Happiness Formula

         HOW find peace of mind?

 Hello dear friends. Perhaps many of you, this technique will not be necessary. I'm glad that you already have everything well. But maybe there will be readers, or someone you know who is tired of living in the swamp of their negative thoughts, feelings, concerns, and destructive feelings.
If you are determined to change his life. If you want to live in harmony with themselves, at peace with the world, to bring joy to others, start working on yourself.
Believe that one way of thinking, in which you have been for decades, has led you to what you have now.
If all you are satisfied, close the page ...
If you wish to turn begs finally his life in paradise?
There is only one way - to learn how to find this paradise within.
Let's take a closer look at what to do, so no matter what, always feel happy.

1. Maintaining positive thinking and attitudes.
2. Going to dream.
3. Self-development.
4. The refusal of the expectations and requirements.
5. Gift-giving.

First, I want to talk to you about our inner state. This is the main component of the entire system. The other parts are also very important, but they all serve to absorb part 1, which in turn has three own techniques. Let's take a closer look.
All of us know that our lives, the reality in which we live depends on what kind of mindset we practice most of our time. Suppose a person is sad, going through, recalls how he was unlucky, scrolls in mind the negative situation. These thoughts always cause a reaction only our mind - self-destructive behaviors, samozhalenie, self-destruction. The man begins to feel a false pleasure from suffering, thanks to parents who taught us this. Accordingly, in this man's life is only what set his mind. And it's bad luck, negative situations, dipressivnye people. You want to live in it?
What's the solution? And it is very simple. Learn to control your thoughts. At first it will seem very difficult, because you have never done. Just give your thoughts control your mind and your life. Anyone who wants to do in this life to be happy and to create their own reality, just have to learn to control your thoughts.
You will say it is easy to talk, he lives in warm countries by the ocean? ... Nevsegda were the case, I believe that he created his own reality, not hoping that good uncle will take me to live to the ocean. If you've read my story, you know what I went through. But it is the ability to control their thoughts, gave me the opportunity to not be weary in prison not in wars. Hard internal control and self-discipline, have given me the opportunity to not only survive in uzhastnaya conditions, but also make the most out of them.
Everyone on the planet, I want to learn this. Humanity will get rid of many problems.
How is it to learn? Well, the first step that you already know about it. Now you just have to believe it without reservation, to take for granted: - What kind of thoughts in your head, AND THIS IS YOUR LIFE. THEN WHAT DO YOU THINK TODAY MUST FORM EVENTS AND REALITY THAT YOU WILL SEE TOMORROW.
So we just have to follow the rule:
OCCUPY OUR THOUGHTS only positive, constructive configured. Prisekat appearance of any negative memories, expectations, fears, resentments, comparison, envy, self-flagellation.

Part One
The following techniques will help us to:
A) Throwing out old furniture.
Imagine a cavity inside the skull, it is a room in which there is a lot of old useless furniture. Asotsiiruetsya every negative thought or feeling with widely regarded as one of the subjects. Then start to throw furniture out of the window. As long as the room is not left empty. Then you can sit for a while in an empty room, enjoy a lack of thought. Very good option to stay in an empty room, but it is not all available. So start slowly fill the room only positive subjects carrying the confidence in your happy future. Negative thoughts will be on top of that come back, but you do over and over again, without compromises throw them into the windows and doors. Leave your room each day filled with only beautiful, kind and positive things.
B) Immediate replacement.
Once you realize that for a while thinking about something causing decadent mood to upset your feelings, or berate yourself and offended by, catch the idea. Realize that it is in your mind. Then think of something positive, remember the taste of your favorite dish, or imagine how you were making love with a partner of their dreams. Take this thought, that emotion and put it in your brain instead of the destructive thoughts, instead of the negative emotions. All space is occupied, the bad does not come back.
B) Awareness of the game.
All of your problems in life gentlemen, just what you are too serious about it all. Learn to remember that our whole life, it's a great game. Unlearn take it too personally. Realize that it is easier than you think of that, the easier it is. Be the players learn it. But have patience and diligence, acting apprehended daily practice. You can play any role, while remaining inwardly calm and sane.
Physical techniques to enhance the mood:
A) Posture. Shoulders back and down, chest forward, head held high, abdomen relaxed. Do not clench the jaw, hands keep open. Remember the position of your body at all times and everywhere, and you make the first step to managing your emotions.
B) Smile. Optional smile always and everywhere in the entire mouth. But when they met eyes with any person, produce a light half-smile, even more eyes. The main thing is that it is sincere. To do this, mentally send a warm wave of kindness from your heart to the side of each person you met.
B) Discontinue interested only in themselves. Genuine interest in others. Distracted from his thoughts, often live thoughts of others.

Part two.

