Стрелец. Диета

Sagittarius Diet

Sagittarian dieters need a varied diet plan that gives them maximum freedom in their weight loss choices. Sagittarians usually try to take on too much from the get-go. They will start a weight loss program, an exercise program and a new job all at the same time, and be surprised when the combination of the three becomes too much for them. Weight loss for Sagittarians can be difficult despite their energy, especially around the hips. It is better for them to avoid pasta dishes.

Sagittarians do not have the patience to count calories but they want to lose weight fast. All those empty calories from alcohol should be limited for health reasons, as well as for weight loss. Sagittarius persons should get plenty of vitamin C in their diet (ideally from citrus fruits, especially grapefruit). They should also eat lots of tomatoes, leeks, onions, garlic, and reasonable amounts of protein.