About Sun

I asked the Sun one morning:
"What did you do on the sky?"
It didn`t want to answer me...
And I know: I will tomorrow begin fly.

The Sun goes on its way.
I tell it, that I can not love.
But I believe every new day,
That it will say me "No".

And now we going with on the sky...

There is not place for eternal love.
Only at the sky.
And not every feeling in our heart
Have to be blessed by God.
But why the Sun is so kind?
And for all earth it give the light .
Without any words...
And didn't wait from us anything...
Sorry for "lazy English" =)

Алиса Летова   25.02.2008 07:43     Заявить о нарушении
Красиво. Очень. =)

Алиса Ухань   21.03.2008 02:55   Заявить о нарушении