There are women in Russian villages

There are women in Russian villages

Already talked about the diversity of Anthropology and haplogroups in the Russian Plain in the last ten millennia. Thus every fantasy and speculation oppose the study of ancient remains. It is quite clear that the most ancient population in the land of Russia, and many other countries, represented by women (men accompanying the remnants of that time itself is almost not show). Sometimes, however, traces of female haplogroup are "conditionally male remains». Http://

Haplogroup U2 mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is found in the skeleton of a young man 30 thousand years ago from the parking lot Markina Gora (Willendorf-Kostenki culture) [5]. (mtDNA), 1120.msg27164.html # msg27164

Averaged Russian type ignores abundant variety of anthropological types in the lands of Russia.

Andrei Aleksandrovich Tyunyaev (;, etc.) followed by the well-known anthropologists in the millennia-old ties Migration boiler different anthropological types (races - Caucasians, Asians, Africans, etc.) with specific language families - the Finno-Ugric peoples, the Balts, Slavs, etc. But there is no guarantee that, for example - is clearly visible in the Palaeolithic District of Russia, African elements are not preserved here so far. And do not grandfather of Alexander Pushkin's to blame. But who dares not consider Russian as different anthropological types and different haplogroups is Russian? Often "ardent patriots Russian" in their postuliziruemye types of "Russian appearance" and not fall. etc. "Snout not come out," face control do not pass ... or as a basis should not take the body and soul, like Pushkin?

Probably a mistake and bringing Russian began to male haplogroup I. (Referring to Klyosov AA Tyunyaev AA, A conjecture on the appearance of haplogroup I in the Russian Plain 52 - 47 000 years ago / / Herald of new medical technologies. - 2010. - T. XVII. № 3. - C . 189 - 191). As one of the hypotheses is considered possible, but it stands on Wikipedia summarize modern versions of occurrence and distribution of this haplogroup. And an important role in the formation of ethnic groups, their traditions and ethnogenetical memory played by women. Therefore we must take into account when forming the whole range of ethnic groups of male and female haplogroup.;; 03/504;; etc.

Angelina Jolie Voight on the type of person close to the adolescent of Sunghir if anthropologists have depicted him smiling. Clearly, for 25,000 years, accumulated and tint differences. But there is a general fact.

Есть альтернативный перевод.|en|

Ничего меня особо не гнетёт, кроме условности некоторых подсчётов
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