!
- It's a bullshit!
- Expel! Expel! Expel!
- And the court?
- We're on trial, - the man said. - We are power and we are justice, all have left us, leaving us alone. We are the verdict.

Joe broke free and threw Anna's body into the nearby lava river:
- I'm sorry, I can't give you to be torn apart ...

Joe rushed through the streets of the apocalypse even faster than he could imagine, hiding in the alleys and courtyards. At home, he hastily began to pack everything he needed, and his own documents and Anna's, Nick looked towards the distant black forest, threw his backpack over his shoulders and disappeared before his apartment was destroyed, and if it were not for the neighbors, they would have burned it down.

Fox Nick stopped, gasping, and fell in the forest. "I'll find who did it, I'll come back, Anna ..."