Весы. Диета

Libra Diet

The typical Libra person hopes that if they wait long enough their obesity or high cholesterol problem will go away. Libras have a slow metabolism and put on weight easily. This, together with their dislike of exercise and the chronic problem of the Libran sweet tooth can make weight loss difficult for these habitual hedonists. However, Librans are very aware of their appearance and appreciate how weight control, diet and exercise all help to maintain their good looks and fine figure.

Librans dislike discipline, which can make sticking to any diet plan difficult. Their dislike of exercise means that any calories they might consume convert quickly to fat. Fast weight loss is not easy for Librans, as they love good food and wine and enjoy entertaining. The best diet for a Libra is one that is high in fiber and contains lots of fruit to satisfy the Libran sweet tooth. Processed foods and foods that are high in refined sugar should be avoided at all costs!