You love me

You love me. Just quietly
look in my eyes.
They’re telling the truth
and they show no lies.

Let heartbeat go crazy.
The greatest of all
I wish reach the bottom
of your bottomless soul.

Once hurt, you tried hard
to forgive and forget,
that day long ago,
when the two of us  met.

But wind’s always here
and it whispers again:
“She loves you, you know,
 there is no other man”.

You love me. This moment
is precious to me,
I will never lose you,
I swear. You’ll see.

I’ll guess all your wishes.
You will have to tell
No words so ever,
Just this magical spell:

…You are sweet dream. You can’t be real.
My soul always belonged to you.
Through tears of joy I can see clear-
I’ve always loved you… Only you.

Прекрасное произведение! Глубокий смысл,когда пишешь на иностранном языке,донести его не просто, особенно поразила эта строка: "I wish reach the bottom/of your bottomless soul".

Ирина Хван   13.05.2013 11:37     Заявить о нарушении
Спасибо, Ирина!))))

Вероника Березовская   13.05.2013 20:50   Заявить о нарушении