Reincarnation. Spirits of the holy mountain

Feature film synopsis

Not anything which isn't subject to "it"...

...A horse-head mallet bangs at a huge tambourine Fire shadows dance on the moss-covered cobbles and bushes decorated with colored ribbons  An old woman in a multi-colored garb also trimmed with ribbons and little bells sings in a guttural voice. The mallet beats faster and fasterYou can distinguish sounds like: gm-boooh. Kmnnnhn ay grooooh. 

A cell phone rings in a Dom Hotel Haupfbahnhof room in Cologne to awaken the scientist and astrophysicist Andrey Evtushenko. Its his mother Yanzhima Tsebegovna calling from Buryatia.  She tells her son of a visitation from a much agitated Handa that occurred last night. Hand said shed warn Andrey herself. Andrey has no idea what his mother is talking about. And when driving along the streets of Cologne in a taxi to Oberpfaffenhof to present his report at the international astrophysicist symposium, he is stunned by a vision of his Grandmother Handas ghost throwing itself under the wheels of his taxi.

Later at the conference hall in Oberpfaffenhof, Andrey has difficulty doing his report presentation. He is prepared to speak of the possible methods, ways and tools of protecting the Earth from meteors like the one that fell in Chelyabinsk, as well as from other trans-Neptunian objects. Wiping cold sweat from his face, Andrey talks about the necessity of building a new radiotelescope in Siberia, on the mountain of Bolshoy Kumyn in Buryatia  - and right in the middle of the sentence a new vision comes to him. He sees a huge shaman tambourine rolling from the middle of the room towards his pulpit; he even bends over to see how the tambourine will hit the base of the pulpit. Completely off his stride now, Andrey  deviates from his report plan, now talking on pseudo-scientific things, like the planet Nibiru inhabited by the Annunki gods approaching the Earth in 2015, of pansperm and new genetic codes. The unexpected revelations from a young Russian scientist arouse a wave of genuine interest in the audience and among the journalists present. Someone Klaus Schefer records Andreys speech with his smartphone.
After Andreys speech and before his flight back to Moscow Schefer uses a special document to get to the duty-free zone. He finds Andrey and introduces himself as a science fiction writer.  Schefer literally forces Andrey to exchange business cards with him, and promises Andrey to be in Russia soon to write about the Buryat Shamans and their communication with the Cosmos.
At the airport in Moscow Andreys beautiful wife Mila meets him. Suddenly, a cutesy young lady named Evelina shows up. She explains that shes fulfilling a task for her boss which is to give Andrey an invitation to visit Radomir Askoldovich Glotov (that is, her boss) at his country-side villa without further due upon his arrival to Russia. Saying hes not feeling well, Andrey politely declines the oligarchs offer. In the car on their way home, Andrey relates to Mila all his experience while in Cologne. Being a full-time staff psychoneurologist at the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, Mila, however, advises her husband to visit his mother in Buryatia and there with the help of lamas and shamans try to make sense of what is happening, because traditional European methods of psychiatry and psychology seem to be powerless in this case. Mila promises her husband to be joining him and her mother-in-law Yanzhima Tsebegovna in Buryatia a few days later.

When home, the husband and the wife fall into each other's arms. Its the least appropriate time for a phone call from the oligarch Glotov to whom Andrey, explaining that hes ill, tells everything about his plans to fly to Buryatia soon for treatment and recreation. The oligarch decides to visit the ill scientist at his home. From the conversation at the villa with Evelina it becomes clear that Glotov is very interested in Andreys plans for building the radio-telescope in Buryatia. The oligarch cherishes his own global plans so global that if successful Bill Gates himself would kneel before him (Glotov) - concerning that telescope, and those plans are unknown to Andrey.

At the same time, Klaus Schefer, sitting in a secret government room without windows, keeps watching and re-watching the video he has taken - in particular, the part where Andrey Eevtushenko leans over the podium during his speech trying to see something at the foot of the podium ...

Accompanied by a band of guards and Evelina, Glotov sets off to visit Andrey Evtushenko. While Glotovs cortege moves through  the city, the oligarch uses the time to instruct Evelina to win the trust of Andreys wife Mila to become her best friend by hook or by crook! 

At Andrey and Milas place, Glotovs attention is immediately drawn to a small collection of miniature netsuke, one of which, made of ivory, is a shaman. Glotov admires the shaman, and Mila gives the statuette o him, for which he rewards her by kneeling  before her and kissing her hands.
During a casual conversation with a shot of black vodka for the gentlemen and a glass of red wine for the ladies, Glotov praises Andreys brave speech at the symposium in Cologne where he talked about the invisible planet of the Annunaki gods, Nibiru, approaching  the Earth,  and in connection with this - the construction of a super-sensitive radio-telescope in Siberia. Glotov decides to pass a letter with Andrey to Ryazantsev, the Chairman of the People's Khural of the Republic of Buryatia, with a proposal of funding the construction of the radio-telescope on the Bolshoy Kumyn Mount.
At some point, left alone in the living room with Andrey, Glotov shows the young scientist Andrey Evtushenko his great knowledge of Andreys parents professional background, especially their secret finds of meteorite fallout, which may contain the primary signs of living organisms - amino acids, which make up the DNA molecule - the pansperm. Glotov considers Andrey who has expressed a similar hypothesis concerning the Chelyabinsk meteorite a true successor of his parents. Glotov, to Andreys surprise, also knows about the mysterious death of Andreys father back in 1989 ...

