You have no power

You have no power

I dreamt again about you.
You were so close yet so distant,
And smiled elusive and vindictive.
The only smile I ever knew.

I lost. You won. My soul was taken,
Forever trapped in webs of lies.
How could I know you were faking?
Your heart was pure and solid ice.

I lost my mind. World was broken
In pieces, right before my eyes.
And all the words were ever spoken
Meant nothing - just a bunch of lies.

Last night my eyes were widely open -
The revelation came to me:
Your evil charms were now broken.
You have no power. I’m free.

No power over me,
No power – I’m free.
No doubts and no lies,
All I see are clear skies…

Dissolved lonely soul in the air
(As only autumn would allow);
October, city - leaf follows
- Invisible and silent witness - trails

And shadows. But - who cares
For single flying leaf? So, fully overflown
Puddle - trusted mirror for the clouds -
Its last and only destination. Stairs,

Dim ladders - for a case of fire -
Are not for it; from bottomless hollow
There is no way back up - but only slow
Way slip to sleep for dead and tired.

That is the way of leaf - not yours:
It has the wisdom, you - the force.

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