Princess and Troubadour

Friends of Troubadour ( four)

God of Music
Goddess of Rainbow

Gangsters Boss Atamansha and Genius Detective GS

Gangsters (three)

King brother father Hugh
King brother father Stew

People of Dreamland

Animals, birds, pets, butterflies


In a Dreamland, country of a Beauty, Arts and a Magic.
Troubadour sees a girl in a dream and resolves to find her.
Traveling with his friends and performing their shows, they arrive to a capital to win it.

The girl from a dream is Princess. Troubadour and Princess fall in love, both at first glance.
But two Kings- brothers- fathers and genius detective GS bother them.
Fortunately, Atamansha and her team, highest powers and friends,
cute mind and music talent of Troubadour help him to win his happiness,
glory and recognition of his opponents.
Music and Love, Friendship and Adventures, Harmony and Perfection in a Dreamland,
Which is the place of ideal ideas and unlimited possibilities.

Screenplay and score by Vitaliya Pak
On the theme of fairy-tale Bremen musician and animation cartoon Bremenskie mouzycanty (1969, USSR)/


Latvia, UK, France, Germany, Japan, India, Armenia,
Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Norway, USA, Africa,
Mexico, Tibet.

Caribbean Sea, Baltic sea, Norway fiord,  Indian ocean

Desert , mountains, fields, waterfall, stream, granite rock, woods, valleys, cities & towns

Landscapes of countries au dessus.



In Dreamland, where people live under the rule of two brothers Kings.
Where no one never looks for hurt.
Where nobody never look for a darkness.
In Dreamland, where  you can find  Pine- tree, Sakura and Hot Golden Sand
on the same area at the same time.
In Dreamland, where people, animals, birds, fishes and insects are united by strong invisible power of Great Love and Comprehension.
In Blessed Magical Land, called  Dreamland, Young Girl and Young Man live.
And once, They saw each other in a dream, while been asleep.

Young Man is so wonderful at Music, that even those, who lose a Hope, could find The Way;
with a Help of his songs, which He performs together with his friends.
And the Girl is young princess,  citizens of Dreamland call her
Beautiful Princess.

And later, theyll reveal us their names.

I need to say, that there is one Language in Dreamland, and this Language is Great  Art.
And each Human, young or old, expresses  thoughts and soul motions through  Creation.
Creation is main Law of this land.
And we will call these people Free Creators.

Of course, there are grief and pain, tears and fallings apart, suffer and sadness , wounds, broken hearts,
even here, where We live. But people turn them into objects of  Arts.
New Beauty of  New World appears, so nothing we can tell about This Land more.


1.Mountains, valley, stream, lake (far away). Summer, Sun, Green, Glittering, Blue, White.

Princess is walking, animals are around her. She feeds and caresses them:

Little lions, little tigers, little bears.
Foal, kitten in her arms.
Eagle, doves, swans.

2. Princess, foal, eagle, kitten. GOLD stream. She enters it and plays with water, walks there. 
Curly hair, half- naked, as well as Greek statues. White around thighs, like Aphrodite. Her breasts are covered with a garland of  big flowers and leafs. Neither crown, nor any signs of her title.
Alone in a stream. Bathing.


Its her. The creature of lilies, honey and pearls. Nobody know, how did she appear in Dreamland. One beautiful day, two kings- brothers announced, that they have got a heir now,
and their country received its symbol Little Princess, thats how it was on one beautiful day.


3. Transparent View of palace court, balcony, two kings hold little baby girl of 3 or 4 years and show her to people. Curly hair, little crown in, very sweet.
People are sitting in the air, like amphitheater, these people can fly, seat on clouds and glide on sun rays, air streams and winds. Little girl plays with Royal Scepter and Ball, most innocent way, while people greet her.

They say different, but nobody knows the truth.

4. Transparent vision disappears. Princess leaves her garland in a stream, walks out of a water,
takes her kitten. Foal follows her, eagle flies away.  She continues her day. Sees huge basalt stone,
approaches it, lays down on a grass, in a shadow. She falls asleep.

Northern sea, granite rock, house at the top, huge Japanese style trees around it.
Same eagle, from Princesss scene.   Whales, Norwegian banks. Sky is white, light day. No Sun, but cloudy curtain through the sky, enlightened. Northern  autumn day.

6. Like through liumelles: whales are showing their backs, close to us.
7. Camera moves to white sky.
8. Camera twists around ( liumelles is turning 180  in hands) and turns to face of Troubadour.

Its him. Let me introduce you to Troubadour, which lives on a rock, near eagles nest.
Hes a mystery too. Nobody knows where he is from. Just one beautiful day, an eagle brought a leather bag to this rock, and there was a boy inside it.

9. VIDEO, black and white.

Bold rock, leather bag, eagle seats apart. Absolutely charming boy of  10 or 11 years appears from a bag. He holds little pots with mini- copies of Japanese trees and plants. Puts them near this bag in an artistic way, very carefully. Then quickly runs to an eagle, seats beside him, closes his eyes and ears,
everything is very fast. As if awaiting for an explosion. And
An Explosion -  rattle, sparks, white smoke, firework. Nothing could be seen for few seconds.
Then smokes gone.

10. There are a house and real big trees and plants, well- equipped, looking- good.
The door is a leather curtain with Zipper, like it was  on a bag, moves up and down.   
Eagle seats at the same place.
The explosion was not too violent for eagle, but there are two or three feathers on a ground beside.
Boy picks them up, kisses and teases   noble bird and goes to his house through the doorway.
Curtain falls down and  shut it.  Zipper is opening by a boy from inside. Boys face smiling.

So, the explosion wasnt harmless for an eagle. Please, dont worry. Just few eagle feathers for our  boy. By the way. He will tell us now, what is his real name.

11. Boy bows to us like little gentleman - noble boy.


Reynard Troubadour.

12. Top of a mountain, landscapes of Armenia. A man. Its a Reader himself.


Here we are. Im glad to meet you. So, let me introduce myself now. I am a Reader. I will tell this story, which  happened in magical land. You can find it in your soul, mind and heart.

Boy (v/o)

It was very nice to meet you too. But who are the hero in this story you want to tell?



13. Reynard adult is going to take some water from a stream. Takes and drinks it.
Princesss garland on a surface, transparent water, stones on a floor.
Takes the garland, puts on.

Everything disappears, like somebody turns a page of a book.

14. Next page. White background. Only Shambala rotating.

15. Peoples images, transparent, alive, from Shambala, change each other, vapor:

Friends of Troubadour

Three gangsters
King Hugh & King Stew
Player (God of Music)
Goddess of Rainbow

Princess and Troubadour together

16. White lily, filling the screen. Petals, drops of dew, etc. Breaths.
Then opens slowly, like a magic window from Upper World, and we can see the planet from the height.
Camera swiftly flies over waterfalls and rivers of clouds, through rainbow, over hills, woods, flower fields and red desert to Princess, sleeping near basalt stone.

17. Camera stops above Princess.  Then fast increasing of her face, eye- lashes, skin, eye- brows.
View gets into her through closed eye-lids to see her dream - the same dream that Troubadour sees.

18. Dream

Shadow of somebodys figure on Geneva pavements (stones), walking fast.
We  see stones, Sun on them and a Shadow of unisex figure.
Sac a deaux on left shoulder, then huge bunch of autumn leafs and branches appears in arms.
Continue to move the shadow of it on a street pavement.

Then rainbow light through everything

19. Change to empty light  space. Faces of Princess and Troubadour , like a vision. Look at each other.


20. Smile of Reynard, then she smiles.
Her hair are free and smooth, chocolate color Princess- adult smiling.

21. The end of the dream.
We see Troubadour sleeping. Camera moves up from his face to the height of ceiling.

22. Reynards eyes opens sharply, like shock. Blue eyes  like a blue ZOOM, then again his face.
23. Stands up, walks out his house and goes to an edge of  a rock to observe northern sea and Sunrise.

Troubadours portrait song.