In her turn, alone in the kitchen with Mila, Evelina sets to carrying out Glotovs task of gaining Milas confidence as soon as possible. They exchange cell phone numbers. At the same time, Evelina manages to tell Mila of her disgust with the awful man Glotov who literally found her living in the streets a few years ago and made her his slave.

In the meanwhile, Schefer, sitting in the same room with no windows, manages to distinguish very subtle contours of a shaman tambourine at the base of the pulpit on his computer screen; later Schefer is asked to come to the garage, where two men in civilian clothes will report to him that a dent was discovered on the hood of the taxi the Russian scientist rode in. The dent seems to have been the result of a collision with a below-average height human or a big puppet, but neither the driver nor they themselves, while accompanying the Russian from the hotel to Oberpfaffenhoff, didnt witness any collisions with people or objects.

During a "ladies invite gentlemen"  dance by candlelight Evelina, dancing with Andrey, learns from him that he and Mila dont have any children yet, because both are too busy with science and have no time for family; Glotov, dancing with Mila, showers compliments on her, remembering to praise to the sky the genius of her husband Andrey. Leaving the astrophysicists apartment accompanied by his guards, as he steps into  the elevator, Glotov drops a couple mysterious phrases about the place of living matter in the universe and immortality.

Right after the elevator doors shut, Andreys cell phone rings: its Klaus Schefer trying to find out what Andrey was trying so hard to see at the foot of the podium in the conference hall in Oberpfaffenhofen, when he leaned over to look. Disturbed and annoyed, Andrey harshly breaks off the conversation, and then complains to Mila that some international mafia in the person of someone by name of Klaus, a writer, is chasing him around. His famous neuropsychiatrist wife calms down her husband the way she knows best - by giving him a good doze of sedatives. 

In the morning Mila takes the sleepy Andrey to the airport to catch the "Moscow - Ulan-Ude" flight. Even the large cup of coffee at the airport doesnt help Andrey come to his senses. Here, at the airport, Evelina finds Andrey and Mila with a letter from Glotov to Chairman Ryazantsev. Andreys slow behavior looks almost comical, but Mila explains it away to Evelina as extreme fatigue after an intense romantic night, which arouses a storm of emotions in Evelina, from confusion to amazement. Mila puts Glotovs letter into Andreys suitcase herself. After Andrey goes through the departure gate, Evelina asks Mila to take her from the airport to the city, as Glotov has left Evelina today without the company car, and she had to flag a car to get to the airport. 

Schefer is getting a consultation from a professor of the Linguistics Department of the University of Cologne, Frau Humboldt. Schefer shows her the edited printout with outlines of a round object under the platform in the Oberpfaffenhofen conference hall. A bit confused by how indistinct the contours of the object are, the elderly professor tells Schefer that the object looks very much like a North Asian shaman tambourine, and the pictures in its center  reveal one of the tambourines symbolic meanings the center of the Universe. Other drawings reveal the tambourine symbolizing a riding animal. For the shaman, the tambourine  is a winged horse that carries him on his journey, Frau Humboldt explains.

As they drive from the airport to the city, Evelina expresses her admiration to Mila, at the same time wondering what Mila is planning to do this evening. Glotov at his suburban villa watches with genuine satisfaction, again and again, the video of Andrey Yevtushenkos speech speech at the conference from the day before.
At the same time, Schefer is intently listening to the Mass at the Dom. 

Sipping her next glass of sparkling wine in an outdoor caf; with Mila, a quite drunk Evelina brings on another series of confessions of her hatred for Glotov. In the heat of her confessions she even tells Mila that Glotov will turn her husband Andrey into his servant as well. Mila tries to pacify her angry-accusatory companion by giving a few positive arguments in Glotovs favor, to which Evelina responds as if tracing in Mila the intention to steal her billionaire lover, and, getting hysterical, turns the table over (with the tablecloth and the dishes).  Mila has to pay for the damage caused by Evelinas behavior.

After a good sleep during the flight, Andrey picks up his luggage at the airport in Ulan-Ude, then calls Chairman Razyantsev, and takes a taxi to deliver Glotovs letter to the parliament. Ryazantsev is happy to see the young scientist in their region, but the plans of building a telescope on the top of Buryatias Holy Mountain, the Bolshoy Kumyn, with Glotovs financial support make the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic frown. Ryazantsev doesnt understand the commercial benefits of this initiative to the oligarch himself, not to mention the mixed reaction to this of the population of Buryatia. Chairman Ryazantsev tells Andrey that before submitting the draft to the government of the republic, he must consult the members of the People's Khural on the matter.

Coming out of the Parliament, Andrey discovers that the taxi driver Kostya is fast asleep at the wheel of his car, and as he wakes up he excuses himself by saying that he spent all of last night delivering cargo from Ulan-Ude to Horinsk and back. Andrey responds by asking Kostya to let him drive its been a while, Andrey explains, since he drove on the roads of Buryatia.  A surprised Kostya, on receiving assurance of full payment for the taxi, quickly agrees. Now Andrey is driving from Ulan-Ude to the city of Kiakhta, where his mother, Yanzhima Tsebegovna, lives.

Kostya is asleep in the passenger seat. The taiga forest landscapes give way to the meditative monotony of the mountain steppes, solitary vultures cutting the clear blue of the sky with their wings After another turn Andrey suddenly hits the brakes huge black bird thumps right into the windshield of the car!

