The Hermetic Prayer

!~~~ the alchemical prayer to Thoth-Djehuty :

Enthroned as Thoth-Djehuty you are, a master of the true speech, a lord of
times, and a lord of  light in the night and in the day, alternation of day
and night, and a lesser star to highlight signs and omens; observing the
vault of heavens you are, that adorns the womb of Nut giving a birth by her
will to stars... Oh why you pinned me down to this way of breaking chains
of all incarnations that were, are and will be until the end of times, you,
a discoverer of signs, and correlations, and chains of events; you, whose
messages are indisputable and magnificent? Oh, let me stop praying you for
the moment at least for I cannot stand any longer this entrancing power that
you are filling me with by giving signs to defeat enemies of mine, and like
Moses uplifted the serpent on the tree in a desert, you gave me the sign
that is a victory over the death, a beaming fire of the Holy Spirit that
pierces through all the Universe by a fire ever-burning and purifying, by a
fire that cannot harm anyone but grants cleansing and transformation to
those who seek for. Raise from your Sanctuary in Dakka in the midday hour
and spill over the world  a pleasant fragrance, and healthful climate, and
the Earth, by hidden inner substances of Geb, will cleanse this world from
corruption turning each person into the fiery torch...



I'm Thoth-Djehuty, and I enjoin to Times, and together we came; and it's me
who brought forgotten gods from beneath of waters of human memory to the
heaven, to stand in as a Sun in the name of Moon, and I have got a crystal
inside me that is a fiery stone, ruby, the Eye of God and
the heart of carnelian – to console those who are sick and to give a hope to
those who suffer, and to pour out favours, and my palace is my crystal chamber
and on it's windows there are bunches of amber grapes,
and floors are made of malachite there,
inside the chambers of mountains where gifts of the womb of Mother of all
substances cleanse the Earth from inconsistency... here comes the end of
your miseries, and your peoples say – come... come, Maria, Isis, Rosa Mystica and
the unfading light, you, who gave your love to the Holy Spirit, and he will
embrace you by his pleasant suffer and he will speak by your lips,
making you to come to those who seek consolation and communion to mysteries.
Then many of the secret signs that were inscribed on the emerald tablet in
the beginning of Creation as a Sephiroth palace for the throne of God will
be revealed and parts of them, collected  in a chain as a whole will meet
each other in a golden triangle that reveals the mystery of connection of
all things, that are inside and outside, and above and below, everywhere an
nowhere, and all the ways of God as it was destined will be fulfilled, and
our world will be purified of the filthiness, and cleansed in the crucible
of purgatory, everyone will come into the new world, prepared for them.


~ In-Taier

very nice, lively and figuratively.

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