Long Massage Service after photo session at Xavier

When Love falls down, downstairs,
And noone hunting, for the Wales,
And noone searching regalo,
And nooone knows vero...

I'm proud of our belle famille,
I'm proud for my hair and cils.
I mix my French to English words,
I don't believe for sorte dehors...

But not I'm lonely,
Where are You?
I'm waiting here, at home, La Rue
de Saint-li-las-de-Petersbourg,
Je prende les numero d'oscur...

I miss my friends,
I laugh at them...
We are so happy, maybe... glam.
I've bought today my "Eveline",
lip-gloss from Poland,
was my dream.
It's 3 D effect, hallograph,
I truly want to see the dove
just landing to my window, love...
I want to talk to dove.

It understands my French and Deutch.
And days was engine search.
Tomorrow work begins for me.
And you are free at three.