Suddenly, with some kind of click or chuckle, the old woman covers her face dramatically with a huge shaman tambourine. Andrey unwittingly turns around, but doesnt find anybody in the back seat. Kostya keeps sleeping. Andrey gets out of the car onto the road and looks at the middle of the highway where the black vulture lays. Andrey drags the bird by the wing to the side of the road, and that very moment he hears a rider approaching from the steppe; going full-speed and hooting, the rider comes straight at him and throws a horse-head mallet at Andreys feet. Then the horseman disappears in the steppe. Andrey bends to pick up the mallet when the dead beard suddenly flaps his wings and flies off into the sky. Shocked by what hes just seen, Andrey puts the mallet into his jackets inner pocket. He dials Milas number, only to hear his wifes voice asking to leave a message on the answering machine.

At his villa, Glotov monstrously yells at Evelina, scolding her for her inappropriate conduct at the caf; and the incident with broken dishes. Evelina finds an excuse saying that now that Mila will have much more faith in her sincerity. She calls Mila right there and then and apologizes to her for yesterday and begs not to tell Glotov and her husband Andrey. To this Mila kindly says that Evelina simply shouldnt drink so much alcohol.
As compensation for her bad behavior and the trouble Mila had to take with paying for the  broken dishes, Evelina invites Mila to a fitness club to swim in the pool together. Mila says shes too busy - a large amount of scientific work has accumulated, but adds that this is a possibility. 
Evelina looks at Glotov triumphantly, and then suddenly asks him a question about what he really thinks about the planet Nibiru, and these gods, the "annuhaks", as she pronounces it. In a humble and gentle voice Glotov, as if talking to himself, explains that in 2015 he will meet them as a true Ruler of the earth, for then he alone will control the whole information field of humanity. My name is I am "- he will say to them, and will receive from the gods the great Scepter -  the Scepter of power, and he will reign forever. Evelina looks at Glotov with a wry smile, confused she does not understand whether hes joking or being serious ...
In Cologne, having a cup of coffee in an outdoor caf;, Klaus Schefer picks up his phone and says that he still cant make anything out of the story. He says he has decided to fly to Russia immediately maybe at least there he will be able to find something out

Andrey keeps driving the taxi; the driver Kostya is fast asleep, his head hanging. Suddenly, the music on the radio is interrupted by a female speaker announcing that an hour ago in the Moscow metro a bomb came off, and there are casualties, killed and wounded. Intelligence and rescuers are working on the site. A minute after the announcement, Mila calls Andrey and tells him that she is already working on the site of the tragedy, and now theres no chance of her being able to come to Buryatia  Andrey tells his wife of another vision he had half an hour ago, in the car. He adds that is inclined to believe that it was not a hallucination, but something entirely different. Mila doesnt have the time to advise her husband what over-the-counter drug he can buy. She is called to attend to one of the survivors. Mila tells her husband shell call later ...

By the metro station where the explosion happened, in one of the many emergency cars the medical workers are busy with a blond little girl of six or seven. She has a few scratches on the forehead, her hands and knees. The detached gaze of the child's eyes is clear and focused on something unseen to others. Mila is trying to get the girl to talk, asks her name, but the girl doesnt answer any questions. One of the doctors says that the girl found standing right in the epicenter of the explosion, and how she could survive was an absolute mystery. No documents were found with the child. Most likely, she was on the metro with some adults. But everyone one who was near her was blown to pieces. The adults she was with are unlikely to have survived. Mila sends the girl to the after-shock Rehabilitation Clinic hospital, where later she will attend to the child

The taxi that Andrey is driving enters Kiakhta and drives up to a small one-story house. After stopping the car, Andrey wakes the sleeping Kostya, takes his suitcase out of the car, pays, says goodbye to Kostya and walks towards the house. His mother Yanzhima Tsebegovna, an elderly woman of a typical Buryat appearance, opens the door. After a series of hugs and kisses the mother orders her son to wash his hands before eating

At the inpatient aftershock Rehabilitation Clinic Mila enters the ward where, dangling her bandaged legs from the bed, sits motionless the blond little girl, the miracle survivor of the explosion in the subway. Mila tries again to find out the girl's name, tries to get her to talk, offers her orange juice  The answer to all this is silence and the childs absent look.  Mila tells her diagnosis to the Head of the neurological department, Ilya Semenovich: a deep post-shock amnesia. Mila says that if the girl refuses to eat the next day, it will be necessary to put her on IV, and if she starts talking or walking around the room to let her, Mila, know immediately, so that she could come to the clinic. Then Mila goes to see the other victims of the explosion placed in the same clinic.

