Anti-Nuclear fusion - Commonwealth of USA and RF

The United States of America and Russian Federation fused into one nation is considered by many to be a foolish idea, a utopia. Naturally, none of the critics of this idea want to die in the near future. But I warn you, dear critics, this might be inevitable. If Russia and the United States do not form a single state our world is in peril. Catastrophe is inevitable. What catastrophe? Quite plainly, the world will explode from nuclear weapon in less than ten years, a phenomenon known as 'asymmetric response'. Every other argument against the idea of a "Commonwealth of the USA and RF" is severely diminished when compared to that gruesome prospect.
Why the world will be exploded? Just because this is the consequence of the well-known human psychology.  Whoever will control the exploding key for that nuclear weapon, which will become a stock of waist metal in ten years, she or he will explode the world well before that moment. The diabolic force of this weapon non-resistantly attracts human imagination and there could not be a human being, who would prevail the force of this dreadful hypnosis. The explosion will be done definitely. Of course, United States would be glad to buy that weapon cheap, say, for few trillions bucks. Of course, there are legions of those, who are eager to get this money. However, nobody can make the bargain. Those, who are next to those, who control the weapon, or those, who are next to the next, etc., will not ever permit it. The weapon will be exploded!
The only way to prevent the catastrophe is to put the weapon under the control of one force, the united government of the both nuclear superpowers. And in case of unification of the countries, the nuclear ammunition can be peacefully burned in nuclear electric power plants.
And it is probably worthily to remember that the marriage, forced by gun, will not be necessarily unhappy. Especially if one reckons that the gun is controlled not by the malicious craziness of one particular side (as can be thought at the first glance) but by Her Majesty Human Psychology. In other words, the physicists had created the devilish power, the politicians has commanded it for years and years, and now are bringing it to the almost inevitable end. The world will be momentarily destroyed by people, if Russia and USA will not join each other in a single state.
Alas, this is an absolute truth!

The picture shows (1) Yu.B. Khariton, the head of the Soviet Bomb project, (2) Freeman Dyson, one of the former heads of the USA nuclear projects, (3) the author of this text and two persons, whom the author does not know. The author is happy that he has had chances to talk to Khariton a couple of times on an (absolutely peaceful) scientific subject; photo cameras did exist at those times, but they were not so abundant everywhere, as they are now... The picture with Dyson is real, not fabricated. It was taken a few minutes before Dyson's public lecture in Moscow (in 2009), after which the author put to Dr. Dyson several questions (a half of them - in public) and finally got a quiet, non-public advice-encouragement (see my previous post at this website - sorry, in Russian only)...