Under the fox moon. сh. 6

Chapter 6. Wanted!

Alicia looked at her hands.
- You’re still weak, Alicia, I’m just worried about you, they have robbed us of our powers. If you grew up a little ...
- You know, mom ... - the girl looked out the window, - it's possible.
    The daughter, Princess Swan, went up to her mother and hugged her. The fox looked at them without interfering.
- I won't go without you ...
- Good girl ... My baby ... What do you have in your hands?

    Alicia handed her mom the book. It was large, in burgundy velvet, with a silver branch on the cover, and on one of the leaves a drop of diamond sparkled.
Nick, carefully crept up on four paws, looked at the book.
- Oh my honey, where did you find it?
- In the dungeon, however, one of the pages is missing.
   Alicia opened the book in the missing spot.
- Your Majesty Radosvetа ... Do you have my documents? - Nick asked.
- Yes...
   Radosveta put the book down and returned with an old page found in Anna's documents. She placed it on the place where the leaf was torn out. The edges aligned together...
- Smart, - the fox smiled and licked the girl's cheek.
    Alicia laughed embarrassedly and pushed his face away with her small hands.
- I love you, my Light, - Mom said tenderly to her and hugged her tightly. - This is one of the versions of the Veles book.
- I mean, isn't she on wooden planks?
- That too is. They have not seen this book. This is a self-writing chronicle, of course, if you tear a page out of history, it will change everything. So your Anna was at our house ??
- I don't know, milady ...
    Nick dropped his muzzle and walked away from them.
- Fox ...
    He looked around.
- Sorry, fox. I sympathize with you.
- Thanks.
- Mom, what happened?
- The page that I brought was given to him by his girlfriend ... I think he loved her. But she got in the way of those who killed our libraries.
- Oh!
   The girl ran to the fox and hugged him. He put his head on her shoulder and hugged her with his paw:
- Thank you ... I can handle it. But no one will offend you. I swear.
- You are so fluffy!
     Nick laughed.
- Oh, this is childish spontaneity.
    The fox left ... Radosveta sent her daughter to bed and went into Joe's room.
- Milady ...- he told her.
- We need to get to the volcano ...
- I will ... Why is she a Swan? Why a Light?
- Light is my gift. And the Swan is from the father. Her father was the Swan Knight. He had beautiful blue eyes and blond hair ... He was killed when Camelot fell. And I have my baby. She is the Last Library, because I don't know ... Will she find her King ... I can't lose her either. I had to tell her that the Library, which we all serve, is taking the King. And we stay.
- Are you not the Library?
- We are one with our house. I am still alive because the Library in New York is not my home, we are Bereginyas, our home is the World Tree of Life - Vyriy. And because we still have this house.
    The fox put his muzzle on his paws.
- Don't be sad, Joe ... In any case, Alicia will be with us, she seems to like you.
- Kids love furry animals.
- But, but. The Fox. Do not give up. Morning will appear.
- In two hours. The sun has not yet risen. We will go there. I will guide you.
- Sleep.
    The queen stroked the fox between the ears on the crown of his head and kissed his forehead.
- Good night, milady ...
- Good night...
Joe tried to sleep. Radosveta put his glasses on the nightstand, which he dropped, and went out ...

     Alicia and Radosveta put on dark cloaks so as not to start shining in the dark. And the fox led them, sneaking up to the border of the city. They walked from the side of the hills, and it was easier that way. The entire city was visible from the cliff.
Roman Polani again broadcast about his rules, and then said:
- This man betrayed our ideas. Whoever provides him to me will be rewarded ...
     Joe Nick saw himself. A particularly dangerous criminal. Wanted.
- It's good that you are a fox, not a man, - said Radosveta.
- Yes, - Joe grinned. - Okay. The foot of the volcano is there ...
They went down ... and noticed that a bird was circling above them ... A metal owl ...
- I don't like it ... - Nick said.
- We too ... Daughter, do not go far ... Do you feel, dear?
- Yes.
     Alicia led them forward, and they began to approach the crevice, from which the red-hot lava flowed ...
- Oasis of the Desert Empire ... - guessed Radosveta.
      They all moved a little to one side, and saw a dagger with a curved blade sticking out between the stones, its hilt was of gold, the pink diamond was like a bloody ruby.
- And where is Pandora's Box ...
- In the crater,-  a familiar voice answered.
     Radosveta took the dagger and stuck it in her belt.
- Whom do I see ...
     A woman in a long hooded dress who came with five men, whose bodies were covered with snake scales, and only their faces were left untouched by this curse, stood a few meters from them.
He saw her fiery green eyes that shone even under the shadow hood.
- Run! the fox shouted and bristled.
- But Pandora!
- Later!
    Radosveta took off her cloak and threw it off her daughter:
 - Alicia, run!
     Her daughter turned into a swan and flew away, and Radosveta became a Firebird and, flapping her wings, flew over them, singing several Serpents. Flames flew from under her wings, and it was impossible to catch her.
- Be nice, run!
    An iron owl attacked the Firebird and wounded it, and both birds, clutching, rose high above the volcano's mouth. The owl got hot. ICs inside the drone began to melt. The Firebird pushed it, throwing it into the mouth of the volcano, and flew away. Pandora's box was not available, most likely, it was hidden by lava.
     The fox grinned.
- You dare not touch them.
- What are you going to do to me, four-legged?
      The woman threw off her hood. Lara. Snake.
      The fox pounced, wanting to gnaw at her, grabbing her throat, but the snake grabbed Nick, intervening, then Joe began to try to reach her with his paws. In a fight, he was able to fight off her and ran away. Joe fell into a trap when he ran into a block on the border of the city, which was completely occupied by the media and the new party. These huge billboards constantly broadcast what was needed and what was not. ...

