Pet Artifact Franchise

This business model relates to the solution of the funding, or rather underfunding problem of the museums, art galleries and suchlike institutions.

There core of the problem is, that while most of aforementioned organizations don't have an adequate funds for preservation and restoration of their material exhibits, the law bars 'em from making money on the sales of the atrefacts. Like some legendary miser, they just have to seat on their "gold" and see it most literally rast and decay to dust. Obiously, there have to be some legal way to make all this dead capital work and make money. And here it is.
Here are the main features of the franchise:

The goods to sell are the limited advertisement rights to the artifacts. Namely, a customer buys the right to advertise his brand on the preagreed area of the plaque, which describes the exhibit in question for a specified period of time.
The Pet Artifact program may be sold or auctioned. The buyer shall receive the certificate of Pet Artifact ownership with the picture of the exhebit itself and his advertisevent. The term of the deal and the exhibit(and the advertisevent) placement shall be preagreed.