Under the fox moon. сh. 5

Chapter 5. The Last Library.

      Joe gave Radosveta a backpack and sat down on a chair.
- Suits you. These clothes.
- Thanks. So why did you save me. Something in those documents is yours?
- Yes. - Radosveta took out a torn sheet from an old book that was in Anna's documents. - Do you know what this is?
- No.
- This is the cause of all your troubles. The Legend of Pandora's Box. My library is dead because someone stole Pandora's Box and the Oasis of the Desert Empire dagger, and your friend got the documents.
- She is dead!
      Frightened by the predatory glint of the Queen's eyes, Joe sank into a chair.
- Then get everything that she gave you, everything that you yourself found!
     She threw her backpack at him.
- I...
- Fox ... - Radosveta came up to him, and, putting her hand on his shoulder, bent down, - I lost all my libraries there. Your people have burned everything down. And they made it so that time rolled back. My daughter became a child again. We are losing strength.
- I will help. I want to understand myself why they were looking for these papers and why they killed her by setting me up.
- Okay ... Don't worry, fox.

- I'm Joe ...
- You have a day. The changes are significant ...
     Radosveta opened the shirt on Nick's chest ... And he realized that both his chest and back were almost completely covered with fox hair.
- I'll leave you alone.
     The queen left, and Nick had to deal with the documents.

     It all started with notes about Pandora's box. Quite a large part of the documents was devoted to the legend and detailed descriptions of its search in many parts of the world. There the path led to the Public Library of New York, where the Pandora's Box was delivered under the strictest confidence. To avoid its discovery, it was stored in the lower tiers of the library, and the next levels of the repository and the Library itself were erected above it. Some documents said that evil burns a person, that he has found a Box, in others that if he is in bad hands, and the world will dissolve into chaos, the animal essence will become the basis of life and evil will gain power over all resources, diseases, mirages, time will be chaotic change, Darkness will come ... And only then at the bottom remained faith, hope and love as forces that helped to destroy the Darkness.
   Pandora's Box is gone ...
   Then there was compromising evidence. A few days before her death, Anna wrote a note that large quantities of cardboard boxes were brought to the office where they worked. And it wasn't paper. She suspected that one of her colleagues was behind the abduction of the Box, especially since the boxes had the inscription "New York".
    By the way, Lara came from New York. "Moon Road" intervened in some ancient artifact. Exactly how detailed it was written about Pandora's Box and the fact that Lara was nervous, wanting to find documents, suggests that they did it ... They opened it ... But what went wrong, and why people became partially beasts.

- Evil is not always the same as you paint it, - Radosveta came back and sat down next to Joe. - I can't get into the city. Previously, at least one library was enough for us to penetrate through it as a Light and understand ... The city is trapped. Evil in people. Not every fox is evil, but every person is cunning.
- I do not...
- You worked in the media ... But you were more fortunate. You are not a Serpent.
- How long do we have to return everything if we find out what they did if we infiltrate the city?
- We'll find out in the morning. I'll show you something.
   Radosveta kissed Joe ... He closed his eyes, and suddenly saw, as if in a dream, a destroyed New York. As if the war had just passed, and the sky was gray with dust. At some distance, however, there was an untouched place. Radosveta, who was holding Joe's hand, pointed to the ruins. It seemed to be an ancient Greek temple, and the lions, wounded by the battle, still guarded it from raids. She led him to the center of the library ...
    Joe felt cold in his body. Radosveta sank down in the center of the temple and pointed to the footprint in the stone. Pandora's Box. He disappeared...
The vision vanished when Radosveta removed her lips.
- What was that...? - Joe asked
- My library...
- So ...
- They have the box ... I'll leave you. The bedroom is two rooms from here. Tomorrow is a difficult day ... We will need to get to the volcano and examine it ...

     There was no point in arguing, and Joe went to bed ...