     Thanks to the Owls, he was tracked down. Joe felt the dart around his neck and fell.

    When Nick woke up, he saw a room with stuffed foxes. He wanted to scream, but covered his mouth with his paw.
- Hi Joe Nick ...
- Who are you...
   The fox got up on his hind legs, fingers flexing his scruff. My head ached terribly. Nick leaned his paw on the dresser and looked ahead.
- Yes, and you have changed, - the fox smiled evilly. - Who are you?
- Anatoly Chaise. The first deputy of our mayor.

    The same fox man in a blue suit who wanted to use Anna as a victim, making Joe the killer. Half of his face was covered with snake scales, there were long claws on his hands, and completely empty eyes, in which cold power was reflected.
- The creature! Joe Nick growled and rushed to him.
- What are you going to do to me?
- Where is Roman !!!
    Anatoly, who had been sitting at a large white table before, got up and went to what seemed to be an opening in the door. He pressed the remote control, and Roman Polani appeared there, like a real one. But this man was the Owl.
- What do you need, what do you want from me!
- Work for us. And hand over the documents to this woman, - said Roman.
- Why did it happen? The fox's eyes turned black with anger. - I don't have them, I burned them.
- Sorry. If you gave them away right away, she would be alive.
- Is that you, Roman ...?
      Joe Nick bristled and prepared to jump.
- Not him. This is my secret, and my price, ”Anatoly said and turned the glass.
     It turns out that Roman is an illusion.
- He's a neural network. Yes. Technology has gone this far.
- Bastard!
The fox jumped in his direction, but he was stopped by the guards. But Nick wasn't going to give up. He bit and scratched them, even gnawed the neck of one of them.
- And what will Pandora's Box give you, scum? Power? You will destroy the whole world, what have you done?
- You killed my guard and attacked a government official. And for this we have an execution ...
      Anatoly approached him while Nick was being held by two guards:
- Yes. For the sake of power. I don't care what will happen to whom. You will not go against the information that is now in our hands. We are here forever. And whoever hinders us is no longer against our way.
- All is not lost, the Queens of the Library are alive!
- Oh, yes, that's a problem. Into his cell! Find and kill Queens. This one won't say anything anyway.
     The fox was taken to the basement under the house ... And Nick remembered Alicia's words. Where she found Veles's book. Perhaps she was deliberately left here to lure. Joe was thrown into the cell and the bars closed. The fox rushed to the door cursing and trying to knock it out. But he didn't have enough strength ... He sat down on the floor ... So it turns out that the party and Lara and Anatoly were behind the murder of Anna, because she interfered with them and knew too much. As he is now, as are the Queens of the Library.
- Nick, - he heard the voice of Radosveta.
- Milady! - The fox jumped onto his hind legs.
     Mother and daughter stood at his door. They touched the grate and the doors turned into water.
- Run, we hold...
- Run, Mr. Fox!
    Joe Nick made a jump ... and jumped out through the water-lattice. As soon as the Queens released the door, it regained its former shape.
- Wow.
    The fox shook himself.
- Madame, mademoiselle, they want to kill you!
- So we need to hurry.
- How do we get through?
     Alicia touched his face, and he closed his eyes, and when he woke up, they were in some cave, where the radiance of the Library Queens illuminated his path.
- Where are we?
- On the other side of the island.
    All three of them left the cave, and Joe Nick saw a huge ancient Greek ship ... He immediately recognized it, and it cut off his breath for a moment ...
- It...
- Argo ... If we collect the key artifacts, we will return Pandora's Box as well.
But if Anatoly takes them away, everything will disappear, - answered Radosveta
- Wow ... Why didn't you leave?
- We can't, - Alicia said. - Mom's strength on earth. I'm a child.
- Well ... I agree, - Nick smiled. - But the fox is difficult to stand at the helm.
- You can? If we give you back your human form?
- Yes. I can.
- Then welcome to Argo, Yason.
    Alicia held out her hand to him, and he became the same as before - a man with a fox's tail and ears. Radosveta and Alicia went up to the deck with him, and Joe disappeared for a while below. Where was the Golden Fleece. He looked at him, fascinated. Alicia still hadn't let go of his hand.
- Fleece is here like an engine, it's instead of Argonauts. We are against slave labor, our ship requires only a captain.
- Pure gold ... Go crazy ... And if they get the Golden Fleece?
- It won't end well.
     Radosveta hung a chain around Joe's neck with a thick binding and a medallion in the shape of a ram's head.
    Alicia let him go and he remained human. His fox tail wagged excitedly from side to side.
- There are clothes in that chest. Choose any to your liking, and we will go out, because the Argo needs to be moved, it stood for a long time, and its bottom was stranded.
     When the mother and daughter came out, Joe threw off the lid of the chest ... Of all the clothes he liked dark trousers, a wide headband, a hat, a white shirt, a sword and pirate boots. Joe has an earring in his left ear. And when he came out on deck, he looked more like a pirate. The ship swayed, Joe felt Argo float into the water and went to the helm.

- Where are we going, girls? - With a smile he asked.
- To the distant shores, - Radosveta opened her arms, and Argo raised the sails. The ocean (where the cave led) raised a wave, as if pushing the ship, and Joe led him at the direction of Radosveta.