Theogennaes ho tonos 2. English translation

The first part of the essay tells us about the meaning of the intervals in
dodecatatheny (calculation in 12 tones). In contrast to the world of earth,
where everything is calculated by the law of number (10), the sacred world is

Let’s talk about harmony.
As seen from the symbolism of intervals all harmonious will have three bases.
Numbers 12, 7, 5
By the way, Orpheus’ lyre was tuned with these intervals.

These are the first di-tones in overtone scale.

Harmony has three main functions
Tonic T(I), subdominant S(IV) and dominant D(V).

Trinity can be seen here clearly.
Tonic is the Father.
(steady sounding)
Subdominant is the Holy Spirit
(soft sounding)
Dominant (from word Dominus – The Lord, master,
dominanta – ruling, prevailing, regnant) –
The Sun.
(the function which shows and directs to tonic)

Each of these functions has 3 sub functions.
Tonic (the first degree of stop)
is surrounded by triad of the 3d and the 6th degree.
The sixth degree approaches to the subdominant function (The Holy Spirit)
Though, in some interpretations we find that the triad of the 3d degree is
close to Dominant.
Now, let’s have a look at why it is so.

Sub dominant – the triad of the 4th degree
and subordinated to it the 2nd and the 6th degree.
Dominant of the 5th + 3d and the 7th degree.

In this case we have a very interesting regularity.
If we correlate all these triads with the spectrum of the rainbow,
 tonic is green colour surrounded by shades of dark blue and red.

So, red is the triad of the 7th degree of the stop
Orange is the triad of the 5th degree (dominant)
Yellow is the triad of the 3d degree
Green is the triad of the 1st degree (tonic)
Blue is the triad of the 6th degree
Dark blue is the triad of the 4th degree (sub dominant)
Violet is the triad of the 2nd degree.

Green is closer to yellow, that is why the triad of the 3d degree
is marked by T III or TD III

The subdominant has more complete sub functionality.
According to the Holy Scripture, only the Holy Spirit opens Triad.

Isaiah 1: 1-2.

In this way prophet Isaiah describes Christ.
He has 7 revelations of the Holy Spirit.
He is robed in the depth of the Holy Truth.
He is the Truth brining the Holy Spirit to the world.

A particular interest makes the correlation of these eternal symbols
 with colours and harmony.

God’s Spirit is
Green (emerald).
Tonic. The 1st degree.

Wisdom is
The 2nd degree.

Mind (ratio, senses) is
Dark blue.
The 4th degree. Subdominant.

Advice is
The 6th degree.

Strength (force) is
The 7th degree.

Omniscience is
The 5th degree. Dominant.

Godliness (piety) is
The 3d degree of the stop.

The closest quality of the Spirit is
Godliness and understanding, sympathy (advice).

But how marvelously the succession of triads of the 1st, the 3d,
and the 7th degrees sounds especially in minor.
God is devout and omnipotent.
And the greatest sign is His Name.
Emerald, gold (amber) and ruby.

Accords in dodecaphonic circle

If we put 12 sounds chromatically in a circle, like in a clock-face,
 enlarged triad is formed if we inscribe a triangle there. Its sounding
 and the sounding of the Triad captivate us by its inscrutability.
Quadrate forms reduced septum accord.
The sign of the world (4) is unstable and very tense and needs resolution
to more stable accord.
Star forms pentatonic one of the ancient stops in which sharp inclinations
 to semi-tones are avoided.
The sign of number 5 sounds soft, spacious, creating the effect of a mild wind,
 water or a starry sky.
This is the sign of Angels and prophets.


I have so many things to tell you more.
But I think those who want to know God and look for Him will get from these
nuggets much knowledge.
And let the salt of revelations be dissolved by pure water of believe
and cognition.

And here comes It, resurrected Word!

/Перевод Дениса Дегтярёва/