Raining in July

Kislorod. And I could be writing poetry that was insignificant. Sometimes the smartest remark is silence. This is self evident. Facing your criticism is like being savaged by a dead sheep.

Hold time.



even for just a little while.

We were those kind of characters we had a sense of ourselves. And I watch my thoughts for they become words. And it's raining raining raining raining

and i .like you. am rolling deep.

and i see yourself as banging banging

and you my love is deep asleep.

and i strive and watch your words

for they become your actions. Chords, bad ones that only cheat exceptions...

Under my tutelage she's flourished and blossomed. Under my 7 days in May. Brainless obstructive object.

i'm not done yet but i will end it with this cliffhanger ending.