24. Returns to house, dresses up, seats down at the table. There are the paper and eagles feathers are prepared already.

House is a house of young men Dream. Plus all for music, leisure, mix style.
Wide field for fantasy.

25. Troubadour is thinking over something we dont know.

They love each other, this young man and that young girl. They still can not meet, as well as they couldnt for a long time.  They even didnt know whether it was truth or not, and was it real,
the image from a dream.
Long way to first glance, long way to everything they want,  long way, with out any reasons except  for love and lovely face from fairy tale.

26. Reynards writing, voice over, simultaneously as letters appear on paper, hes writing by feather.


We love each other,
But I cant find you.

I see this dream.
I know, You are on Earth somewhere.
Ill find You, yes, I swear.
Yes, I swear.
Ill go through deserts, forests, roads and seas.
Just wait for me. And dont go out, just wait me, please.

I feel that theres no way, except of You,
My Lady from this Dream,
Where will I find You?
Where will I find You?

I can not live, I need your warmth beside me.
I feel like part of  whole, please, let me find You.

My second part, my second heart, right side.
Oh, let me find You, You will be My Find.

( Its a sonnet of Troubadour.  Princesss one, when she will be going to the show)

Reynard- Troubadour puts paper and feather aside, turns to window, theres sea.
Sea is increasing. Disappears. Air spheres -  fair blue and thin white clouds like long stripes on horizon.


27. Music scene

Princess walking

Princess is walking through Worlds. Landscapes of different planets.
Landscapes and most beautiful places on Earth.
Like dynamic FLOTETION/

We can not see her face, just walking figure.


Bremen city - Zentrum Platz.

Troubadour with friends of him. Each has got a car , an instrument and a pet.
, , / an ass, a dog, a cat and a cock.
An eagle for Troubadour.
29. They observe their luggage, fill trunks, Bremen bear, to seat na dorozhkou.
Each one takes his place in a car, and they start - Der Zug.

Bremen set them off by smiles, greetings and wishes Good Luck, because Bremen Musicians are pride of a city, peoples favorites. Now the teams going to win a World and whole Dreamland.

30. Italian.  Tavern or patio. Improvisation, wonderful theme, jazz or something around jazz.

Meet:  Reynard, Reader, Givan and Maxim. Occasionally, supper together, occasionally crossed by magic serious cause.
End up improvisation.

31. After, they drink wine, old bottles. Eyes are inspired. They talk. Reader is silent.

The music is Power of Universe and Spirit of  Big World. And no one could deny it.

Yes, of course It cares souls, it treats them all, as well as rain revive the soil.
And flowers in those hearts and souls grow.
And shine through eyes, and smiles, again inspire.

Where do you go? Youve got a real gift.

I gonna win a World. Im following my dream.


Whole World? Each heart in Dreamland, I suppose.

And, maybe, private cause. Of course, a private cause.


Wherever you will be, just know, that you can call 
the violin and flute,
which sounds like Eternity itself.
You can, if you need help.
Just call, when you need help.
Just say a word, whenever or wherever you will be.
Just say: The God of Music, come to me.
Givan and Maxim look at Reynard very attentively, as if studying him.

I feel its something magical

You see.

You are his son.

His son?!

Voice from Heaven is  Reader (v/o)
Yes. You are me.
32. Reynard starts up. At the moment, Givan and Maxim disappear immediately.
33. There are no one  except for Reynard and Host of Tavern in it now.
34. Reynard moves through Italian night to his friends.
A Gulf, hills with houses on them, Italian nature, Italian evening, near Sea (gulf Sorrento, Napoli).

Song Caruso ( duo)

Princesss image appears like a vision at the beginning, presents during the song.
When song ends up, vision disappears.

35. Troubadour and friends, above the gulf, looking at sea panorama, very good location.

What happened to you? You look strange.

You know, we are in Dreamland, the land of dreams, miracles and magic. And somethings going to happen. Something really magical. Its too private. I cant tell you. But just right now
I met some Music, which is more than any music we ever knew.

Show us.

I cant. They said they will appear again as soon as we need their help.

Oh, long time to wait for. Our tour is going to be all- right. What a success.
Yesterday show for example!


Yeah. But you know, most difficult public is not here. In a capital of this land,
where both of Kings- brothers-  fathers live.
And their daughter, which is very well at Arts and Music, as local people say.

Oh, this local language! Everybody are talking by verses here. Ive got a headache.
I cant compose verses so fast as they do right now, while thinking or speaking.

Yes, and your monologues sound like advertisements on TV, Im sorry.

Reynard speaks fluently without any efforts. Lucky man.

Ive got nice idea.  Tomorrow we will end up our shows here and move to next one.
Why not, if what do you think about capital  city, really, why not?
Capital is really interesting little place to conquer.

Not bad.

No questions. Im a citizen of Dreamland, Ive been dreaming about hitting the capital since
 I was new- born, and my dream comes true. I am for!

Nobody wait for us there.

R. ,powerfully:

But it is even better. Its the best case for us, that we are not expected. We will bring them new music they had never heard before.

Dont be a forecaster. Dont foretell.
We need to arrive there for the first, then will see.

Another, forth friend appears from bushes:

- Ciao, bambini. Buona notte, who are with me?
 Im gonna spend jolly night at one of those clubs on a beach. And Id like to be there
with you. Come on!

They are leaving for club- surfing.

Reynard (v/o)
God of Music Princess Who are them?


36. Gangsters and Atamanshas night club. Club is edifice with out a roof starry sky instead.

Show of Atamansha and her  guys:  Gerard, Jacky and Mickey.

Hungarian Rhapsody  #2 (F. List)
Wild performance at the Steinway (Gerard)

 Atmosphere is luxurious  cabaret.  Sophisticated taste, joyfully, noisy, overcrowded.
Like Moulin  Rouge, but  dark oak panels, black tree furniture, marble. No windows.
Large fireplace occupies whole wall there are huge  pieces of  grilled meat, and Jacky pours wine on them, using les seaus and barrels.
In the center is a pit with coals, Mickey is cooking fondue, the biggest caquelon. Guests are throwing cheese heads there, pouring wine from bottles, laughing, screaming.

The climax of a party.

Atamansha appears on a stage, near  Gerard. Gorgeous dress, dances to Lists music.

Dance of Atamansha
music ends up with a rattle. Lamps and  glasses are braking.

37.  Gerard and Atamansha bow to public.


Thank you all for coming, tonight weve got open roofless party.
And these doors are open to those, who love to spend a time jollyyyyyyyy!!!

Heres working for you:

Jacky demonstrate a truck, his Eastern fighting skills, using katana, fan, etc.

Mickey smiles, 32 teeth, lift right eye- brow and shows his athletic  muscles.

Gerard s tuxedo is wet, but he doesnt stop to play, visa versa, puts his fortissimo into performance.

And me myself!
Atamansha takes  daggers and throws them to burning fireplace, hits to meat and
wooden bois de chauffage.

Oh-oh-oh! What a precision!

F. (v/o)
What a woman.

Shall we stay?

38. Instead of an answer  Atamansha sings Feelings ( F. Pappeti)


At the end  of the song, Ata gets official paper from the air and read it aloud:


No drugs, please. The only drug is music. So, enjoy these vitamins, not those.

39. CHANGE to Evening  in a capital of Dreamland.

City looks like a Castle, and calls Castle.
Like Le Merveille (France), but much more bigger and more luxurious.
The Royal Palace from outside. We can see a preparation for some important event in Castle.

Music Fanfares

40. Morning. Inside the Palace. Two Kings in a hall.

Reader (v/o)

Two Kings, perfect gentlemen. Although sometimes they forget about it.
They are waiting for Princess from her Journey to home.

Their  names are Hugh and Stew.
Age: three or four thousands years old,
Both of Their Majesties.

Found a daughter in a flower of lily.
Do not know who is her mother.

Hughs key fraise is By My Own Design.
Stews key fraise is Unobtrusive Service of mine.
Their thoughts, decisions and actions indicate on their Royal foreheads
by  adverbs STUPID or CLEVER, depend on qualities of content.
They discuss favorite theme of them the  daughter.

