Under the fox moon. сh. 3

                Chapter 3. Election Day.

  Nobody saw Roman Polani live. However, he got in touch. Red hair is almost completely gray, eyes are large, nose is humped. Outwardly, he somewhat resembled an owl, so they decided to call him that. The first connection was made in the studio, because Pan and his favorite TV presenter Lara received information about the infection of their city and the surrounding area with a certain virus. His influence reached the head of one of the chosen parties, the Aron party, while the Aspen simply fled before the eruption, having in their hands seismic measurements. Why this caused the mutation and how to deal with the arms, tails, ears of the fox, and some even became snakes, is not clear. Or the eruption changed the time and passed more than 2-3 days. Maybe it's not about the volcano, but then people  aren’t allowed out of the city, otherwise they  would understand.
Lara, Pan and Anatoly (a fox in a blue suit) were deciding what to do before the live broadcast.
    Joe Nick had information. They broke into his apartment and everyone turned over in search of documents, but found nothing. Lara violently hit the wall with her hand, but Anatoly calmed her down, hugging her:
- What are you doing? Who will believe him? It was so easy for me to set up the crowd that now it is enough to announce an award to him, and people will do everything for us.
- How long do I have to communicate with this "old man" Pan?
- While I'm talking. Do you approved?
- Yes.
- Then wait a month, then I'll tell you. This is not possible now. I gave the order. As a confidant of Roman Polani. There will be elections, but will they come? We need at least some of the people; under such circumstances, we only have one candidate left.
- Anthony, will he leave with us?
- I don’t know. Honey, she woke up with a tail. Now part of the skin is also stripped with snake scales.
- I also.
- Lara, is Pan connected with the police?
- There is. To convey something.
- Yes. Not only screens were brought to us from Roman. Let's install them on billboards.
     Something other. One of them has already been released.
    Anatoly pointed to an owl sitting on the windowsill. Looking closer, Lara noticed that she was a cyborg.
- Good bird. I think I know her.
- Only we have so many of them now, a hundred patrols can be fired.
- What's the point, Anthony, if we're still dependent on Roman Polani.
- If you don’t want to be in this woman’s place, don’t ask unnecessary questions.
   Lara and Anatoly left the house and got into the car. Everyone got used to the tails quickly. As if it were like that. There was still excitement in the streets, and therefore, when they rode, they were sometimes surrounded by a crowd. The whistle of the car frightened them, and Roman Polani's advisor Anatoly Chaise and Lara Felinni continued on their way. And on the streets, at the suggestion of the media, the movement "The Fox is Important for Life" has already begun to grow.
   Lara left early and headed to the office. Anatoly entered the site under the flashes of cameras. He solemnly dropped the ballot into the ballot box and waved his hand to everyone.

- Say a few words about Roman Polani!
= This is a wonderful candidate. But I am not Senor Polani, I cannot speak for him.
- And where is he?
- I got sick. A very contagious virus, let's pray for his health.
- Tell about yourself!
- I am Anatoly Chaise, and if our party wins, you can contact me with any questions. I am Roman Polani's advisor. You know, ”he put his arm around the fox girl who was a reporter,“ as the data showed, the police are failing. You see the city in what moods. There is still a lot to think about. Come to me after the elections and I will tell you as much as possible.
-Thanks ... And the position of the party ...?
- Campaigning is prohibited today. Do you think it matters when one of the two parties has not escaped in the city? Who has not abandoned people? No, I guess.
With a sly smile, he sat down in his Сadelak and drove off. He was expected both in the abandoned city hall building and in the media company.
- Anatoly, - he heard Lara's voice in the receiver, - come urgently to the office. There is one detail, I want to clarify with you. This concerns the management of the city.
- I'm on my way.

     A screen in the studio for communication with Roman was installed. Anatoly convinced everyone that due to technical reasons for communicating with the outside world, only these things have sufficient capabilities for communication. In parallel, ordinary studio screens were connected. Anatoly promised to resolve this issue and combined everything into one. There was no time yet.
- I have an idea, if we gather our people, you have your connections outside the city, I am here, the police, there will be no court, we will make the Troika court, and we will surround the city with a ring, saying that this is the idea of Roman Polani, what do you think?
- I think you should bring me a detailed plan of who we are collecting. You can tomorrow. Should I stay?
- I think yes. You will love what we have collected.

     Lara showed hundreds of metal owls that simultaneously opened her camera eyes.
- We will need the police, but our own. Owls will become the police of morality, and will make sure that there is no gossip and no one does immoral acts. Pick them up from the locals.

       Polani's novel went on the air, he looked smiling, a little strange ...
- Thank you for your trust. Residents of the city of Chigelbas, today a new life has come for us. You are left alone, and I think you need to be less outside, because the effect of the cloud is unknown. From now on you are forbidden to laugh. After all, it can offend someone who is saddened. Also, bring all the books you have in your house to the main square. We want to take care of your vision. In return, you will be given e-books. We care about you. The city is now closed, my party will save you. We will not let the military get here and experiment on you. And refrain from gossip. I understand you may not like this, but this is a temporary measure. It is forbidden to read books ... And we will also turn off the light for the evening, because it is not known how this phenomenon affects the power plant. The television will work, please contact our specialists for that. And the screens will work around the clock. Thanks for your attention.
      The connection was cut off, and a metal owl sat at the window of each apartment. A poster with the Owl - Roman froze on large screens ... And the world plunged into the power of the media, gradually pulling people in. The books the people brought were burned. Oddly enough, the sensor of e-books responded well to foxes' fingers. The city plunged into another world .... If someone broke the rules, the owl recorded this on camera and flew away. The patrol was already returning, and the man disappeared.
      And the screens were constantly repeating the rules, spinning ads and hissing, driving you crazy ... At the same time, a news feed appeared. Everything seemed to be fine, if only to follow the rules ... There is no outside world, it is destroyed. Lara was able to convince people that they must follow the new time. And all will be well...