The little mistake


Tobacco smoke makes no good.
It's neither liquer nor it's food.
So why to swallow it or to smell?
While doing this you can't excel.

Thus on the eve of the weekend
I bold, I strongly recommend:
To put the sigar case
Into some secret place.

Where one could find it
Being absent-minded.

...the sigar case... secret place.
...being absent-minded.


I didn't want to drink the Vine,
Of course, I know that's always fine:
To sit in chair and keep the glass
Or under fence, it's very nice.

Mistake was done, it should correct
That's empty glass, I feel effect.
I've absent mind and shining face,
Vine helps me find the sigar case.

Какое ироническое стихотворение... У Джармуша "Кофе и сигареты", у Мальцева "Вино и сигареты":)
Думаю, это навеяно тем, что в Европе уже почти везде запретили в барах курить...

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