41. To Kings


Imagine, My Majesty, I still can not get accustomed to a fact, that I am a father.
And You?


My Majesty, I would not like to make you a complement, cause you are
Dull idle,
Always concerned with your hares and pheasants,


Weak willed,
Limited intellects,
Ill- mannered,
Ill- behaved,
Absolutely out of all moral frames person

Hugh is listening to his brother eyes wide open.

Sign Stupid burns on Stews forehead, but Stew doesnt see, of course.

So, where did I stop?
Why are you looking at me?


You are simply a nuisance, peevish and, by the way, idiot, of course.
Look at the mirror, critic / pip- signals go/

Stew looks at himself, shuts his mouth up.

Sign does not disappear.

Stew tries to powder it.

Does not disappear.

Stew scraps it with finger- nails. Hugh begins to help him.

Does not disappear. 

They put lemplatre nude on a forehead, trying to cover the sign.
Sign lightens through the cover.


Damned inheritances from our

H. (indignant):

Do not touch our dear fifteenth grandmother from male side! She is not guilty, that Stupid signs appear too frequently on someones forehead!

A beat.



What did you eat last night?

Hughs forehead is marked as Clever.


Sorry, my majesty. You are right. I slept bad, I had bad breakfast, it was awful day yesterday, Im sorry, my majesty. Forgive me. I was wrong.
Dont take it to your account.
Never take anything to your account.

42. Stews sign changes for Clever


Its okay. Dont worry. So I can not still get accustomed to a fact, that I am  a father.
And you, my majesty?


Though, I would not like to make you a complement, but I am too.


And we dont know, who is our daughters mother.


Yes, we dont know, and this is absolutely true.


The day, when we were travelling for pleasure,


We saw outstanding lily in a pond.


Inside a lily was a little baby,


And outstanding thing then started on.


The rainbow color spilled around like rivers.


And pure perfume Purity, so clear.



And shadows and all objects disappeared.


And something magical on air, we felt it near.
So, we prepared for to look, to see, to hear.


And lily girl then opened brilliant eyes.


Her lashes were so long, enormous size!


And she was, theres no words, she was so nice.


And now shes nice as well as Vienna Valse (French).


She smiled at us and said in our language


I was so pleased to catch nice tone of girlish voice

H.  playback of girlish voice:

You were  my Duddies, Mother just returned me

S. by girlish voice too:

To you, to people, for  your  happiness and joy.


Ill be with you, my Duddies, yes, I promise.


Till fall in love with somebody I know.

H. his natural voice, as well as Stew:

And we adopted joyfully this nice miss.


We named her Lily, twenty years and three ago.


43.  Conversation is supported  by illustrating chronicle, style like 1920s, old film, black and white.
But with light shade of rainbow spectrum, when Princess appears.


Then girl with us, were riding to a Palace.


And she is laughing, Angel from the sky.


At home we filmed her, it was very clever.


Oh, tears are rolling down my face. Im crying. Why?


Because it was so touching, so touching.
Splendid Its a family chronicle. Its our family treasure.

44. CHANGE TO   VIDEO, contemporary Digicam, black and white.

Little girl Princess  is looking at us. Serious eyes. Not girlish.

S. (v/o)

Come si chiamo?


Mi chiamo Vita.

End of Video.

45. Palace again, nowadays.


So, to avoid discussions we voted and


Decided to call her simply Beautiful Princess.


No, Princess Beautiful.

I said, Beautiful Princess.



Princess Beautiful.


Beau- ti ful Prin-cess.


Princess Beautiful.


Do you feel yourself well?

S. , ready to burst into tears:

I feel myself beautifully.  How do you think I feel myself after four thousands years of
daily Top- management in this country, with such a partner as you, my majesty?!
And Princess she never argues.


Ive got a headache. Im tired.


Its your karma, you feel tired almost everyday. It doesnt depend on what you do,
It depend on Moon, wind and always more and more tired.


How could we rule the country, if we are Listen, I hope she doesnt fall in love with some guy
she knows, how do you think?


I wish to see him, before she will decide to fall in love with him. I must see this man before.
To gauge him at first. Beforehand. I dont want my daughter to fall in Love with somebody
she knows, but we dont know at all!


You are absolutely right, my majesty.


Look, signs disappeared.


Thanks, thanks, thanks. Mille grazie. Mille promille!
What did you prepared for her?



Unobtrusive service of mine. And you?


Something by my own design.

S&H together:

Look,  we dont want her to leave us, we will feel lonely.
We miss Princess so much. We want her back home only.

Hughs present is a cloud for  flights through the sky.
Stews present is magical bond, which looks like white pen.


Morning  news paper fills the surface of the screen.

Titles are:

WANTED:  Atamansha and her team.

Portraits of them.

Ata (v/o)
All is lie.  Everything was clear and ideal. Why didnt they look somewhere in a backyard or
in  swimming pool?

48. News paper away, Atamansha and her team are on their yacht,  sea and no signs of  a bank around.

M. , ruling the yacht:

You mean, in our chill out, boss?
You know, boss, I filled the pool with ice- cubes, specially for drunkies, and one bottle of champagne as a morning surprise.


And what did you leave at the back?

M. , laughing:

Another one.

Gerard and Jacky count  thick bags of money, and then began to count money, pulling them from
bags, in a most unintelligent way.

Ata enjoys Sun and Ocean.

Mickey enjoys himself.




Chill out of Atamanshas night club. Music is national African, which turns on blood in veins.

People with no costumes on them, wrapped into African tribes folk  outfits,
having  African hair- dos and hats, half- naked, are seating silently onto
palms and savanna trees. Their sun- glasses, mobile phones and even barbecue,
wine glasses are in hands.
Expressions on faces are:  new entertainment, which doesnt thrill, but not very comfortable.

(But its not an oasis, its just plants, with out water).

Keeping silence and not moving, because there are hungry lions, rhinoceroses,
awful African pigs and hyenas, waiting for them downstairs.

Someones mobile is ringing.  The consequence is angry elephants appear on a distance.
Quickly approach.

Reader, as soon as mobile starts ringing (v/o)

Consequences  seem to be unpredictable.  The rest of you, better set your phones to 
vibrator only.

A beat.

Obviously,  elephants are going to take people out of trees.
Nobody are worried. 

Someone from palm:

A little bit too hot.

Atas voice (v/o)

Mickey, you my sweet! Well done!

50. CHANGE TO Reader, at his top, now in Tibet.


Yes, different characters live in Dreamland, but all of them are high rank,  excellent
masters at their Art . Isnt it  Main Value of human life to be what you want to be,
to do well what you love to do and to share it with people, which are so closed to you, almost the same as you, feeling like one soul. One soul, consisting multiple parts, which join one to another, attracting themselves as well as the planet attracts sunrays to its face.
And to be together always, no matter whats happen, no matter how difficult or hard.
To be together always,  as well as mountains are always on their places.
Simply, forever, since Friendship happened in your life, wherever you are, no matter what time,
No matter what age or conditions.
Thats what we call Friendship here, in Dreamland.  A beat. But what we call Love?
What is Love in Dreamland, What is Love, What is Love, What is Love?!  ECHO.


51. Princess. She just opened her eyes. Her state is morning time Nirvana of young beautiful Human, enjoying  life, state and present mood. White curtains on her windows, she plays with magic bond.
Looks very calm, but its  thinking over tranquility.

Walls are blue, floor is white fur, dark blue silk on her bed, embroidered with precious stones -  diamonds.  Z- luxury.  White lilies embellish the bed- room, flowers are growing from the floor.

52. Cloudy morning in Castle, white sky, dim sunlight. White sky, like in Norway.

Eternity love music

Troubadours face, like a vision, transparent, - it means he thinks about her.

53. Vision disappears. Appears Mandala:  white sand, three circles.

Reader (v/o):

They are so beautiful and clear. You feel harmony beside them. You feel their warm tender brilliance. They are ready to feel. They are prepared well for feeling, something they had never felt before. Both of them are Harmony and Perfection.

