Introduction to the book Alexander s jewel


       This Hellenic world with its culture, traditions and life, having accompanied  to events more than two thousand-year prescription was absolutely another   «Worship to Eros» is well told about customs in ancient Greece («Nezavisimaja gazeta» in article published in last year by A. Arhipova. "Ng-religions" from 2007-03-07, It’s known also that there  was a law punishing citizens if they avoided public dispute, that the tsars have been elected on a kingdom, the army meeting confirmed decisions of command and plans of military operations, and the ships were built on donations of city and agricultural population. Only having got into a life of that ancient civilisation, you start to understand, how the world community nowadays – during an epoch of development of technologies, mass consumption and  mass information – with its hypocritical, sanctimonious morals, and a universal cult of money at times looks more ignorantly...

       Only ten years of continuous aggressive wars, insignificant term for history from 334 to 323 B.C., had to turn the life of mankind  to other channel, make it another – quieter on character, tolerant in actual fact, and free from happened subsequently, occurring in the world until now severe shocks. However it has not occurred. Ever since the proud Carthago has fallen, the eternal Rome has crack down, the Christian unity has scattered, the original Islam  became hardened. The new theories and the beliefs has arisen, having for an object to explain the world and to unite mankind, but  they have been also sacrificed to marginal  political interests, momentary benefit, invariable desire of the person to dominate over everything and everybody.
       However, in a long life of mankind there were seldom welcomed the moderation, the regaining presence of mind and the consciousness of the world's nonseparatedness. These qualities of society were faster penitential, they never admitted  as the driving force of history development. On the contrary, the social studies, the statesmen and monarchs  has always created the laws, defining by the progress generator being between people social, national and cultural disagreements. And, their management methods   always were based on fear and allegiancy.

       Alexander Macedonsky in the youth also did not differ  from other autocrats. He inherited to the full  from his father, tsar Phillip, and from the nearest environment willfulness, cruelty and the intolerance, accompanying in government of a stste to any sovereign. The  establishment of democracy in Hellada and principles of independent interaction of countries in the Corinthian union only impeded the realization of of his ambitious purposes. The  feeling of revenge to  Persian tsar Dariy which predecessor has intruded to  Macedonian heritables one and a half centuries before Alexander's birth became the basic message for the young tsar of the small state to conquest Asia. Besides,  he was consumed with desire not only to surpass successes of the father in glory of the native land  in the establishment of Macedonian hegemony among the Greek states, he wished to surpass the feats of legendary Greek heroes and to sit on the throne as the governor of God.

       However Alexander has not became history as the blood-thirsty tyrant. Historians look through  in his actions something more, than satisfaction of own imperious ambitions. Creation of a Macedonian kingdom  seemes to Alexander not only in enslavement of the people, but also in attempt of association of cultures and creation the uniform nation on the earth. Probably, such conclusion arises because he assumed to base  capital of the world, not in  the Greek Athenes or the Macedonian Pella, not based by him the Egyptian Alexandria, but the ancient Persian city of Babylon. Such conclusion follows and from the fact of sign historical event – weddings in Susa when for the first time in the history, apparently, political objectives was intruded to  intimate sphere of a person, and on command of the tsar some thousands  incestuous marriages have been made simultaneously.
      Along with it Alexander, being by the nature the adherent of homosexual contacts, experienced serious difficulties with conception of the successor who  was born only in four months after his death. Alexander's son  was killed by persons aspiring to the power being absolutely a child.

       As the author of this story, I represent here my own version of events occurring in those days, without applying at all for their absolute historical reliability, though, I has   followed  the chronology of historical events, and used in episodes some documents. There was another purpose before me: to show, what titanic efforts and victims costs freedom to people, meanwhile  it is necessary to search for it not beyond, but  inside oneself. For disclosing of it,   it  was necessary to  me also to intrude the  Alexander's and his close friend and the colleague Gefestion's intimate sphere.  It's thought to me, at what times what high state posts, in whatever way any persons were reached, their internal promptings always remains invariable – every person  aspires to own superiority over associates, it's appropriate to him to explain and justify own acts. The main principles of individual psychology developed by Alfred Adler  last century, probably, also are invariable, as well as the universal gravitation law. But if it so ,  they can have the pernicious consequences for  society as a whole, for the student smashing show-window in the self-expression is not less dangerous, than political, or the religious leader preaching  intolerance ideas.
       It was not succeed to Alexander to create a  kingdom of justice and freedom. Should be, the will to live, aspiration to the planned purpose had left him. And, having reached everything, he hasn't wanted to aspire something  more.  Maybe, he has understood uselessness of attempts to change morality in the world. Whether so far we have left since that times in perfection of own morals? Whether  long ago the mankind has built «socialist camps»? Has inspired by ideas of national socialism, class hatred, fascism, an absolute power of monarchs? At the heart of all historical dramas and tragedies underlies one method – division, into the best and the worst, the right and the left, guilty and innocent, invested and not invested with power, owners and workers, devoted and not devoted in ways of construction of "genuine democracies" etc.   On this background Hellenic culture seems much more moral many ones  present  now where words "tolerance" and "leniency" the human society began to pronounce  aloud only in the end of the twentieth – the beginning of the twenty first century, having risen before threats of nuclear war and global terror.

       And what has occurred with the proprium during these two milleniums? Asking such question, I imagine the bifurcate person which one part acts to the given  his  idols, the embittered, crafty and greedy subject, rejoicing  to troubles and sufferings of others, and his second part – is opened to perception of love, tolerance and world's entirety. However, it is the averaged person. And, if to look apon each  separately, his mind is split also as well as a society by national, social, cultural and other contradictions,  saved in his subconsciousness along centuries. And these contradictions does not always induce him to tolerance at all. On the contrary, the rage and revenge will capture his consciousness before the love and tolerance.  Thus he aspires to reach all in his life by more easiest ways, mainly, having adjoined to the powers, that be having absorbed  their ideas instead of realising the own belief and the role given him  by destiny and God. In the struggle for realisation his "self" the person of no character quite often loses, obeys harm, wishing to set up  his arrogance, he  breaks moral laws, becomes the murderer, robber and violator, – and now he is not  partially, but entirely in the power of a gloom.
       It is seemes to me that private world of each person is not created to fill up  oceans of harm. His consciousness is set up  for love and creativity. And, if everyone, having read the story, will find forces to understand, accept and forgive my Alexander he will win, first of all, wicked powers within himself, so will secure a victory over the harm of the whole world.

Two stories conformable chosen to the elected theme – "Geo" and "the Moth" also are included in same-name book, narrating both about live, and about other reality.

december 13,  2008