The three visions

Vision 1, idealistic
The middle of the summer. In the dark night the beach lies, warm air and gentle water. We swim together entirely naked and relaxed. I know she is right by my side and I shall need nothing more.
And let my parents or my great parents say it is too early for us, let her relatives say the same I do not ever care and neither does she. I know that if my mother on having learned the thing accepted it carelessly, my grand-mother would arise a hysterical scandal. And it might result in appearing a hanging lock upon my pants zipper. I am aware that her mother told: “God keep me from finding out something like this. If I do find out, you know, I am a skilled tailor and I will sew you up these very lips!”
So you see that to have such time - it was a real feat of arms for us. But still it does not make us a sort of sexual maniacs. We were both forbidden even to think of it. And the things forbidden have always been attractive for humanity. The stronger they are forbidden, the more attractive they are. This is not invented by me or someone else this has been checked by the life itself.
And now, the border of prohibition left behind, I know (even more than that) she is mine and I am hers. We are swimming close to each other and we move our hands not so much as to swim but to touch each other’s body. We stop to rest within five meters from the breakwater. We lie on our spines, touching each other with our legs, our arms under each other’s neck. My free hand softly crawls along her breasts, their points are touched by my fingers. The hand moves down to her belly, she gives a sigh, when it crosses her navel and when my finger falls into the last hole of her body, she smiles and says: “The wrong finger, darling”. Then I gently pull her closer to the breakwater sit on it and say: “Now, choose the right one, dear”. She looks at me, her eyes blink cunningly:
“Is the right one ready?”
“Try it now.”
She gets closer and sits over me in such a way that the middle-end of my body, directed due to the top, is inside her body. Now we work out all our muscles to enjoy each other. I glide down from the breakwater and swim up to the sea horizon. She is sitting upon me, giving weak leaps on my body. I am holding her by her breasts, feeling her obey my every little movement. And I know do not really need anything more. Within five hundred meters lies the dark shore, the sinful ground we have forgotten about…

Vision 2, romantic
I do not go in for philosophy, but the sense of life is what I have been searching for all of my life. When first I met my man, I saw that my search was nearly over. And when he invited me for this unforgettable night on the beach I knew (even more than that) I had received what I cannot but have a right to possess.
I know that if I want to be rewarded for my long and patient search I am only to obey him. Then he shall show me the sense of life in all of its entirety. Once my mother said it severely: “Once you twist with a guy and I will sew up the very mouth you’ve got under your belly!” Yes, she is a tailor, she can do it for sure. But he only one time said his invitation and I forgot my mother’s threat. On the beach he told me to undress naked. We did it together with no argues. Then holding me by the waist he led me down to the water. His hand was sliding to under my belly, but I did not stop him. On the contrary I hugged him in the same way, moving my hand closer to his genitals. This made him cheer up, I felt it. Gently touching each other’s perineum, we dived into the water.
And now we swim and swim far from this shore, far from this ground and as if far from this world. I swim next to him and sometimes dive to touch somehow his middle-end. He is surely to value my trying, and from time to time his hand passes through my perineum. I feel each nerve of mine arise. And I know the thing I have been waiting for last months cannot but happen to-day. He sat upon the breakwater and I knew: right here and now. I did not make him wait. He wanted me leaping on his perineum, and I just made this for him. And I don’t care for AIDS, for undesired pregnancy. Where love is, there is no place for common sense. And even though he got something torn in my body, though the river of blood was running from there we went on and on, like our predecessors did, like our offsprings shall do. When he relaxed, his spine along his water, and said: “My friend wants licking”, I made oral sex for him. Our belies were one above another, and so he could respond mutually. Overwhelmed with joy, we were making love and swimming hundred after hundred of meters away from the shore.

Vision 3, realistic
A patrol boat of the coastguard was standing within hundred kilometers from the shore. The captain of it stepped on deck out of his cabin, attracted by the odd sounds from the sea. He wondered who and why gave such sounds. Then the sounds grew familiar to him. Then he remembered that the day before his wife and he had produced exactly the same sounds when he climbed up his wife. So a couple violated the border and now was boldly making love! Presently he saw the couple in the according position. Before to arrest the violators he decided to snap a porno-movie with their participation. The sight promised to be interesting. A band of semen was stretched behind them across the sea for kilometers. They were a young couple: a lad and a girl, both like twenty. And only when her bottom touched the glass of the captain’s camera they discovered what mess they fell into.
Their eyes had hardly blinked when they were dragged on deck, wet, entirely naked and miserable. His semen and her secret were falling in drops even now. And there they stood before the captain with nothing to say. While the captain was reading accusation and the rights they had when being arrested, someone on the boat had switched on the wireless. From it the song came by Paul McCartney:

And in her eyes you see nothing,
No sign of love behind the tears,
Cried for no one, a love that
should have lasted years.