My Stalingrad

Перевод "Мой Сталинград" для неговорящих по-русски. "Мой Сталинград"-есть. это 11 рассказ снизу вверх.

Originally.Tsaritsyn, Stalingrad, Volgograd did not touch me more than any other Russian city. I worried  more about the fact that I was not in Moscow at the age of fifteen.
Later that wonderful thoughts went out from my head, especially when I started flying as a navigator, first in Arkhangelsk, when I stepped over 20 years frontier. I thought that I've seen quite a lot, but ...there began  1982 ... (From "10600 or third Newton's law in the life" )
So,there quietly passed a year of my stay in Arkhangelsk. I even have a thought that I was a professional, but it was a fiction. I just was a good specialist, but to the true professionalism was still far . I was even entrusted with the opening of the flight Arkhangelsk - Kotlas - Volgograd. I opened it not because I was so good, but because one could not, the other was afraid, so I flew.
We had flown normally. The first approach was from the Volga River, just over the Monument of the Motherland - Mother.
It was cool! Though it was winter, the view was a unique spectacle. For me, Volga - Mother  in general hypnoticly effects! We landed, near the old run way, where  was written "Glory to StalinЎЇs Falcons!"
And  than I thought "we had been Stalin's Falcons, and became ... Brezhnev sparrows, or what?"
I began flying on the Tu-134 in 1983 and in 1988 at night we flew to Kazan, Volgograd.
" The strong thunderstorms  stands along the Volga  almost always
The night, the stars are around, thunderstorms are not visually evident. Suddenly, there is a powerful glow, as if in a disco  soundlights went on, and these cumulus clouds are already visible, and it is  visible to the whole earth, and a broad Volga, with its unhurried twists ... It is lasted  for1-2 seconds, but it is very beautiful.
We are already in Volgograd, got the information about  weather, decided to take off, and waiting for passengers.  I sit and read a book. Suddenly because of the wind gusts  the plane began even to shake and a shower started almost immediately. I even thought that we would not take off and I have enough time for reading , but the passengers  already seated and we requested the line up.
The rain drummed on the plating. Before   pressurization the storm water was  pouring on my desk.  When we taxied, the rain intensified  even more, and Captain"s and co-pilot's windshield wipers  ran in a furious pace. We lined up. I have included radar, to assess the situation. I saw only a continuous illumination (clatters) without any loopholes for  kilometers  50-60,
- Nikolai Andreyevich, I donЎЇt see the holes. If we take off, we have to go on the low altitude kilometers 50-70. And in that moment the  Yak-40 landed not  very soft ..
- Do you see that she landed?
- They  had not  exit way. And why we should  look for trouble for us?
...  Before I could see the first hole, we took about 8 minutes. 8 minutes buffeting the walls of water and adrenaline We flew as the AN-2.Where flashes appear we hurried there, and finding a hole in the storm cloud, we rushed up ... "
This is also from "10600 or third Newton's law in the life"
I began to study the Second World War in that time  . l studdied the Battle of Stalingrad ...
Since that time I had never called Stalingrad as Volgograd.
The communication in the air sound as  "Stalingrad control ..." instead of Volgograd control.
Stalingrad became  saint for me I was afraid to send postcards to my friend from the U.S. with the views of Volgograd, because it was too sacred for me  for a long time,

I have already returned to my home, to Peter. We often flew to Volgograd  . And the approach was mostly with the course  293, from Volga, over the Mamaev Kurgan. Coming out of the "10600 ..."
"It was decided to fly to Yerevan with landing in Stalingrad with two crews. Originally
 we flew there and back  without landings. Yerevan is already abroad. It is necessary to have special permition. I  always wanted to visit  Stalingrad. I had never thought that in our second squadrons only me could fly to Yerevan.
The fact is that the airfield surrounded by the mountains and you must have the first class and the passage to get there. I had the passage everywhere in forma USSR and I didnЎЇt fly abroad, The rest airmen had no permission to fly to Erevan. So, It was decided that I  would fly from Stalingrad to Yerevan, but our guys waiting for us would go to Mamaev Kurgan
. "I went to the 100 anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight, in the U.S. in , 2003  to my friends.
I already knew, that they(my friends) not only loved Russia, but  alsj
treated with great respect for its history. By the way, my friends knew the Soviet role in World War II according with the real facts..
We followed on the East and already in pair hours arrived in Chapel-Hill where we were already waited by Will and his wife Liza and children.
 The dinner combined with a supper and ended in the night. After that Will showed us his Supercomputer and his favourite game Ў°StalingradЎ±.After that
  we  dispersed rooms and laid down for sleep, Will continued to beat fascist invaders until 4 o'clock in the morning!Ў±

