On Reading

Where have you read it?

How many people and how much toil was involved in the final product you read? Be it a book, a news paper, a web site etc.  Why would the author want to involve all those people, labor and toil to get his ideas to you?  Why does he want you to read it? => you bought it?

Money is an easy answer. 

It becomes much more complicated if the product is free of charge and yet it affects you.  It changes your thoughts then there’s something else besides money involved if it is free given to you.  Author used the same methods as the ones he’s against of to get these ideas to you. 

The medium is the same.  The content is different.

 If he’s saying that the state, church, school are all controlling you with their explanations of values then he’s doing the same.  There’s no sense to believe him more than them just because he’s used a different content.

 They are battling for your mind.

 As long as you read that stuff you read their thoughts.  Does it matter whose thoughts you read?  It matters most why you are reading and why they want you to read’em.