54. FADE IN DARK-BLUE, with stars and Moon, like a pearl in a sky. Its early morning, North,
Time is 06:39, January, winter in St. Petersburg. Art Square.

Reynard- Troubadour enters the square from  channel, (Benois ). Walks around trees, which are embellished with blue and yellow glittering garlands. White snow.  Mental silence. .

Reader (v/o)

He breaths its air and listens to its silence. Something He was looking for

55. Princess silhouette on big distance, like marble statue behind the window.

And Princess doesnt sleep. Something woke her up early this morning.
Something She was  waiting for

A beat

It will  happen today.

Irradiant shine appears around Princess -  she noted Troubadour.
Troubadour sees her too -  the same shine on him.

As soon as they focus each other, glittering sparkling  gold  something  begins. Its like rotating double lines, like planets; dancing and pulsing, as well as their  beating hearts. Two lines meet in the air, making   dynamic moving bound/ bridge between

A beat.

They feel the same.  I see it.  Hope they will meet at last. They couldnt meet for too long, and now their inside worlds met. And its so beautiful.

56. Troubadour smiles at  Princess, though he didnt know her as yet.
        She looks at him, smiles at him too.


Its something new for both of them. They have never felt like that before.  They feel a waterfall of Radiance and Joy, which goes from the top of Universe through their bodies and souls.

They feel its warmth, quiet flow and tender touch, and its light velvet motion through their veins.

To their lashes, through their skin and eyes.

57. Naughty smile comes to Troubadours eyes. Atmosphere of contemplation ends up.
He begins to entertain the girl, to attract her attention.  He catches golden stars and begins to play with them.  His dog is sitting beside him with its tongue out and smiling doggie smile.

58. Troubadour blows to his fingers and they become golden and shine -  he draws by golden color in the air.

Oh, whats he doing? Whats he doing?

Troubadours doing an air- letter, like a sensor voice mail


Im making an air letter for her.  We begin our sensor voice mail.

He writes  by his finger tips, letters are burning, dazzling.

I am Troubadour. Tonight we perform at  Fullazey, me and friends of mine.
We are Bremen musicians. Show starts at eight p.m. . Its an invitation.
Please, come!

He frames his message into wonderful ornamental frame, polishes it with nice kinda kind smile and pushes it  to Palace window, where Princess stands.

59. Troubadour begins half- voice

Song-duet by Reynard and Vita/

Princess sings half- voice too. They hear each other , as if from far away, on a distance,



 Serious  expression appears on Princess s face.
She takes her magic bond and writes in the air:

Ill come


A- AH. .. Something serious is going to happen Something serious is going on.
They recognized each other by voice.




What is Love, here on Earth. Not in Universe, not in Dreamland. What is Love here on Earth, which every person knew once, or maybe twice, while living here, in such a wonderful, WONDERFUL place.

Love is when you are together, and two hearts become one, or, maybe, one heart finds his second. Ones second heart.
And the space around  becomes warmer. And the light above becomes lighter. And the ground beneath disappears. And there are nothing except for endless ocean of time underneath.

The face, which lives in your mind and stays in front of your eyes.
And you look at outside World through the vision of  this face.
The kiss, which puts into Nirvana, the smile, which takes you up tot he sky.
Those Words, which you couldnt forget,  even if years have been passing since moment, when they were pronounced, no matter when, no matter how long ago. But you couldnt forget.
That person. That sense. That feeling.

When your smile penetrates you inside out. When your smile grows from your heart. When your love is smiling too, at something you dont know. Something very sweet, big secret just one of them, just one from endless majority of sweet big secrets of Love.
And nothings capable to set you free from it.

When youre driving your car, and your love is sitting beside you, and  the fresh wind from the Gulf caress your face.

Love on Earth, Love in Dreamland. The same.

Armenian flutes play.
Readers looking at the land from the top of new mountain.

61. Sleeping Angel with white wings: sleeps in a bad of roses (only roses- heads and leafs, and petals).
Its a little cherub, in tunic, we dont see Angels face. Angel covers his face by hand. Its child.
Sleeping child with real wings. Les pied nu. Roses are rose, and red, and Bordeaux, and creme.
Angel is White.
Readers hand covers a child with petals blanket, like transparent nets. An Angel, asleep.

62. CUT TO

Maidens hands cover Princess shoulders with little fair fur- coat. Princess is putting on red complicated  dress with sleeves.  Naked shoulders.


Stadium, where preparation for Show is on. Well- organized, tuning, sound check, final touches, etc..   


Wonderful beautiful people, going to see the Show of Bremen Musicians.
These people are Dreamlanders & Free Creators, deep intelligence and shine in their eyes.
Thousands of them, flowing towards the Stadium- Amphitheater. 
 Clothes are different styles.


65. Kings- brothers- fathers are taking their evening meal, dining hall, they are going to visit Show too.
Their tuxedos and hats are prepared, as well as their accessories.
They look like we go to theater premier, theater goers.
End up supper, get up,  go toward EXIT, chatting.

66. Atamansha and her gangsters, wear masks, seat in the car, en march, to Show like to the theater.


Its seems to me, All World, everybody gather here, tonight.

67. Princess, evening variant. Sitting at the table, writing something.

68. Princess and Troubadour scene, their shadows are walking swiftly, very fast.
Reminding of their dream, which they saw simultaneously.


Just remind their dream and picture, and a tight between them become so strong, that they can not to think about anyone, except for person from a dream. They are sure, that its more real than reality. And now, times coming, and they will meet soon. Very soon.
Now, we gonna find them both.

69. Princess is awaiting for  her carriage: eats grapes.
Show has already began. Sounds of Show are clear and she listens to it on a distance.

70. French windows open suddenly, she goes to a balcony, there is her carriage at last.

This is shell (like Botticelli Venuss) and swans. Swans will carry her. She jumps there,
And flies away, to the Stadium, where Troubadour is waiting for her coming.

71. Beethoven Symphony #9, from 1 part, remix. Princess flight.
Through the darkness, camera is her eyes.
Air streams, backs and wings of swans, lights of  Stadium, straight ahead, flies towards,
On enormous speed. Night shines, like a comet.
She lands at  amphitheater- Stadium Wall.
Shell stays, swans are flying to different destinations, like opening flower -  its like firework.
Princess arrived.

72. Brainstorm life show.

High point, hot public, Energy and charge, and ABSOLUTE CHANNEL OF UNIVERSE.

73. View from overhead.
74. View from underneath  - Princess on the wall. Troubadour sees her.
75. View from overhead  - grand applause.
76. While stadium is overwhelmed with bravissimi to musicians, the circus trick.
The Pyramid.  To bring him to her.  Half from bodies of Bremens and their pets, half like ghost outlines of Mexican pyramids of SUN and MOON, their outlines appear  in the midst of a stage of Amphitheater. Troubadour gets to the top of Pyramid, hes on one level -  can see Princess.
77. Troubadour steps on top. His face is opposite her face.
78. All sounds away.  A beat. Biggest pause.
They are looking at each other. With no smiles. Its serious moment.


79. Princess turn her head a little bit left, eyes are looking down and her smile appear, she smiles.
80. Troubadour sees her smile and smiles at her.
81. His eyes.


At last!

82.  Glance music

Different angles and plans  - Princess and Troubadour.

83. Increasing eyes of Princess, and Blackness fills the screen.


And, of course, they fall in love at first Glance.

84. Little Angel in a rose bad. Opens his eyes, wakes up and its a baby, ,
  charming way,  then looks at us charmingly  and begins to laugh very joyfully.
Throws rose flowers directly to camera, to us.

85. CHANGE TO Palace.

Kings enter, very good spirit and mood.
Put out hats, scarves, untie, pour whiskey to glasses  - they liked Bremens Show. And they are going to drink for it.


Oh, it was really impressive. Nearly, not bad, but very impressive! Im impressed!


Yeah, successful performance. I must confess it. Its  great success.
Never seen anything like it, nothing the same, Ive never seen before, anything like it.
Ive never seen anything like it for whole my life!


So, time doesnt stop at one place, does it?


