The consequence of setting the birds free from cag

- The consequence of setting the birds free from cages in the previous life.-

Kindness knows no bounds.

Bear the hatred in heart against other people and you cannot bring up your own son.  Create hatred with others and you will be bitten by a tiger or hurt by a snake. 
Frequent reading of obscene books will blind you in both eyes.  Stopping all inner talks he sees reality. When one sees the things the way they are, one sees the changing nature of all phenomena in the world.  Whatever is in the nature of changing is also in the nature of dissatisfaction.  Then further one sees that whatever is in the nature of changing and dissatisfaction is also in the nature of having no soul. 

Here’s your soullessness with society’s desires on a blind side.

- And it’s never enough.

- Yeah it’s never enough.

- Wealth, power, fame etc.

- Thirst, urge or craving.

- The result is the stress all over the world.

Delights of the destruction of craving.  Your insatiable mind is the most powerful energy in the world.  No other thing changes so quickly as the mind. Impermanent, unsatisfactory and soulless pursuits for happiness bring unhappiness, tension, stress, distress and depression.  People are trapped in contention.  Happiness is not something out there but within this cage that you are about to open and start the rat race.

This is all a matter of mind and matter.  There’s nothing permanent in this cage of our body whether it’s mind or matter.

- Earth, water, fire and air.

- Matter means form or body.

- It doesn’t matter.

- It doesn’t.  You are nothing but mind and matter.

- And you getting this through your mind.

- What kind of movie we got here anyway? Besides Jet Li everybody is a nobody.

- That’s gotta be one thing.

- And what is that?

- N E W   W O R L D  O R D E R.

So with an open heart and empty stomach we are going in.

Wake’em up and … Kill’em all. Just kill’em all, man.

No.  The cliche was to wake up and smell the coffee. The stink.  The fresh coffee smell on a brand new day will wake’em up.  The morning glory.  You’re gonna tell your story with a drink in your hand and a punch in your face. The fruit punch or Orange Crush.  You got your shining Orange Crush.  Look away in horror.

- Yeah but be careful. You are on speaker phone.

- You got all your chops in order, chef?

- Yeah I guess I’ll swallow my punch at that table right there.

- So you won’t approach her?

- Nah … we waged that war and we….  are …all… in order.

- The new world order?

- Right you are.

That’s how I set them all free.  Free and roaming.  Free falling. And that’s how you are all free. But still on boarding as class A misfits. And I am declassified class A... kiss me.  Just    one     more      day...

Craving should be abandoned.  No one needs to suffer. Let them all go.

- Well, this is dangerous. You are the slave to your lust.

- I will let go of it by contemplating on the repulsiveness of the body.
When the cage is opened you need to move quickly.  To move in society peacefully and beneficially with mind pacified, you should practice contemplation on death. 

- Let’s get outta here. One could detach from both attachment and repulsion.

- Or you can stay here and see through.  See through the cage and develop your mind through mindfulness.

- No! Those were serenity and insight.

Well gone. Gone to reach the perfection of humanity to get to the world full of poverty hopelessness and destitution. Things are cold out there. Whatever is left of noble living is not even worth mentioning.  We were asked to practice love while standing, walking, sitting or reclining, or as long as one is awake. But that love is not worth mentioning either.  It’s more of loathsomeness. Loathsomeness of the body. In this body there’s nothing permanent, nothing to be grasped as something pure, fresh, valuable or long lasting. It is the reality.

Decay, dissolution and death.

 Let’s count to twelve.

- Within 10 years, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 1 year, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 11 months, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 1 month, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 29 days, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 1 say, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 23 hours, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 1 hour, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 59 minutes, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 1 minute, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- Within 59 seconds, I may die, my life is uncertain, death is certain.

- My life is uncertain, death is certain. I may die at this second. Death is certain.

- Yeah.  See your dead body now.


- What happened to you? How the fuck did you get yourself into a situation like this?

- I don’t know I can’t do things no more. I’m depressed or something like that.

- I’m not trying to make history here. I’m a cautionary tale.

- Your movie is not worth the entrance price. You should be over the moon. It’s what you wanted.

- This is not what inspires people. You gotta play the game form your heart. 
This break is a break up.

- Grow some conscience or balls. It’s either or.

Loud moaning…

- The bottles grow smaller with every year. 750 ml isn’t the same 750 ml tomorrow. It’s just doesn’t kick in.

- Yeah tomorrow is a new year. You are going to scream your head off as usual in that crowd of bohemians and degenerates.

So we opened it and set them all free. Let them all run like hell. Sometimes you have to do something unforgivable to be able to go on living. It all seemed rather disorganized, emotionally generous and exceptionally idealistic. It was almost like:

I love her so bad.  She wrecks me but I’d die for her.

- Are you sure?

- Nothing is ever for sure.

- How do you for sure?

- I don’t. I just believe it.

- Do you still feel any pain? Any pain left at all?

- As if you want to borrow it?

- If you feel pains observe it and strive to understand the nature of pain and suffering. Pain is also not permanent. I’d love to borrow it.

                Monkey mind.

If you mind is still roaming about these pages, stop contemplating and observe the nature of your mind. Mind is not permanent either.

And things aren’t really yours.

All things belong to other things in the world.

We cannot keep things as we want.

Everything is interdependent.

Everything is impermanent.

Everything is unsatisfactory.

And everything is soulless.

                FLYING FREE.

You move and land wherever you please. Now that you are free. If I was a wise one I would’ve guarded you for guarded mind brings happiness.

                LYING FREE.
Faring far, wandering alone, mindless, lying in a cave, are you. One of those that subdue and one of those that are freed from the bond of that cage.

                FREE. FINALLY.

So here how it goes in that final scene.  Deprived of consciousness you will lie on the earth, discarded like a useless log without any intention to belong to them. Worn out, overrated and out-of-touch windbag. 

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