Use a computer, but rather a notebook and a pen. Highlight a half-day to build their tables to achieve happiness.
1. Shall describe numbered everything you wanted in this life and in the near future. Not stesnyaytes in desires, but use common sense. Nothing in this life is not a given. And let it be the goal, as is easily achievable, so, it's almost not real. But keep in mind that all the tasks you have to decide yourself, this is the trick. Forget about laziness, if you want to be happy. The more problems you come up with yourself, the better for you.
(Example: I want to live in Tahiti and get married to a handsome mulatto, with a decent bank account and ride Rollsroyse ... And let it be just one of hundreds of your desires)
2. Identifying tasks for this life, you sign a form tablitsy.Pod every small or big wish you define the means to achieve each of them. On kakieto take years, others would have long since you just did, just hand does not reach. Now you are all recorded and continue to paint the little things that you need to do in order to accomplish the task?
(Example: In order to start moving in the right direction, you must: a) begin to study the map of Tahiti, b) Investigate the possibility to get a job there. What skills do you need to buy for this? Let's learn English ... a) Begin to learn one word every day. b) To study the habits of the mulattoes, and c) all men, women what they like, d) begin to change their way of thinking, gestures, and so on .... e) To make a boring old job to your ticket to your dream.) Shall describe all possible information. Do not take it for a few hours, or even days. Shall describe the stages and the dates that you will do each day to complete their tasks, the goal - to maintain continuous traffic to your dream. As long as you sit, it will remain nesbtochnoy.
3. Very often, just to get up off the couch, do it! And you make the first step to happiness. Begin to act according to his plan. Do not miss a single item, no day should disappear. Only a continuous movement to fulfill its main mission in life - to be happy, to help carry it out. And have to get up off the couch every day, if you do not want to get bogged down even deeper into the swamp, where were you until now.
4. And let the difficulties and obstacles stop you. This is also the practice and study. Never give up, and always ask yourself the question - what can I do about it? And even if you are not able to improve the situation, which is very rare ... This is a great chance to work with their brains: Change your attitude towards the problem or failure.
Nepoluchilos today, will tomorrow. Determine that for this to be done, and not to grieve. In the meantime, you can switch to a parallel task, because we have a lot of them. Do not sit in your thoughts dipressivnyh that nepoluchaetsya one thing, you have many goals, you have no time to worry, he's not one of them grow together, act.

Part Three
Continuous self-development

Love yourself completely. Accept yourself and realize that no one in this life will not do more for you than you are. To achieve the feeling of self-worth, which leads to self-confidence and made the right way, the necessary condition, every day to do that either one of the three constituent parts of your personality.
1. Soul.
You can choose any, an acceptable way of his soul, or spirituality, as you see fit. Personally, I have been practicing Tantra and Meditation. For you it may be a prayer, visiting temples, communing with nature or with spiritual personalities. In general it does not matter, as long as every day you get pleasure from the presence of light within you, kindness and love, feel the divine in themselves and develop these feelings.
2. Brain.
     There are a lot of ways every day to develop your brain.
A) Reading developing literature, no matter what the topic, read at the same time a couple of three books on topics of interest to you. The main thing that it was not the serial, the same type of bestsellers, you will not even be able to recite. It is very useful to read the classics and psychology.
B) The practice of various exercises with your mind, concentrating on objects. The study of different directions, trends, creativity, their own invention.
B) Talk to the philosophy threads with people who have what is being taught. Practice shows that we usually learn from people whose company does not give much pleasure. They criticize and tediousness, the main thing here is not to argue but to listen and decide for themselves. And those with whom we can talk for hours, usually make us dumber or pulling power.
3. Body.
For me, Yoga and Pranayama are the perfect system development, improvement and maintenance of your body perfectly. You can choose for yourself any kind of physical activity, as long as the activity was included daily and be sure to stretch the spine.
For all three components is also important to what we eat. (Read the article on nutrition)

Part Four.
Complete rejection of the expectations and requirements.

We'll have to drive yourself to the damaged brains of society, that no one in this world, we do not have to. Stop claiming that everything else from the people around us. Cease to be offended by this life that she did not give us one or the other.
To be content with what is, is the way of wisdom. Practice shows that we are given everything as soon as we abandon the requirement. This does not mean that we should give up and do nothing. You continue to go to his purpose. But deep down, emotionally, you are happy everything you have. And what you do not, you are not completely frustrating. And you just znet that if you need it, it will take you. You know what you are doing their job, build your life and your happiness, and nothing can knock you out of the way. Get rid of the expectation that the other is what you owe. Do not ask anything of this world. Hand out to people that can give without expecting anything in return.

Part Five

Try to put all their energy on the inside giving pleasure to others. Always think, than to please anyone you met the person. Distribution of compliments and admiration, people. Seen in humans only good, praise them, do as often as possible pleasant and praise all the people from the heart. Buy some candy, or flowers, or even what some trinkets. Hand them out to people familiar and unfamiliar, I wish you happiness and health. If you woke up with a bad mood, do a little practice: coming out, say hello to ten met by people who wish a good day old lady on the bench. Smile passers, whether they are responsible or not. The conversation with the one who smiles back, make him (her) a compliment and move on. If you see a negative reaction, have pity on these people and wish them to be kinder. Do not worry do not in any way, you know what you are doing their practice.
Find something to do in life, you will do the coordinates just for someone without gaining anything in return, and practice it. If your job, you have to work with people, let them always more than they expect from you. Believe me, if you take on a client, the extra five minutes, you have nothing to lose anything. If you spend what some little thing that will bring joy to someone, then get so much more. Just remember - no wait. On the contrary, always do for others, what they expect from you.
Many people already in the subconscious tampered these concepts. They said they are divided fairly, because we must. Very often, people brought up in a society there is an unjustified greed. A person can donate large sums to charity, for the sake of money laundering, but frankly, it does not give anything in this world. People surrounding it, tolerate this expression, just because dependent on it.
 And the other, working as a janitor, each tenant happy, at every meeting he genuinely smiles and wishes good luck. It does not matter that he sweeps the yard, but their sincerity and warmth, making life more beautiful, and the street cleaner. People love it for real, even though he is not a penny, and not sacrifice.
Perhaps you can use this formula, you'll have to change my whole life, but is the happiness and peace of mind is not worth it?

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