He couldn t have done

And in her eyes you see nothing,
No sign of love behind the tears,
Cried for no one
A love that should have lasted years
J. Lennon, P. McCartney
At night the eleventh hour caught both of them in the beach, which got more and more desolate every five minutes. By this time he felt quite awkward, for so much time he had been keeping her with himself here, having all possible talks of the world with her, having swum with her for more than enough, he could hardly explain the exact reason of bringing her here. I had better say he never had courage enough to do.
For they had nothing to chat about any more, in silence they were sitting on the soft, still warm sand. The sea horizon they looked at was decorated by the glimmering differently coloured lights of far-away ships, slowly passing by. Sometimes she turned her face to him as if expecting for his word or desired action. For he had never uttered a word she asked:
«The lights are pretty nice, aren’t they?» - but it sounded showing no interest of hers to the lights.
«They really are…» - he said not because they were, but because he had nothing else to say. On the background his thoughts flew in a perfect mess:
«Darn it! However the lights are nice… But how to connect them with that I want… I mean to… I’m really gonna…».
While his thoughts were wandering around his private wants and emotions and trials, another silent pause took place.
In the long run he murmured, stammering:
«It m-must b-be hot h-h-here. You could h-have your dress taken off.»
He closed his eyes waiting for a sharp slap on his face. Imagine you, reader, what he felt, when he heard in reply:
«Much decent of you. It’s awfully hot, put off your shirt.»
On opening his eyes he saw her dress fly aside, and she sat next to him with nothing on and she said:
«You are not shy, are you?»
«Not a bit,» - he replied, clearly feeling his trousers bulge at the seams.
«Take it off then».
And he took off his trousers, what could be accounted for in two different ways. First, he misheard her; second, his trousers were a good deal of hardship on him by being so tight for him in the top for last two hours.
«Hey!» - she exclaimed, giggling. - «I’ve told you to do it with your shirt. And what is it, that you aim at me?»
He looked down to see with his own eyes that the trousers had been put off with what was underneath. But only for the situation he did not die with the shame.
«My shirt?» - he asked. - «No problem.»
Now the shirt was lying upon her dress, and they stood before each other in dressings of the first people of this world. From the distance ahead they looked like a sculptural group: a hunter, aiming his long and mighty gun at his victim.
«Do you really want it?» - she asked, but was afraid, for sure, of the probable negative.
«Yep! I do want… Do desire!»
She sighed obediently:
«You’ve got it then. I’m yours.»
No doubt, she was his, and he was hers. They made a step towards each other, his lips gently touched hers, their bodies clenched together from the top down to the bottom, and he softly entered her. She produced a sort of groan which might never mean torment. He made a push, and the groan was repeated for once again. The muscles of their bellies worked with might and main.
Quarter an hour later he was lying upon the sand close to the swash and she was sitting on the middle of his body, bobbing up and down upon it. Such late time it was that nobody could have seen this picture of the nocturne, which lasted for more than three hours.
But for all this time it gave no proper result. No semen was produced out, there was joy for neither of them. Her patience was over.
«What is up? Can’t you do it?»
He kept mum, but did not get on.
«Come, come! You wanted this! You did desire!»
The process went on.
«Hey, boy! Can’t you do it at all?!»
No reply. In the long run he stopped working, his breath sharp and hard.
«What is it?» - she insisted.
«I’m off my power.»
«Then, what did you start it for?»
«I started? You have started!»
«I??!! Who aimed the gun at me?!»
«Who tempted me with the newest beach fashion?!»
«Pretty nice body you’ve seen, haven’t you? All you care for is just a fine doll to enjoy yourself with!» - and, weeping, she seized her dress and went speedingly away.
And watching her back getting farther and farther, he sobbed at his helplessness. Now she was lost sight of and he took no attempt to overtake her, so tired and depressed he was. Naked, having forgotten to get his clothes on, he lay on the warm and gentle sand, his face down, and saw nothing around, for he was half asleep. With such feelings and appearance the following morning caught him upon the very place.