Talking to her son, Yanzhima Tsebegovna laments the fact that her daughter-in-law now wont be able to come visit her in Kiakhta because of the explosion in the metro. Andrey is impatient to tell his mother that his grandmother Handa has appeared to him twice over the recent few days, the first time was in Germany, and the second time - just now, on the road to Kiakhta. Before the second time, the vulture hit the windshield of his taxi. Yanzhima Tsebegovna immediately explains to his son that it was Handas zayan - the spirit of the middle world, the incarnation of the dead shamans soul. Andrey shows his mother the mallet thrown at his feet by a horseman who literally came out of thin air. Yanzhima Tsebegovna instantly recognizes it as grandmother Handas mallet. Andrei is somewhat surprised at his mothers attitude to what hes saying. As a child he was sure that his parents were convinced materialists. To this Yanzhima Tsebegovna tells him that she is, first of all, a shamans daughter. During the Soviet times her husband, Andreys father, and herself, were afraid to discuss such things. After all, in addition to the search for minerals they were engaged in the exploration of strategic raw materials, and thus, were watched all the time. They couldnt allow themselves whole time watching, and they could not afford to chat too much. They couldnt allow themselves to say too much. Yanzhima Tsebegovna shows her son acicular hyaline formations in a small wooden box. Andrey recalls how his Father, before leaving on his last expedition, and having premonitions of a soon death, showed them to his son and said that those hyaloids hold the key to the secret of the appearance of life in the Universe.
Father told him that those were tiny parts of the Kyahtinsky bolide. In their composition amino acids the DNA the key to life is made of. He related to his son the radiation pansperm theory of the Swedish scientist Arrhenius, and the Sumerian myth of the planet Nibiru and the Annunaki-gods.
Yanzhima Tsebegovna explains to her son that his father was afraid of that knowledge, lest he could be accused of aiding and abetting false science, which threatened his job, or worse he could be sent to a psychiatric hospital.  Yet, he managed to impart some of his knowledge to his only son.
Telling his mother of his visions in Cologne, Andrey mentions having announced the plans for building a large radio-telescope on the Bolshoy Kumyn Mount at the symposium. Now it  becomes clear to Yanzhima Tsebegovna: the spirits of the holy mountain got angry with her son! Grandmother Handa has been stopping them so far with her shamanistic powers, but once Andrey has crossed the line she wont be able to do anything. 
Yanzhima Tsebegovna is surprised at hearing the name of Radomir Askoldovich Glotov as an investor of her sons project. She says that Grandmother Handa knew his father, Askold Glotov, the Trans-Baikal NKVD chief, very well. He brought their region great troubles, plundered all the datsans, sent many lamas to concentration camps. Shamans secretly kamlated, Handa kamlated also. They wanted to send demons upon him, but nothing worked. The shamans said that Glotov had an agreement with mangysami, that he was conspiring with Satan himself. Then people began hearing rumors that Glotov had brought many sacred books and Tibetan manuscripts from Trans-Baikal it was said that he did it by the order of Yagoda himself. 
Then Askold Glotov was promoted and moved to Moscow. But he left spies in the Trans-Baikal region, who continued to follow and watch Andreys parents. Andreys father described his the findings of their research in a special journal, which he always hid in a safe, but one the journal disappeared. This was in 1989.
Then samples of meteor material disappeared from the laboratory and a month later Andreys father died in mysterious circumstances. Those samples that Yanzhima Tsebegovna just showed to her son miraculously survived because she accidentally left them in the side pocket of an old backpack, which she then kept potatoes in. Those are evil tidings that the son of Askold Glotov is planning to build a telescope on the holy mountain, says Yanzhima Tsebegovna.
Yanzhima Tsebegovna tells her son to go to the Datsan immediately and to tell Hambo Lama everything, and then spend the night in prayer. A big celebration called Gandan-Shunserme is about to begin. Its the birthday, the enlightenment and the passing into Nirvana of the Buddha. Andrey agrees to go to the Datsan and dials Milas number, but this time again hears the voice on the answering machine. Yanzhima Tsebegovna demands that her son leaves his mobile phone at home and goes to the datsan without it. If someone calls, shell know what to say. Andrey obeys and does what his mother asks. As he leaves the house, he walks through the streets of Kyakhta to the bus stop, gets on the bus and travels to Murochinsky datsan
Evelina calls Mila as the latter walks out of the elevator in the rehabilitation clinic. Evelina wants to know Mila's plans. Mila briefly explains that, because of the tragedy she is very busy with work, and her going to the fitness club today is very unlikely. Then Evelina wonders if Andrey has delivered Glotovs letter to chairman Ryazantsev. To this Mila says yes. As they are done  talking, Mila hangs up and enters the explosion victims ward begins a psychotherapy session with them...
At Glotovs villa Evelina jumps in into a crystal poolin her clothes, while Radomir Askoldovich himself goes down in a secret elevator to the villas underground bunker. There some young people sit at computers, working. From somewhere in the back of the building a tall stooping man in glasses steps forth to greet Glotov. Glotov tells him that the astrophysicist is already at the telescope construction site. In his turn, the stoopy-shouldered man reports to the oligarch on the progress of the works on interception and simultaneous transcoding of all satellite communications in the world.
A mere trifle remains, which is to launch the system in the real-time mode and scope through a transmitting device, a powerful antenna Yevtushenkos radio-telescope. As a result, all commercial satellites in the outer space will be directly influenced by Glotov. That includes all global navigation tools, tracking tools, the media, the Internet. Before anyone realizes whats going on, Glotovs team will bring in a multi-level coding system. The entire world with hundreds of satellites in the outer space will turn into a single supercomputer, a global grid system controlled by Radomir Glotov.
All this will allow to secretly and discreetly control the entire financial system of the world, and with the help of television and the Internet, all the systems "failures" will be skillfully written off and explained away by the approach of Nibiru and the Anunnaki friends. While the astrophysicist scans the sky for asteroids and trans-Neptunian bodies, Glotovs people will encode satellite communication, and then a single radio telescope will become the center for ruling the world, for ordering the Universe Then Glotov wonders about the state of things with pansperm. The stooping man explains that decoding the DNA molecules taken from meteor material isnt a quick process, and that no one knows what to expect if they help activate the dormant 95% of the human DNA.
By Glotovs command the stooping man takes acicular hyaline formations out of a glass box. He places one of the formations that resemble seastars into Glotovs open hand. Seeing meteorite fallout in own hand, Glotov goes into a new series of  philosophical dictum: no, we dont owe the outer space anything, nor does the outer space owe anything to us. Only the will to live is able to continue life itself. As he prepares to leave, Glotov suddenly asks the stooping man if they are really on their way to us, and, not waiting for an answer, disappears in the secret elevator 
Mila hasnt finished her psychotherapy session with the victims of the metro explosion when a plump nurse informs her that the girl has finally begun to speak, - but in a language no one understands.  Following the nurse to the girls ward, Mila is petrified by what she sees. sitting on the floor in the middle of the room, the girl, with strands of golden hair hanging down her face, rocking, clapping her little hands next to her ear, in the guttural voice of an old woman sings unintelligible words among which could barely be discerned something that sounded like this:  "... gom-bbboooh ... kmnnnnn ...... ah ... gom-bboooooh barrrrisan ... boholdoyyyy ... noyyyyon ... namddddak ... obbbo ... onggonnnn ... gorrrroooooh ..." She claps faster and faster, swinging to the rhythm more and more intensively. girl swinging in the rhythm of this cotton.  Mila asks the nurse to leave, sits down on the floor in front of the girl, pulls out her cell phone and starts recording. At some point, the girl stops, and again becomes indifferent to what is happening around her. Mila tries again to get the girl to tell her name. At first she remains silent, but then she utters slowly, in a whisper: Hnda  Then she repeats it again, this time more clearly, Handa. And faints. Mila picks the girl up from the floor and gently lays her on her hospital bed.
Leaving the child in the care of the plump nurse, Mila reports to chief of department Ilya Semenovich  having just witnessed a rare phenomenon in psychiatric practice - an attack of glossolalia. The child spoke a language definitely unfamiliar to her. The girl has self-identification issues. A strong shock has caused a temporary personality replacement. When asked her name, she gives the Buryat name Handa. Mila orders an IV with glucose and vitamins for the child, as the girl barely drank and didnt eat, and an intramuscular sedative injection. Once in the hospital hall, Mila dials Andreys number. She waits, Yanzhima Tsebegovna picks up and informs her daughter-in-law that she has sent her husband to the Datsan to clear his mind and soul. She asked him to leave the phone behind: he wouldnt need it there. Then Mila tells Yanzhima Tsebegovna about the girl who miraculously survived in the explosion, and who all of a sudden began speaking, it seems, the Buryat language, also singing in a guttural voice. Not only that: the girl also said her name was Handa. That was the name of Yanzhima Tsebegovnas mother, Andreys grandmother. Mila says she has recorded the childs shamanistic ritual. Yanzhima Tsebegovna immediately asks her to let her listen to the recording. Mila sends a message with an audio attachment to her husbands phone. When the message comes in, Yanzhima Tsebegovna randomly presses different keys on the mobile phone. Finally, she hears the girls guttural singing, "... ... bbboooh gom-km-nnnn ...... ah ... gom-bbooooo .... barrrrisan ... boholdoyyyy ... noyyyyon ... namddddak ... obbbo ... onggonnnn ... gorrrroooooh ... "  Shocked by what shes just heard, Yanzhima Tsebegovna sits for some time buried in thought ...

