Music is...

 And use my music as a weapon!

 From “Droppin’ Plates”

 By Disturbed


First there was Devil. He created the music of Darkness and Chaos.

Then there was Angel. She created the music of Beauty, Wonder and Nature.

They were the first. They created the Music, that we hear even nowadays. But for what?

Music has power. Power upon our souls. It provokes. It disturbs. It gives us the visions of Light and Darkness, Hatred and Love, Friendship and Betrayal. It makes us laugh and cry.

It brings the pain,

That cuts up our veins.

It makes us feel

And silently scream.

What is Music? Just a weapon? It’s not just as simple! And if it disturbs you, then walk away!

Music is something more. It can destroy and after that resurrect. Or vice versa: it can give Life and then violently take it away. Music is everything.

It’s like we are. As powerful and violent. But it is more! It loves, it wants to be loved! It creates love! It’s the part of each soul, which was lost someday, somehow…

It fits everyone in particular. For everyone it is something special. It’s a defense and a weapon. It’s a kind of a Powerful God.

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