You are absolutely, completely right, My Majesty. What a grand time and Energy!
Oh Oh!...  Lets drink for it!

Greet, drink. Smile, both two Kings.



Ha Its so wonderful. What a pity our daughter didnt see it.


But where is she? Poor girl. We need to tell her everything right now, immediately, now!
Call a Princess!

H. joins to S.:

Call a Princess! Call a Princess!

Do not wait for servants, run themselves upstairs to Princesss apartments,
cause theres no patience. 

Call a Princess!

Run into cabinet.

H & S:

Daughter! Daughter! Figlia! Cara figlia! Where are you? Dove tu?!

Stew doesnt shout. He stares at piece of paper


Princess! Princess! Come here, we will tell you something interesting! Figlia! Figlia mia!

86. S. sees what is written on a paper.


Girl has run away from the Palace!

H., doesnt catch:

Who left the Palace? What Palace?  What girl?

H. takes THIS  from the table and read aloud.

Beautiful Princess has run away from home!!! LOOK AT THIS. Here she tells us that

Hugh alternates Stew.


Dear Duds.


Dear Fathers.



I know him.

He is Troubadour,  which performs tonight at First Stadium. I knew him always.
I knew him before we met. Tonight Ill be there.
Time has come.
Its my duty now, to fly away from the Palace, remember, what I told you at the beginning.


I must live my life for citizens of Dreamland.
And Troubadour is that One, which I knew before meet.
I know him. He is that One, which I know.

H. and S. staring at each other. Unable to speak.
Dramatic pause.

87.  Sound of Gong and Bells.

88. Sign CLEVER appears at Ss forehead. He raises his hands and declarate:


It was She!

Sign CLEVER appears at Hs forehead.


She was that girl on the wall!..
Where she got these swans, Id like to figure it out immediately. Weve got no bird farms forty miles around from here, and we are all vegetarians in our family, and there are no lakes for sweet birds to float and feed themselves


Why was she  only in one open dress? While the temperature  is twenty degrees below zero!!!
Doesnt she understand, that she can OVERCOLD!!!
Who is this man? Who is this COLDER, I would better like to know, to figure it out. Immediately! He kidnapped my daughter! He kidnapped Beautiful Princess! Where is my child?!
I loose my only child!

Where is my Guard? Where is my Police? Where are anybody here!

H. , perplexed, to himself:

He didnt kidnapped her. She is not a kid already. She is adult. She warned us. It was a condition. It was her personal will. Listen to me, Stew, maybe we would better take it as a fact?

I DONT HEAR YOU. I want to see my daughter. Who will be the heir?! She is the only heir. Throne is not a common cheer, only Royal

H.:  Buttocks



Thank you,- could seat on it.  To leave this kingdom country with out a heir, with out succession line, when  both of us will die

H. , worried:

Do you feel yourself bad?! Are you going to die?
Doctor. Call a doctor! Doctor! Doctor! King brother Stew is going to die right now, right here!


Idiot! Call the Royal Guard! Call the Royal Guard, not a Doctor! I need Royal Guard!

H. , doesnt pay attention:


S. , red, as a tomato:

Troops! Soldiers! Royal Guard! Somebody! Here! Faster! To me!

89. CHANGE to empty Stadium- Amphitheater. Night. Stage. Only Princess and Troubadour.
The light on them.

First kiss music

90. While doing it, gradually to landscapes of JAPAN. With its flourishing Sakura, beautiful woods, sophisticated Nature. They transmit there, while kissing. When they break their kiss, they see their friends, preparing nice picnic under Sakuras.
91. Troubadour touches Princesss face. Petals of Sakura are falling down to her hair.
92. Friends honor their Princess, as they can see, Troubadours Love.

93. Troubadour and Princess seat down.


I saw You in my dream. I found You.


And so did I. I knew. I know You.


Ive never felt such a Happiness before. Just looking to your eyes. Where have You been before?


Dont speak. No need for words. No words, no more.


Your face was in my dream. I saw. Before we met, Ive seen



Me too. Ive seen you in my dream Just tell, what does it mean?

94. Under the Sakura. Branches cover them slowly.
Modesty, intimacy, all etceteras.

T. (v/o)

I feel the Sun and Moon, which flow to heart.

P. (v/o)

Youre very glad to meet me.

T. (v/o)

Yes. Im glad.

95. Eternity Love theme (Vita)

96. Alarm- clock sound and Stew- Kings arms, with Two Swiss Watches  on them, reveal Princess and Troubadours shelter.

97. P. & T. Embrace each other, alarmed, looking at CAMERA, in misunderstanding.

King Stew (v/o), :

There you are How nice of you, nice young man, what are you doing here? Kissing?

T & P:

No, we are kidding.


Father, let me introduce Reynard to you

S. shows rage:

I KNOW HIM. I FIGURED IT OUT. Everybody know him now. Come on, your Royal Highness,
Time to go home.


I will not.


Shes with me. I love her.

S. shows indignation:

Stay away. Dont irritate me. You seduce my daughter, and you want me to look at that?


98. S. separates them.

99. VIDEO/ DIGICAM.  Reynards face, FRAME the screen.
100.  Somewhat alike Crush music.  Ends up quickly.
Faces of his friends appear, shocked, curious.

101.  King-S. (v/o)

Royal Guard. Take them away. Out of this country! Out! Take them away. Never let them back!

Friends to Reynard:

-      Look What is this, on His Majestys Royal Forehead, ah?

- Something lightens. - !

- S- t- u- p-i-d

A beat.


Oh Mamma mia.


- Gott sei Dank.
- Waw.
- Waw.
- Waw.


Take them away I said!

Different kinds of weapon, including pumps, and big gas capsules appear, cover half- screen.

Out of this country!
Right now!

102. VIDEO/ DIGICAM to Princess.
She is looking at her Fathers forehead, as like as at something she had never seen before.

103. VIDEO/DIGICAM to King-Stew.

 There is burning sign STUPID on it. Winks. Then begins to Signalize by awful sound.

It will  follow King- Stew till the moment, when Troubadour and Princess forgive him.


Take me away too. Its seems to me, I feel myself not very well. Im too tired. Im ill.
Im dying. Im must put myself in a prison on a diet.
I need a diet. Im on a diet. Faster. Faster, please. 


104. Princesss shock. She is seating alone under Sakura.
105. The Guardian offers her hand, helps her to stand up.
106. Crying Princess enters King- Hughs room ( his own design).
King- Hugh embraces Princess:


What happened?


107.  Reader:

It is an accident. Accidents occur in Dreamland. As well as everywhere. In Dreamland too.
It is an accident.  There was no insurance. But there is no insurance from someones stupid mind, no defense, no prevention. Really, it is. And who can argue?
Who can argue? Nobody can. Or, maybe Maybe? Maybe somebody can?

108.   Faint Melody

 CHANGE TO Troubadour, sad. Very sad.

109. Troubadours car at Insurance Office. It is service de remarcage.

110.   Troubadour is walking along the road, in a Forest. Friends are in their cars, slowly, behind him.
  .  His car on a tug- boat, his dog is very sad. Desperation.

111. Princess, medieval costume. 15 century. Fur- band on her head. Desperation.

Princess adult theme.

112. Princess part in duet.
113. Troubadours part in duet

114. CHANGE TO King Hugh. He suffers as hard as Princess, because he is very sensitive.


King Hugh is unable to see his daughters grief.  He decided to leave the Palace.

115. CHANGE to Garage. Light box  KINGS HUGH PRIVATE GARAGE.


What can I do for you, Your Majesty? Are you going to leave the Palace?


Oh, sorry. I cant see Princess weeping, so disconsolate. I cant see her suffering so hard.
It breaks my heart. I dont know how to help her. I cant help.

Servant: Do you need a carriage, Your Majesty?



Yes, please. Something by my own design.


And some of Royal Guard too, as an escort, Your Majesty?


Yes Of course Thank you. OOOOOUH.

Bursts into tears.

116. Carriage of King- Hugh is exactly a invention made by king.

Carriage of King- Hugh appears, Royal Guard surround.