  Andrey walks along a paved path to the side entrance of the central building of the Murochinsky datsan decorated with garlands of flowers and paper lanterns. In the datsan theres an atmosphere of prayer, concentration and peace of mind: the monks recite prayers in low voices and tell darshans to the devotees. Andrey sits down on a bench ...

Yanzhima Tsebegovna answers Milas questions on the phone and says that she has listened to the recording and can safely say shes just heard the voice of her mother, the shaman Handa. Yanzhima Tsebegovna translates the words that the girl pronounced during her glossolalia: "Back home he came. Soon shall he be called a noyon in the house of eleven brothers. He shall not offend ongon, for that would make the master of the Kumyn-Khan mountain angry. The ongons will help Noyon ... ". Yanzhima Tsebegovna explains to the bewildered Mila that this refers to  her husband Andrey. The soul of the shaman Handa came into the girl's body, and its called reincarnation.
The plump nurse runs up to Mila and informs her that the bodies of both the girls parents, father and mother, have been found. The girls travel passport was found with them, together with plane tickets to Turkey the next day they were supposed to fly out to Antalya, they were from Karelia and were just passing through Moscow. The girl, named Bolotova Alina Nikitichna, was born in 2007. Having shared the news with Yadzhima Tsebegovna, Mila wishes her mother-in-law a good night, its after midnight in Buryatia, after all...  Then Mila carefully half-opens the door to look at the child. The girl is asleep, IV in her arm. Mila closes the door and walks down the hallway. Evelina calls her just then.  Mila doesnt immediately agree to go to a fitness club with Evelina for a swim in the pool. However when she gives her consent, an overjoyed Evelina promises to get Glotov to give her the company car to save Mila the trouble of driving herself

In the dimly lit datsan, with monks singing mantras in the background, Andrey in half-whisper relates to the Hambo-Lama all the strange events of the past few days. Leisurely thumbing his beads, the Hambo-Lama is paying close attention to what Andrey is saying, and then calmly asks him if he really thinks that the telescope needs to be built on the northern Buddhisms holy mountain, Bolshoy Kumyn. When Andrey tells the Hambo-Lama that the oligarch Glotov supports his initiative, the Hambo-Lama frowns. For Andrey to realize what the Bolshoy Kumyn mount is, he has to perform the goroo ritual. Goroo is a ritual of honor, the Hambo-Lama explains to Andrey. It involves walking around the mountain, bowing down before its sanctities and shrines, and then, ascending to its summit. He must experience the full spiritual power of the holy mountain. Now he is to chant unceasingly the principal Buddhist mantra, Om mani padme hum, and early in the morning, before the hural, when the elders assemble, Andrey will be given the The Book of Destiny.   

