Рецензии на произведение «Время»

Рецензия на «Время» (Шаров Дмитрий)

Достойное произведение, заставляет задуматься о нашем бытие и смысле жизни, наталкивает на разные темы для размышления. Благодарю автора за такое произведение

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Рецензия на «Время» (Шаров Дмитрий)

Gamarjoba to all of us!
I want to give you some advice..
How to wash, wipe, and get proper
And go to the boardwalk

We brush our teeth in the morning
And from lunch to the ass
We don 't need to wash our faces
It's already bad there

My head sometimes
Just for an important occasion
Sometimes my pussy,
But watch me, don't take any chances!

Friend, are you ready for the promenade!
Come out like a parade
I will be glad to meet you
And shake your hand!

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