117. The ceremony of putting King- Hugh up, up to seating place.


He gets there from balloon - Aerostat .
Very complicated process. His Majesty doesnt travel in a common way.
Everything by his own design. I beg you pardon.

118. King Hugh, seating in a box, having ostrich egg in an egg- holder and spoon, and his whip.


He is ready to begin motion. Everything by his own design.

Servant helps to  pass second ostrich egg to King:


Unobtrusive service of mine.


Nouuuuuuuu!!!  Off we go OUUUU!!!

Sign STUPID switches on  Royal Forehead, and burns like a torch.

It shakes hard and swings from one side to another, cause bases are a little bit too flexible and a little bit too long.  Too high.  Oy, Im really scared!


King Hugh is lucky man, cause roads are so smooth and wide in Dreamland. Otherwise,
It would be rather unpredictable Bon Voyage, Your Majesty, and God save the King
From pits and road stones. As well as storms and rains.

Royal Train  is moving along the same road as Troubadour and his friends. King- Hugh looks bad.


Reader,  critically:

It seems to be so uncomfortable. His design, I mean Cause it shakes awfully, a little bit too wide amplitude of swinging. Threaten.  It may be a headache Or stomachache sea disease is very possible Less of pleasant.  No pleasure at all.  But, as I can judge, His Majesty will be absolutely all- right, while BRAVEST ROYAL GUARD guards him.

119. Song of Royal Guard.
They are passing Custom, in short, according Translated Text.

120.   CHANGE TO  dark evening, pagoda of Atamansha. Somebody in, windows lighten.

Troubadour and his friends are hungry. Approach pagoda , Japan.

121. They stop.


Was it a Dreamland? I thought I saw a nightmare, as a drawback.


I refuse to go further. I stop here. I like this place. I gonna dye and lay into my tomb here.
So calm and peaceful place.  Nothings capable to move me out of here.


Dont you wanna say, that you wanna sleep in a tomb, if there is obvious opportunity to sleep inside this beautiful house, inside


this nice, good- looking Japanese house Reynard?


Ca me tegal.


He doesnt indicate whats going on. Let me do a thing.

Nocks at the door. No result. Rings the bell. No result. Beeps his car- horn loongly.

R. ,indignantly, like waking up from a sleep:

I really indicate whats going on. Let me do a thing. This nice, good- looking Japanese house.
Whatta ya doing?! Stop these awful   , I pray you. .

Friend doesnt stop, because doesnt hear.

I will pay you, if you stop.

Friend stops.



What? Repeat, please?


when we earn enough money for these really unforeseen expenses.  Lets go, just look at the window Use the window, using the door is impossible. Hey, guys!

Reynard takes Digicam, clambers up to the roof, to approach the window. As soon as he gets there, starts video- taping.



122. Atamansha and her team are having nice time inside. No visitors. Cards, chips, casino,
lambiance, Atamansha wears very  tres sexie costume.

Atamansha performs her most sexual show.

123. Reynard is videotaping , looking  to camera, then to window, smiles naughty. Because Atamansha is half naked.

Reader (v/o)

Smiles naughty. Because he is naughty!

Reynard, non- stopping to videotape:

Im doing it just for pleasure of my friends.  I can look aside, if you want.

Turns to CAMERA, looks at us.

Something falls down inside Pagoda.
Reynard immediately turns back to window, captured and amused.

Friends of him:

Hey, Reynard, whats there?

Nothing could be better!

Reader (v/o)


Reynard turns again to CAMERA

Reynard, serious, cool:

Listen You know that my heart belongs to Princess. She is only one for me. And she is far, like a star. Dont touch me. You see, Im suffering.

Reader appear beside Reynard. Reynard  doesnt look surprised.  Greets him.

Shes suffering too!

R. :
I love her so much.

So Do something!!!
Be more active, use your brain!
Show yourself, and win the game!

Oh, Im like courteous  propaganda poetry, nearly Wheres my Shakespeare?

Reader disappears. Sound of rustling pages, hit, and sneezing.

Reader (v/o)

God, its because theres too much dust. Excuse me. I bring my apologies.




Its O.K.. But thank you, wherever you are. Thank you. Does she love me?(speculatively).

Readers sneezing  not naturally, doesnt want to answer.


Rey, what are you talking about and to whom? Come back. Go downstairs!

124. Friends near fire, they are looking fresh video of Atamansha.

Reynards apart, thinking over the subject.

What a woman.

From that night club.

Demonstrates the rest of the VIDEO.
It stops at the most thrilling place last moment  Digicam goes down.

F.: Oy Hold me tight. Whos that?


125. The rest of video.

Contrast:  instead of half- naked Atamansha.
We can see awful wooden creatures on the roof. With grimaces on grotesque faces of African idols.

F. , disappointed:

Not a proper time for stopping womans performance!


Rey. Who are these mugs?

Reynard, starts up, and looks at mini- screen. Shudders:

What a disgust. I didnt see them. Where are they from?


You know, Ive got a tender soul and very weak nerves. No need to frighten me so awfully.
My heart


Guys! Great idea. Splendid idea. Listen. Listen to me!

Whispers. Faint laugh of Bremens.

126. Inside Pagoda.

Atamansha wears kimono, her assistance are in Japanese style too.


You are also very clever, boss. You are complete perfection. I adore you. 
Let me kiss your divine hand.


Oh. Gerry. 

Moved to tears, touched.

Gerard kisses her hand.

Suddenly, light switches off.



Whats happen???

Show of terrors begins.



Am I sleeping? Am I hallucinating? Whats going on?


I guess These are wicked wizards. Ive got no another ideas, sorry, Madam.


Are you frightened?


If to tell the truth, no But it could be annoying, if will last for all night long.

Mickey & Jacky:

Bothers to sleep.

A. , to Bremens:

Yeah, I think the same. Boys Kids of mine Bo- oys!

Bremens do not hear.

Atamansha sighs hopelessly. Then open the window, goes there.

A. to gangsters:

Follow me, my littles!

Open window (Frame), Moon as a background, Atamanshas silhouette. She flies away.
Her team follows her, turning into dark birds.

127. Bremen musicians stop to perform terrors.


You saw it?! What a body!!! What a woman! I love her!


Slow down. Keep cool. How can you know, what does she prefer to eat?

Light is on.  Troubadour and Friends, and pets.

Reader (v/o)

There you are, young gentlemen. BRAVO. Enjoy your meal, have a nice time on your conquered
Territory. You deserve some rest.

Merci, monsieur. By the way, we really need it. Lets go to the kitchen. Follow me, boys!



I want simply spoon, soup and bred. 

In a kitchen, looking like Japanese market.


And bed.

128. Morning. SUNRISE. Princess and Rising Sun.

129. King- Stew at ancient Welsh Castle.


King- brother is tortured by his diet. And hes really ashamed. In a very bad shape bad state.

King Stews most comical image.

130. King Hugh. Morning time in a Forest.


So, his brother feels even worse, as I see it. Absolutely broken view of King- Hugh in his carriage.


Oh, somebody, stop this torturing machine!

131. Disguised Bremen Musicians look like Forest Bushrangers from under the land.

132. Captivity of King Hugh. Royal Guard running away.

133. King Hugh, thick oak, Troubadour implements his plan.

134.    The Battle inside Pagoda. Laughs and out of their heads.

Music parody Club tech.

135. Winner Troubadour. King Hugh is free.

136. Princess studies top- management, teacher is King Stew. Boring. Outstanding boredom.

Music parody   boring.

Princess wears bikini and  a hat, King Stew wears Roman toga.


137. Reynard and King Hugh.


Your Majesty.


Oh, sonny, I was so scared, so scared Awful travel, awful gangsters, awful life.
Thank you, my boy. Your face seems to me We were acquainted before?

The greatest honor for me to serve you, Your Majesty.

H , flattered:

You know me, how pleasant. There are no doubts, youll make a great career,
 youngest, bravest and most noble new friend of mine.

Reynard bows, smiles, awaits.


Now, what you want for your feat, my young hero? Ill do everything.


