If you turn over all the past
No milligram of falsehood between us
Sleepy town with dull mirrors
Spicy city in the creation of Weights.
Can't find the answers there
Where it is not asked.
Where smiling companion.
Like spreading the folds of the veil
Your marble face.
Shrinks the Time?
With frenzied do the speed planet?
Fused ulexite
Slow for black eyelashes.
What time, space, drowsiness?
Is there really no words that would lead to Eternity?
Not questioned my heat
Stupor last night
Extinct as a fiery Ghost.
Appeared to melt off of separation,
Question marks
And a muslin dust in black robes!
The glassy surface of the past, present and future...
For everything that is said between us
Is what revealed the secret
Melted constellations.
Dot Eternity...
Only a fleeting smile
That sends the latest traveler
The latter road
On the way of open community with the words:
Time like a coiled snail
Carrying your fragile shell.
Space charred.
Time slips through our fingers.
Torrential rains will visit this city.
City of ghosts in funeral clothes.
However, today is Sunday:
"And there is no need to tear veins..."
The city is like a Time machine
Rush by without stopping at intersections.
Magic seal set
The last mark on the shoulder of the Universe.
"I get the insidious Signs"
Last characters