Childrens Rugby League tournament

Children's Rugby League tournament at the Kremlin Wall!
Rugby League in Red Square!
For the first time in the history of the Russian Rugby League “Junior Dynamo member” Open tournament among under-12 year olds was held on Red Square within the traditional Eighth Military Sports Forum.
Lenin himself could cheer for Rugby League from the balcony of his mausoleum!
"Vereya", Moscow region
"Golovkovo", Moscow region
"Threshers", Moscow
"Junior Dynamo", Moscow
"Arkhangelskoye", Moscow region
"Nara", Moscow region

Despite of the fact that Rugby League is not the favorite sports of the current Leadership of the Russian Federation and Russia sports authorities, we were able to organize and conduct this tournament.
Moreover, this year our RL tournament was opening the Eighth traditional military-sports forum on the Red Square.
To some extent, it reminds me the situation in back 1941, when our troops after the defeat and retreat were able to relax, get together and, after a smart step in the Red Square to launch an offensive operation to change drastically the course of the Great Patriotic War (Second World War).

Our young players have shown that our beloved Rugby League is still alive in Russia.
We must use every opportunity to organize and conduct competitions in every way to help our sport to survive and develop.
I hope that we, like our grandparents, can mobilize and overcome one day!
Taking this opportunity, I want to thank all the coaches and young athletes - all those who participated in this tournament and wish them good health and sports victories. "
Despite of the fact that this tournament was just a public presentation of Rugby League, the young players demonstrated their skills and will to win.
Final standings:
1. "Vereya", Moscow region, coach E. Ososkov
2. "Golovkovo", Moscow region, coach A. Lysokon
3. "Treshers", Moscow, coach I. Solovyev
Winners were awarded prizes and medals by Soviet/Russian sports legends.
The awarding ceremony was executed by:
Deputy Chairman of "Dinamo" – V.U. Timoshin
Honored Master of sports, double Olympic champion in Sydney, twice world champion, twice European champion - E. Zamolodchikova.
Honored Coach of Russia, world known boxer Konstantin Tszyu's trainer – L.D. Goncharov

Winners were awarded prizes and medals by Soviet/Russian sports legends.
Presented by Victor Krayev, main organizer of the tournament, Rugby League enthusiast, who was awarded by "Honorary Dynamo member” medal and
Eduard Ososkov, Coach/Player, National Team of Russia and “Vereya Bears”
 Nations' Players of the Year
Russia: Eduard Ososkov
Translated by Victor V. Sapozhnikov