A Dream The Warning Assistent

I realized that I was in a square room. The walls were green with white flowers on them. I hear a very familiar ringing bell. Its sound is very quick and merry. I ask:”Who is this?” I see a young girl just in front of my eyes. The next moment she is already standing on the palm of my right hand. Her height is not more than 12 smts.She’s got a tiny bell in her hand. I quessed, it was the same bell, the sound of which I’d heard before. Her golden curly fair hair cover her shoulders. She wears a long bright-green dress, which hides her feet. She is standing slim and so beautiful with transparent little wings and is looking at me. Instead of speaking to her, I’m staring at her dress, because I see golden strings waving on her breast as is the wind is blowing. Perhaps it was not tactful on my side because the next moment she flew up and at the same moment I saw my indicatory finger trembling together with her flying. Feeling that I had been already woken up and my thin body was coming back to my physical one, I addressed her sadly:”Forgive me, if am wrong! I love you.” Having woken up I went on hearing the sound of the ringing bell, lying on the sofa. I think, she was telling me that everything was all right and was really happy.