The Night

I did not even bother calling Them out this time. Those gatecrashers came after my soul when I needed Them the least.
“You tend to leave things done halfway,” one of Them started reproachfully, seated on the plastic window sill.

“I do,” I replied. “But that’s my idea of fun.”

“Please elaborate,” another one asked.

“To keep myself amused when there is nothing to find amusement in,” I explained.

“Well, you are really good at keeping others amused”, the third one said. “But you are not supposed to keep yourself amused, understand?”

“I do,” I replied. “That is why I keep myself amused.”

“You are incorrigible!” they said in unison.

And They left me alone until the next time.

…Well, let me explain something to you. No law enforcement system is meant to exterminate all perpetrators once and for all. They are sent to prison, only to be taken over by others. But when those new perpetrator are sent to prison too, the old ones are out. Perpetrators are not gone, instead they keep increasing in numbers, seeing as capital punishment was abolished years ago. That is why their in-and-out cyclic motion becomes something inevitable. You must be wondering what I am driving at. Oh, to illustrate the point, I am the culprit in this very case. And I wish I knew what I had done before I became me…

And now the cycle was complete! No sooner had I had that thought that They came again for me. This time, I was their guest.

“Be careful about the thoughts you have!” one of Them spoke to me.

“Or else they will come true!” another one said menacingly.

“And here We are!” the third added.

“Ok, ok,” I said.

“Seems like there is something you lack badly,” they piped up in chorus.
I thought of that thing, and They smiled approvingly, and landed me onto my apartment building’s roof. Down the fire escape and up the stair (a twisted way back to my own self), I entered my apartment.

The missing thing was sitting on my sofa, waiting patiently for me to come. I switched on the light, but the burning light bulbs did not add to the light. It was not that they did not light up; it was the darkness that was bright enough.

Oh, yes.

That was undoubtedly Her.