I just wanted to show them something special. No, of course, Scott and Will adored Peter, and were glad to be with us always, but I really wanted to show them Stalingrad.
A hard 2004 year had come, when I was canceled. They discovered my a terrible disease. Having been canceled I said Ў°good byЎ± to my Tu-134 in the very that day when I started work in Pulkovo, making flight  from St. Peterburg to Arhagelsk and back.
          I invited my friends to Stalingrad from year to year, but they were very busy and could not come. Time passed, and I had no confidence that I can go to Stalingrad alone.
Having been canceled I said Ў°good bye to my Tu-134 in the very  day when I started work in Pulkovo, making flight  from St. Peterburg to Arhagelsk and back.
I was asked by my colleague on my work Ў°How can you stand it?" I answered "They stood and I must"
I could not stand  very hot days and flew for three days. The last two days of August and one day of September, as it turned out, were not hot and not cold. They were what I needed.
         I flew on my native Tu-134, and indeed the first time since said goodbye to Her.
The crew was new and I did not know that guys. True, the flight attendants were known for me, but I'm eagerly looking out the porthole. I deliberately sat on the starboard side, to see that LubaЁЅ airfield, where I flew on the sports plane four years ago
 Few scant tears dipped on my face.
         As in most cases, we approached with the course  293, from  Volga, over Mamaev Kurgan.
My plan was to go to bed in a hotel at the airport, learn more, and in the morning to go to Mamaev Kurgan. Moreover, sleep in the same hotel where we spent the night back in 82.
But the plan went awry.
As soon as I stepped outside the fence of the airport,  the driver approached me and offered to take the city in just 600rubley, but learned that I'm not from Moscow, and from Peter, the price fell 100 ruble less
I set the condition that for the money it will take me to the hotel, which is close to Mamayev Kurgan and only define me, can leave. That was done
Hotel "Tourist" was not expensive and is locatied on the foot of Mamaev Kurgan.
A monument of the Motherland was visible from the hotel window. Windows my number goes directly to the Volga. Beauty!
In the morning, threw in myself a light hotel breakfast, I finally went to Mamaev Kurgan. The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing from the Volga. It was warm but not hot.
In 15 minutes, I reached the foot of the beginning of the ascent on Mamaev Kurgan, on top of which was mounted a famous sculpture of Motherland. The edges of the stairs were installed red flags, which waved on the wind.
I looked at everything. And the eternal fire, and the honor guard, and the church. and the grave and the memorial ..
Go down because of my illness was hard-railing !
\ Lunch, rest, swimming in the Volga.
  I was at The Battle of Stalingrad Panorama on the next day . I asked a girl-guide: the population of the city refers to the name of Volgograd, where even in Paris there is StalingradЎ±s Boulevard. I liked her answer: Stalingrad for us, means  war and woe, Volgograd is  peace. She told me where to find the grave of the Hero of the Soviet Union Ruben Ibaruli, the son of Dololes Ibaruli, who was killed and died Sept. 3, 1942.
Ibid, famous place-mill and the famous Pavlov's House The both a monuments to that war, and a monument to the working exploit people, which he destroyed the house restored and converted into a house.
I was back at Mamaev Kurgan in the evening
I visited the Alley of Heroes and visited the grave of Ruben Ibaruli   the next day
So,it is cool I've been in Stalingrad.
The next day I went to the airport. It is funny I was getting two taxis and spent less than fifty rubles, in ten times less than driving here .
Dinner was in the same hotel in the airport, where we usually lunched in 1982.
... The Tu-134  was climbing. Flight attendants recognized me and the news that I was on board became known to the crew. I was invited into the cockpit. I told the neighbor that my stop and went into the cabin.
There was everybody with whom I flew in the crew. The navigator was my 
Trainee  at all. He said to me: fly yourselves! But it was died because she died. And I didnЎЇt fly!
And it was also my another Stalingrad.

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