I relay on your inborn wisdom, kindness and outstanding intellectual abilities. Its such a good luck, to stand on one spot with you, to listen to you, its like a prize from the sky, to breath the air
You breath


Youre nice boy. We need an occasion to bring you to  the Palace with me. I need a motive.
Official  reason.

A beat.

Listen, my daughter she feels bad. She suffers so much. Weeping every day. Doesnt eat.
My heart breaks.

STUPID sign on King-Hugh.

She need some We will make you her husband. Dont you mind?
 What you think, my young hero?

R. , shocked:

So much


Of course, she is very nice girl. Did you see her?

R.:  Never.


Reader (v/o)

Bravo! Excellent! Clever!


So, youll marry her and will be every time on the same area

R. interrupts:

You are so clever, Your Majesty, Ive got no expressions to show you my delight and admiration.
Very good idea!


Smiles and looks around.

Do you have a car? We need something COMFORTABLE, STEADY and SOFT, please.

Reynard make a finger sign and his insured car appears itself.

To bring ourselves to my little daughter most fast way.
And to make a wedding, most beautiful and fantastic, please.

Takes seat in a car, joyful King, self- contented.


I love you, my children!  You will like her! NOUUUUUU!!! Off we go!
With unobtrusive & exclusive service of mine!  By my own design!

138. Welsh Castle.


They arrived, and Beautiful Princess run out toward them.

Princess in a short dress. Dress change its color from red to seven rainbow colors in next pictures.

Sounds of hauling STUPID sign of  King Stew.


Good morning, mia figlia, cara Vita!   How are you?


Im very  well, thank you, father. And you?

H.:  Ive got a surprise. But Is it Stew hauling still?



Yes. Still. Will be hauling till I decide to forgive him But Im afraid, never.


How awfully. How inconvenient. Hauls even at night?


Hauls even at night. Most  loudly at night.

H.  scraps his forehead.  SIGN CLEVER appear:

By the way, its your husband. Let me introduce you. Whats your name, boy?


Reynard, Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness.

Princess smiles, on edge of  laugh. Makes reverence.


Shes nice, isnt she?


Very nice, Your Majesty. One face to you. Very beautiful. Looks absolutely like you.
One face. One face.

H. (flattered):

Boy, Ill make you my first minister of social problems and finances You are clever.
Very talented. No, almost clear genius!


Its my husband?


Yes. Wedding through five minutes.
Where is your magic bond? I need to do everything Myself.

By the way, daddy. Daddy Stew is on a diet now.. He doesnt eat flavor, milk, bred, tarts,
Meat, fish, cheese, creme, cakes


Almost everything? I mean nothing?

Almost everything, except for unsalted, boiled vegetables.



Ill send him to his suburb house, while he is on a diet. There more loyal conditions for his Majestys regime. Private vegetable field, no food stocks. Where is your magic bond?


Here it is.

Where is the instruction?


Just write down what you want.

H. , dancing and running away, toward Castle Gates:

I make a special Stroke!! Yeah!!!

139.  Drums and corns on their forte. Wedding of Princess and Troubadour.

Princess  wears short red dress, and lilies on legs open shoes,

Troubadour like silver powder on his outfit.
Guests are beautiful. King Hugh rules the ceremony. No signs on him.
Joins their hands, put them rings on fingers, because wants to do everything himself.

Troubadour and Princess  dances with guests, then run away through

Just married magical gateway.
Princesss long wedding voile covers the screen, like sparkling mist.

140. Guests are having fun in their own way -  DANCES.

Menuetto slowly turns into fantastic mysterious dance of different animals images, birds and insects.
Change the location during the dance:  from marble floor to desert, dunes, sand.
End -  CAMERA from overhead, gradually going up from the surface of the land. 

141. P&T in fantastic room.

Floor covered with red flowers.
Bed white whipped creams and red butterflies around.
One red spot -  strawberries and two black butterflies on berries.

142. They are in Ierapolis (Pamukkale thermal sources), Turkey.
143. Closed to each other on the granite stone in Northern sea.
144. Troubadour stands up, takes Princesses hand, and they move along- side rainbow
to the Palace, where Princesss lilies are red now.

Song duet  about Princesss lilies are red now

145. VIDEO, Troubadour and Princess, absolutely human- like, home video.

Fade in red.


146. Friends of Troubadour. Sad. Killing time.

 Titles instead of words:

Where is team leader?
You know where.
They conseal.

147. Bremen Musicians begin to pack for the road, with out Reynard.

Drives along the road. Troubadour and Princess are riding a cloud, join to friends. Joyfully.

148. Parents:  Kings- brothers- fathers. No signs and sounds on Stew.

H & S:

Oh, dear brother, tears of Joy now fill my eyes.
Torquato Tasso cant express this joy.
Its crying in my soul.
It lets me go.
It lets me fly, soul flies. What a surprise!
Sweet prize.

Oh, dear brother of mine, what a surprise!

Perform  short comical ritual dance.

149. PAGE OF THE BOOK TURNS (the screen), opens next.

Z- meditation.  Sounds of Japanese bells, flute. No expressions on faces.

The picture is  cohort of  men & women, meditating.

Like Japanese Temple - , .


The ceremony was beautiful.
They are vaporizing their minds and bodies.

1001 statues, gold, Buddhist.
Boddhisattva images.




Kings are meditating too.


150. Harsh contrast: Z- tranquility changes for  grim face of King Stew Indefatigable.


One woman Her name is Atamansha. Means Crime Boss in skirt.
Her guerilla forces terrifies  nervous people, tu sais, tout les gens enerve.
She almost put them into coma by her temperament.

Shes hot-tempered?

No, shes got very hot blood.



So, we must do something!

Where is your portable?

Here it is, My Majesty.

Thank you a lot, My Majesty.

You calling?...


To Genius Detective, Mister , Mister GS.


Do I know him?


You will, I promise. Ill introduce you to him. It is a master in his business.

Presses the button  -  BANG!!!

Dropping stucco moldings, debris, cuffing Kings, both are very dirty.

151.  Clean elegant GS.   Moustache a- la Hercules on his forehead. The Pipe in left hand.
The cigar  in right hand. Trench. Gloves. Sun- glasses. Yuppi.
Young man, as well as Troubadour.



Why do you wear your luxurious moustache in such untypical position? Its new fashion?
Dernier Cri?

GS moves moustache from forehead to his neck, they are like neck tie. Sun- glasses to hair.


Let me introduce myself.  I am genius detective, , GS.
Very glad to meet you. Do you have problems?

H. to S.:

Why does he speak with  so strange accent?


He stupided abroad. Now he practices new acquired skills.


At us, I suppose?


No, at everybody. He does not divide Motherland or Fatherland.
He is for freedom, equality and brotherhood.


A Communist?!!


No, gets small salary. He lives on his small left side fees. But pays all his taxes and bells.


Its so kind of him.

Nice to meet you too, dear detective, let me


Id like to look through materials.

Wed like to find Atamansha and her band, and put them into useful jobs, for  benefit and profit,
of our lovely kingdom Dreamland, of course.


G. S. :

Never heard of her.  Never saw her.  My time is very expensive, you know.

Looks at his watches.

You know, its 50000000 dollars already. I use very flexible advanced pay- system, there are also season discounts, Christmas sale merchandise, then 50 per cent  discount, if the weather is good,
And nothing we would do with out pre- payment, I warn you.


How much is your pre payment, mister genialny syshik?


50   per cent, plus bonus for the possible danger, decease or MISUNDERSTANDING.


Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding between whom?


Between me and my object, if the object is female.


Would you like

Going to tell about the case.


Yes, please. Whisky, dry, no ice.


We will come to an agreement.


You can tell me GI Es.


Thank you very much. Hugh.

G.S., writes down:

His Majesty Hugh. And Your majesty Stew. And the object?

Foreign name, very difficult. Im not sure the spelling. Atamansha.


S. with whisky and tray, there are glasses and ash-tray on:

Better, look at the photograph. Unobtrusive service of mine.

Pours whisky, then snaps his fingers.

