Водолей. Диета

Aquarius Diet

Aquarians have a mystical streak a mile wide, and this can manifest itself in their diet plans as a tendency to indulge in fad diets, herbal supplements, diet pills and exotic or strange foods. However, the logical mind of the Aquarius person will quickly realize (after several dieting disasters) that a healthy weight loss program is necessary for shedding the pounds and lowering the cholesterol count.

Avoidance of fats and oils and regular exercise are essential for Aquarians, in order to avoid circulatory problems later in life. The healthy Aquarian physique requires plenty of fruit, particularly apples and oranges, in order to maintain itself in peak condition. Dried and frozen fruits are also good. It is better for the Aquarius person if they avoid all fatty processed foods, overly rich cream-based sauces and, of course, chocolate in all of its many tempting forms.