Он- Чудо! english version

I looked at him, I looked at his face … tried to understand him. I thought: " it is Interesting, what he feels now? " I thought: " it is Interesting, what I feel now? " He stood near me, he was so high, strong, beautiful. He was so kind, gentle, he understands everything. He is the best friend in the world! He never will tell anything wrong. He will just make everything perfect, he simply knows, that I want, and that is not present. I know him couple of years. All this time I was sure, that he will never go away … But recently I nearly lost him. He could leave and never return, and I would never see him any more. Oh My God, that’s when I have understood, how impossible my life would be without him.
He has not left, he has stayed here with me. And here he stands in front of me… I look at him and my heart bits faster How wonderful he is! He’s a MIRACLE! I love him! I love him so much! Just as he is is. Isn’t it enough  just to love him? I just want to know that he loves me the way I love him I have told him about my feelings … That’s a pity, that he will not understand my words, in fact it is only an animal......