152. Image of Atamansha, Hollywood smile, boa, luxurious. Fill the Frame for seconds.

G.S. (v/o)

God Almighty!

153.Tango and song by Atamansha



I agree. I do. Yes. Im already watching and looking for her. Its my lady number one, number two, number three, four, five, all in one. All in one! Yahoo!
Im galloping just right now..

S. :


Gives him cash. Then whispers to G.S. something we cant hear, then snaps his fingers again.

G.S. nods his head, then jumps out, through the window. CAMERA follows him. He jumped out the window, directly hits to his car open car, of course.
Sprays himself with perfume, all his accessories are thrown away, only dark glasses drops from his forehead to his nose. Car starts, smoke covers the screen.


Rumbling and rushing through the smoke. ..
King Stew  ordered to bring Beautiful Princess back. Hes against this marriage.  He is against everything, because he is still

155. CHANGE TO King  Stew.

Very very very hungry!  And thirsty, do not forget!

156. Reader, yellow and brown mountains.


Im afraid, he would turn his brother against Reynard Troubadour
Oh, yes, here we are. Already done.


157.  Weeping King Hugh, sitting on a chair in a midst of empty room.


King- Hugh is very compliant. His point of view is not a point at all. Something spread onto bread. Ay-yayayayayayay. 

Spread your mind not onto bread. Spread your mind with new extent.

158. Switzerland. Rhein Waterfall. Happy Troubadour, Princess and Friends.

Little penguins are around , pets of T, P and friends of them.
Two red butterflies, one on Ts shoulder, another on Princesss shoulder.

Playing badminton, composing music.

Reader (v/o)

Happy Troubadour composed new melody for his Love
so beautiful, that there are no human words to say.

So beautiful melody   ONLINE, RC\BS.

Princess picks up flowers.

159. G.S. looks at her from  behind artificial trees he brought here with him, as a shelter.

Here is Kings daughter, which I must return to the Palace.
Better to  make everything quickly and quietly, not wasting time.
Because My Lady number One, Gorgeous Atamansha is waiting for me!

Princess comes closer to G.S.s location. He grabs her. Sound of explosion. Smoke.

Everybody and everything are dirty, lawn into chaos.  Face of Troubadour astonished.

160. Afterwards.  Little penguins are pressed to each other, trembling.

Reader, to Reynard:

Its hi tech. New technologies. Advanced G.S.


You see, your wife is stolen.


Pardon, what?  I cant hear you. Please, louder.



Foreign technologies. Advanced G.S.. Two Kings now are thinking that youve stolen their daughter, and theyve stolen her from you, because they are thinking now, that youve stolen
Her from them.


But King- Hugh married us himself!


He changed his point of view. He changes his points of view like gloves.


And shows no remorse?


Of course Simply, he doesnt remember what was going on yesterday. Thats why he lives so good and long, already for three thousand years or roundabout. And looks very good for his age.


Ive got something better
Of course, she is in the Palace now


No! She is at Old Castle, under Stew- King guardianship.
And Stew is on a diet again,  because feels ashamed very much.


But why doesnt She use her own magical abilities to come back to me
I know she can everything, when she wants.


Shes a woman, and it explains everything. Shes waiting your feats for her.
Find her!

161.  DOUBLE SCREEN:  R&R |  King Stew & Princess


Did she say to you, that she loved you?





Thats what she want now. To tell you a word. You must find her again. Now you know what is happiness.  It will be bigger as soon as you hear love You from her.
Did you tell her you loved her?




Prove your Love. You must prove it and get her back, to you.


I must prove my love. I must conquer my love. Ill get her.  Cause I want it!!!


Yes, you are on a right track. So GO!!!

Reynard makes naughty face.  Blows to his fingers.

Explosion white clouds, not smoke.  Disappears, as well as all his friends, pets, cars and suitcases.
 Clean lawn. Waterfall. Silence.

Reader (v/o)

Hah! Didnt excpect from him. As usual!...

King Stew and Beautiful Princess in Old Castle ( another part of the screen).
Piano. Table.  Paper. Princess seats at the table and writes something.
Slightly bows on a paper, golden bubbles, stars and sparks are flying off the paper, as her breath.
Princess goes to open window.


Rainbow light spills around, like transparent curtain.

Reader (v/o) to Reynard Troubadour:

Tell her you love her. Tell her you love her very much. Couldnt live with out.


Teach me, how to talk about love Rainbow light! Miracle!

Reader (v/o)

Tell her quickly! All, that you think about.


163. Troubadour is under  Old Castle Walls. Princess is at the piano. Separated.

Russian version of

Half- voice, like at the beginning.

164. Princess plays the melody of Serenade, enters King Stew with egg  and spoon. Their dialogue.

Dialogue P & King, duet.

BUMS- sound



Princess, I love You.


Call for God of Music. Music will help us. Call for him.


The violin and flute, which sounds like Eternity itself.
Oh, God of Music. Now I need your help.
I say a word, word MUSIC, let it be.
Whenever or wherever we will be,
My God of Music, God of Music, come to me!

166. Armenian flute and violin. 
 Dreamland from overhead. Magic voice joins to instruments, Its Goddess of Rainbow.

King Stew, in a bed,  powerless from his diet, wraps himself into white sheet, like Roman toga.
And creeps to the window. Looks outside. The vision of Goddess of Rainbow to him.
Vision  materializes. He looks amorous. She appears to tell the story.

167. Goddess of Rainbow tells the story of Troubadours birth  and Princesss birth.

Troubadour is son of Music, and Princess is daughter of Rainbow.

Song of Goddess of Rainbow

Reader appears  the same way as Goddess of Rainbow, to treat King Stew by power of Music.
Sign CLEVER  on   King  Stew forehead. Hes healthy .

168. The concert of Bremen Musicians, disguised as foreigners, SHIRTS WITHOUT TRAUSERS.
while Troubadour is storming walls of Old Castle to get his Princess.


169. Troubadour  at the top of the wall, Princess awaits him.  They turn into Blue Birds.
Fly away, to horizon and up to sky. 
 CAMERA follows them,  through a horizon, to skies, to another hamisphere.

170. We see Atamansha and G.S. are together. G.S. courting Atamansha.

G.S. looks up and sees two blue birds in the sky.

171. Birds turns into Princess and Troubadour.  Increasing, EN FACE TO CAMERA.
172.  Mount horses.

White for Troubadour and Princess, Black for G.S. and Atamansha.
Overhead view, round view, like a whirl.

173. CHANGE TO King Hugh.

King Hugh is alone, eating apples, drinking coffee. Missing his sweethearts.

174. Materialize from the air:  Goddess of Rainbow, King Stew.

Sign CLEVER on King Hughs forehead. 


Music showed me the sense of life. It treated me from AN anger.
This Majestic Lady is Goddess of Rainbow, now Queen Sarah. Queen Mother.


Whose Mother?


Our Princesss Mother. And I know God of Music now. Troubadour is his son. 

H., with  dignity:

I am delighted. What an unbelievable and beautiful news.
And I know the sense of life.
Sense of life is to live and to adore each moment of your life,
each moment of your time.
To catch each sunbeam, laying on you,
And, maybe, you will findA BABY.

Looks at Goddess of Rainbow with the same expression as Stew
Stew and  Hugh kiss her hands with respect.

Stew and Hugh to Sarah:

Somebody new to love.

Let us serve you as medieval Knights serves their noble Ladies!

Goddess of Rainbow smiles. Rainbow light spills around, like at Princesss scenes.


175. View from overhead. Thousands of horses, galloping.

Turn by turn:  all faces, which are riding. 

Sun occupies Half  part the Sky, gradually drowning the screen to its burning  shine.

Everything like in an Earthquake.

Goddess of Rainbow (v/o)

We know almost everything now. But, I suppose, we dont know, how to finish the story about our children and their friends.

Reader like a Burning Sun, his face like a burning Sun:

I suppose, they will do it themselves.

176. Moon occupies another part of the Sky. Rainbow between.

Music of enormous power. Charging energy of absolute Universe.