Mila and Evelina are swimming in the pool. Mila is really grateful to Evelina for having made her come here. The cell-phone left on the brim of the pool rings. Mila gets to it while its still ringing and picks up. Its a call from the rehabilitation clinic to inform her that the little girl is having another go of glossolalia, again speaking in the same strange tongue.   Mila decides to go back to the clinic immediately. In the locker room, Mila briefly tells Evelina about the girl, even mentioning that the girl has begun speaking a language she didnt know before the Buryat language, as it turned out later. She speaks in the voice of Andreys Grandmother who was a shaman. It seems, she says, that the Grandmother is sending Andrey messages from the other world to warn him against desecrating the holy mountain of Bolshoy Kumyn its spirits are angry with him for the radio-telescope project. Evelina offers to take Mila in the company car first to the clinic and then home if need be thus following her to the clinic. If the staff at the clinic should ask who she is, Evelina suggests telling them that shes Milas intern

In the neurology department hall Evelina immediately phones Glotov to inform him of the strange occurrence. Her call finds Glotov playing tennis with one of his cut-throat bodyguards. Glotov shocks her by his unexpectedly harsh response: shamans are no joke, they can really get you in trouble with their sorcery. The girl has to be silenced. And NOW. Evelina tells Glotov the number of the girls ward. An enraged Glotov squarely tells her to act on her own means, provided that she has everything necessary to do it.  Evelina confirms having everything that should be necessary. Glotov orders her to act and returns to his tennis match.
Mila is in the ward with the girl, and Evelina, staying in the hall by the reception desk, starts small-talk with the plump nurse as the latter runs to and fro, to the treatment room and back to the reception. As Milas intern, Evelina wonders what kind of sedative injections are given to the child. The nurse shows Evelina a ready-to-be-used syringe with a dose of dyphenilhydramine on a tray under a glass pane. At that moment, the internal telephone rings: Chief of Department Ilya Semenovich wants to see her at his office. The plumps nurse asks her to wait in the treatment room for a couple minutes so that she wont have to lock the door this lock often gets stuck, and the boss doesnt like waiting.
As soon as the nurse leaves the treatment room, Evelina puts on her hand the plastic bag she finds in the trash bin, takes the tray with the syringe, dumps the contents into the sink and runs the water... The nurse is already walking back down the hallway, when Evelina with skillful fingers promptly chips off the neck of the ampoule and fills the syringe. Putting the cap back on, she puts the syringe back on the tray.  When the nurse enters the treatment room, she finds Evelina looking at herself in the mirror hanging above the sink, straightening a curl on her forehead with wet fingers. Thanking Evelina, the plump nurse continues to tinker with the drugs in the treatment room. Evelina leaves the treatment room and goes to the childs ward. Slightly opening the door, Evelina looks inside: now she sees the girl sitting on the floor, singing something weird in a very non-childish voice while clapping her hands. Mila, squatting in front of the girl, records with the recorder on her mobile phone whats happening to the child. Seeing Evelina, Mila makes a strict face on her, mimicking to her not to interfere. Evelina politely closes the door on the other side...

A man in a gray suit meets Klaus Schefer at the airport in Moscow. The man and Schefer drive to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. At Valentins (Deputy Chief of National Central Bureau of the Interpol in Russia) office, Schefer communicates with his colleagues in English, sometimes switching to broken Russian. Schefer asks Valentin to give him more information about Andrey Yevtushenko. He is the key person in Glotovs criminal escapade. However, Schefer hasnt yet been able to have a constructive conversation with Yevtushenko.
Glotov so cleverly weaves his nets in the West, that in Germany there is still no direct evidence of his involvement in the development and preparation of the most ambitious cyber-sabotage in history. It is clear that he prefers to do it from Russia, where he feels at ease, with a mulitude of brilliant young hackers at hand. Therefore the German colleagues decided to take Glotov on live bait in Russia, and to hand him over to the Russian justice. But the most amazing thing in the whole story is the interference of a mystical third force.
In support of his words, Schefer shows his Russian colleagues first the photos with traces of collision with some non-material object on the hood of the taxi, then the video of Yevtushenkos strange behavior at the pulpit during his report. Then he shows the outlines of the ghostly tambourine which were miraculously captured by his smartphone camera due to its high resolution. Two Interior Ministry colonels, (Valentin is one of them) are skeptical about the mystical third force hypothesis.
At the same time the colonels give Schefer additional contact information written on a sheet of lined paper to reach Yevtushenkos wife, emphasizing that all those contacts have been given to them at the Academy of Sciences. The colonels hand Schefer two sets of keys - car keys and keys to a safe-house in the center of the city. They also remind Schefer that there was an explosion in the metro today, possibly even a terrorist attack, people have died, intelligence agencies are in uproar, so thats definitely not the best moment to work on Glotov ...

Mila puts the child onto the hospital bed. The girl again has a detached look. Before leaving the room, Mila opens the window. Then she heads to the treatment room to see the plump nurse, whom she finds chatting about something with Evelina. Mila instructs the nurse to resume the IV drip with glucose and vitamins, and to give the child a sedative injection.