    At night his whole body ached. When he woke up, he realized that his arms were completely like a fox's ... Trying to get out of bed, he fell, entangled in his pants. He could not get to his feet ...
    The fox ran down the corridor, and stopped only in the kitchen, where there was a bowl of water on the floor. Joe approached cautiously and looked into the reflection ...
He has completely became a fox!
 - Oh God, is it really because of a hare ... - Radosveta found him scared.
- Yes this is bad. Do not be afraid...
    She bent down and rolled the trousers on his hind legs so that they would not interfere with him.
- What is happening to me?? - Nick asked.
- You're far from the city. Come on, I'll show you something.
The fox went with her to the south wing, where the library was.
- This is the little that we managed to save. Nick ... I'm sorry ...
    Radosveta put the same torn sheet from the book in front of him.
- What are you talking about?
-  After the third fox moon, you will never be human again. The first rose today.
    Radosveta threw open the curtains on the windows and fox Joe saw a huge orange moon, surrounded by an oppressive red glow, in the middle of the dark blue sky. She could not be seen in Chigelbas because of the cloud, but it is clearly visible outside the city. The fox ran to the window, putting his front paws on the windowsill.
- And what, I will not become a man again?
- You will , - the queen said, looking at him affectionately and sympathetically. - I will help you. If you promise to return my things to me, and we resurrect my library, I will do whatever you wish.
- I promise.
   The fox jumped back and began wagging its big fluffy tail.
- Are you hungry, Joe?
- I would not mind ...
- Then ...

   Radosveta taught him to walk on his hind legs, but it did not work out right away. The fox was amusingly staggering and constantly falling, but at least a piece of meat was the reward ... But I really wanted to eat. And yet, they did it. During training, it turned out that the fox image has its advantages, and now it has become much faster.
- Mom...
    At first it seemed to Joe that a ray from the moon appeared near the window ... But then he noticed that this radiance ... hands holding a book with a burgundy cover.
- You are not a fox ...
- Alicia ... Joe, this is my daughter. Last Library - Alicia La Sven.
- Milady ... - The fox approached her on his hind legs and bowed.
- Hello Joe Nick.
    He looked at her. His name was not disclosed in full.
- Give me your hand, sir,- the baby said.
    They stood near a huge window, and the moon towered over them. The girl put the book on the windowsill. Moonlight shone through the narrow window into the room, and the beam, like a veil, covered the huge fox in clothes and the little princess Library. He gave her his paw. The baby touched his hand, and the fox felt that he was becoming a man again. True, his hair became longer, but perhaps this is also the influence of the moon. At the window stood a tall man with long shoulder-length hair, whose brown eyes shone with kindness, in a white shirt and rolled up trousers, his fox ears and tail still remained, as well as a small part of his back to the middle of his shoulder blades was covered with red hair. The palm also remained like a black clawed glove.
   The man looked at himself in the reflection in the window, and dropped to one knee in front of little milady:
- How did you do that?
- You’re not a beast. You did it yourself.
- Alicia ... you have become stronger ...
- Yes, Mom ... I found her.
    Radosveta approached her daughter, and for some reason she did not want to let go of Joe's hand.
- Lady Alicia,-  Joe said softly. - Do you think I'll be a fox again if you let me go?
- You will, - the baby answered him.
Her big cat eyes looked into his soul. The overflowing of flowers was impossible to catch, were they dark, or light, like chameleons changing light, and the petals of a yellow flower flashed in the lenses of the eyes in the blue-green-brown eyes of the child. However, her short answers sounded like they were being spoken by a grown lady.
- Why then only you can make me human?
- Not me. And you yourself. Unlike them, - she pointed to the city, - you have never been an animal ... Mom ... They have our Pandora's Box and the Oasis dagger. But we can't get there ... But you, Mr. Nick, you can.
     The child let go of her hand, and the man became a fox again.
- Snakes surrounded the city.
- Alicia, I asked you not to go to town! You understand that I can’t lose you!
- It will not happen. I am the Light. Library Light. And I am a Swan. Mama! We must hurry ... You must see this!
- Sweet...