When your eyes
down from my skies
looking art me
from youtube tv
they said:
Do you love me?
Smile, Vitalia,
you are from Italy.
Fun, Vita,
Whose one are you?
May be, I loved you.
And when time will drop the line,
and your diamonds of eyes will get my shine,
when it would have came,
we would'nt play the game
of courtoisie and real curtious.
We must be virtuals.

and you know, prince of Wales,Henry.
Your talent is to be the man.
In your heroism and gender
of all the kings.

and you know, Vitalia, inborn princess
you are loved by God.
roman sais: enough.
You are not to be sad
about my portraite.
You are not to be said about
You are alive.
And me too.
Always on for you.

this is my dream,
to see you alive,
prince of Wales.

Holding on in battle.
In awful intercom rattle.
And my piano just says
the truth.
And we paid out our youth.
and never I'll be again
of 31.
I put down my Shakespeare gift,
shaking now just a brief.
To you.
remember me.
I believe.
XXI century
was just my dream.