Evelina hears the entire conversation, and is obviously happy with the result. Evelina offers Mila to drive her home in the company car. Mila agrees and leaves her car at the parking lot of the clinic. On the way, answering Evelinas questions, Mila tells her that the girl, according to the documents, is  an Alina Bolotova from Karelia, and that now she calls herself Handa, the name that belonged to Andreys grandmother, a shaman, and that now Andreys mother Yanzhima Tsebegovna, the daughter of the shaman, is helping her translate what the girl is saying.
At some point, Mila's phone rings. A man's voice greets her in Russian with a heavy accent, and then the speaker introduces himself in English as Klaus Schefer from Germany hes a writer, he knows her husband Andrey.  Hes in Moscow and wants to meet up with Mr. Yevtushenko, but hasnt been able to reach him no one answers the phone. Mila explains that her husband is out of Moscow. Schefer says that he has some very important information for her husband, but he can not tell her on the phone right now, because it's not a telephone conversation.
Schefer suggests they meet up as soon as possible, despite the late hour. Mila has no choice but to invite the German to come over to their house. Evelina hears the conversation, but doesnt understand everything. She does not try to hide her curiosity, and asks Mila, who was it she just spoke English so fluently with. But it all is starting to get on Milas nerves, and she's cuts Evelina off, saying that she doesnt have to report her every step to her.  Evelina immediately turns into a fluffy ball of flattery, trying to gain forgiveness of her tactlessness.
Evelina drops  Mila off by her house, and waits till Mila walks far enough from the car;  as soon as shes sure Mila wont hear her, she calls Glotov to report that the girl by now should be "all right", as she, Evelina, has done everything she had to do.  And, she adds, some male friend from Germany is coming to visit Mila at such a late hour. The astronomers friend. Glotov orders her to watch and to take a picture of the German himself and also of the number plate of the car hell arrive in.

Sitting on the bench, Andrey chants Om mani padme hum

 The plump nurse gives the girl the IV and heads to the treatment room, takes the tray with the syringe and returns to the ward. As she enters the room, she sees that the girl is now sitting with her legs crossed on the bed, facing the wall. Her hair is loose. The girl isnt moving or making any sounds. The nurse cautiously approaches the child and, holding the tray with the syringe in one hand, with her other hand reaches out to gently touch the girl. In response, the girl turns around to face her, but it is not the child's face anymore its the wrinkled face of the old shaman Handa! With a toothless grin, she quickly pulls a crow from inside her jacket and throws it at the nurse. Flapping its wings loudly, the crow knocks the tray out of the nurses hands the nurse screams with fear, the tray falls to the floor, the nurse faints, the syringe rolls on the floor to the middle of the ward, the crow, cawing, flies out the window

A black Audi sedan drives up to Milas house, and Schefer gets out of the car. Evelina takes a picture of the man with her cell phone camera, then calls Glotov and dictates the number of the car. Glotov commands his team to return, and then calls someone asking to "check" the car number. He is told  that the car is registered in the name of some retiree born in 1937 in the suburban Lyubertsy. As he gets off the phone, Glotov begins thinking out loud, wondering if this guy from Germany could be after him.

In the living room Mila pours Schefer tea and asks the guest what brought him to her at this late hour. Schefer confesses that hes not a writer, but an Interpol officer. Schefer explains to Mila that her husband Andrey may be in the hands of a very rich and very dangerous man by the name of Radomir Glotov, aka Basil Levchuk, aka Ghzegohz Kaminski.

The Interpol has been watching this man of many faces for more than fifteen years, but he has never left them any direct evidence. He is suspected of many crimes and atrocities, as well as some very dangerous intentions. The fact is that in the mid-80-s Glotov worked at the Soviet Trade Mission in South-East Asia, but it was just a cover-up. According to the KGB, he oversaw the financial flows that the Soviet government sent to support the pro-Soviet regimes, to be used for any subversive activities, blackmail, bribery, sabotage, and more. But when the threat of the collapse of the USSR appeared, Moscow's hand abroad began to weaken. Glotov quickly realized that he had large funds at his disposal that could be used very effectively and, most importantly, for his personal use.

Having a good economic education, and almost solely managing secret accounts, he took up a competent legalization of millions of assets stolen from the Soviet secret services. Glotov, through front companies began to buy "blue chips" - securities of leading oil companies. Dividends from these securities began to settle in his accounts. Thus, he was one of the first Russians, even though under a fake name, it became a major Russian investor in the West in the true sense of the word. As Levchuk he acquired a British citizenship, and then as a Polish businessman Kaminski received a U.S. citizenship.

Then through multiple transactions he brought all of its assets together, and at the same time acquired a German citizenship under his real name of Radomir Glotov. Mister Levchuk and Mister Kaminski went missing, and are still officially listed as missing. But the most disturbing in all of this is that by the time of the reappearance of Glotov there had been a series of mysterious murders and suicides in different parts of the world (flashbacks: a man falls out of a window on the pavement, a man in a bathtub with slit veins, a man hung by his own tie ...)
According to one of the versions derived by the Interpol, all the victims had been Glotovs colleagues in Southeast Asia. Apparently, he didnt leave anyone alive, of those who possibly could take revenge on him for stealing and monopolizing financial assets two decades ago. It was after this that Glotov began to resurface in Russia and, as we know, even built a luxury villa here. In addition to laundering the money stolen from the Soviet secret police, which is very difficult to prove, in recent years, he began to show interest in the field of telecommunications and satellite communications. Interpol has learned that in Russia he has already made a few test hacker attacks on Western banks through front persons - some genius teenagers from the Russian hinterland. But what matters the most is that he has been very instrumental in developing a scheme of total digital control over the universal satellite system by way of simultaneous re-coding. He does it all from Russia. Its still unclear what exactly his motives are: maybe he wants to be secretly in command of all the world, or maybe he is driven by something even more incredible: for example, the desire to pass in 2015 the keys to the management of human civilization-Anunnaki gods from the planet Nibiru, and in return to receive from them the keys to the pansperm to awaken the dormant 95% of the human DNA. Thus, perhaps he wants to be superhuman, an immortal whatever you want to call this.

When Mila asks if this man can be really motivated by something so absurd, Schefer says that it is necessary to take into account that his father, an officer in the NKVD, Glotov, Sr. in the 30-s years by the order of Yagoda brought out of Trans-Baikal a lot of secret Tibetan manuscripts that contained information about immortality and extraterrestrial contacts. So, for Glotov all this is not fantasy. Traces of these manuscripts are lost in the KGB archives, but maybe they became personal assets of the Glotov father and son...

Mila wonders what all of this has to do with her husband, to which Schefer says that Glotov is going to use the new radio telescope in the center of Siberia as a very powerful antenna. While her husband scans the cosmos in search of trans-Neptunian bodies, Glotovs people will send re-coding commands to hundreds of satellites. Thats why Glotov showed such unbridled interest in Andreys project, deciding to use it for his own purposes. 2015 is coming soon, and building a powerful radio telescope in such a short time is only possible with big money and enthusiastic scientists. Glotov has the money. Milas husband Andrey Yevtushenko couldnt complain of lacking enthusiasm.  As an experienced recruiter, Glotov knows that once you promise a scientist investment into the project of his life, - hes all yours.
Mila wonders why Schefer is telling her all this, to what Schefer says that this is easier to explain to her, Andreys wife, than Andrey himself, with whom Schefer hasnt been able to have a constructive dialogue. Mila tells Schefer that Andrey has flown to Buryatia by his mothers advice, and she, too, was going to join him there at the end of the week, but the explosion in the metro messed up her plans, because she works as a psychoneurologist at the MOE. Learning that Mr. Yevtushenko is now right where the radio telescope was planned to be built, Schefer says that here comes the strange and mysterious. A third force has intervened in this grand-scale adventure - the mysterious force of Eastern spiritual practices. Schefer also admits that he never would have believed it if he had not known something from his great-uncle Ernst Schefer, a legendary man in his own way, who as a young orientalist led two consecutive US-German expeditions to the East.

He was the first European to kill a panda and bring it to Europe, and he was also the first to describe the Orang antelope and the blue sheep. In India, he was honored to present a report at the Asian Himalaya Society Club, and in Germany the Reichsf;hrer Himmler personally honored him with the title of SS Obersturmbahnf;hrer for taking part in expeditions. So he became a member of the top-secret SS unit - the occult Ahnenerbe institute. He was a botanist and zoologist in a Nazi uniform. However Ernst Schefer believed Anenerbe to be the stronghold of pseudoscience.

The results of his next two-month expedition to Tibet were more political than scientific (flashback: a caravan of travelers, some of them dressed in European clothes, and some in  Tibetan national clothing moving up a mountain trail with laden yaks)
But it was in Tibet that he heard the legend that said that the mystical gateway to Shambhala was in Siberia, on the sacred mountain of northern Buddhism, the  Bolshoy Kumyn. Of course, Ernst Schefer could not verify and disprove the legend of the Siberian Shambhal. For showing disrespect to Anenerbe the Nazis sent him to the Finnish front for reformation. However, after returning from the front, he managed to found the Central Asia Institute in the Mittersill castle in Germany in January 1943. This allowed Ernst Schefer to avoid involvement in military campaigns, so after the war, he was not held responsible for the crimes of Nazism.

 Most of those expeditions results are still secret. The German, British and the American governments have announced that the secret dossier of Schefers expeditions would be open only in 2044 a hundred years after the end of the war. Klaus uncle Ernst Schefer died at the age of 90, taking most of his secrets to the grave. During his late years, however, he let his nephew in on some of his secrets. One of them being that there, in Central Asia, the particularly devoted monks know the spells that empower them to materialize demons, manipulate material forces remotely, kill and bring back to life. The followers of a Buddhism trend (tolerant to shamanism) called gelukpa were particularly successful in this...

The dent is fifty-three feet/a meter-fifty, a possible height of a human, says Schefer. Therefore, he goes on to explain, this must be the dent caused by the collision with the ghost of the shaman.  A partial materialization of the spirit of the dead is obvious ...! In her turn, an excited and scared Mila tells Schefer of the 7-year-old girl at her clinic who had a narrow escape from death in the explosion who demonstrated the signs of post-shock glossolalia: the girl spoke in the voice of Andreys grandmother, the shaman woman Handa, who died nearly thirty years ago. The daughter of the shaman, Yanzhima Tsebegovna, her mother-in-law, the mother of her husband Andrey,  confirmed that it was her voice after she had listened to the recording.

As it turned out, the girl performed real shamanic rituals, the meaning of which was that Andrey must not desecrate the holy mountain, which would be building the radio telescope on the Bolshoy Kumyn. But Mila does not know yet what was communicated during the second bout of glossolalia that caused her to go back to the clinic earlier tonight with Glotovs assistant... Schefer interrupts Mila and asks her why she went to the clinic with Glotovs assistant. Mila explains that lately they have been good friends. The lady is unbalanced, but Mila has decided that it was for her husbands good for her to be friends with Glotovs personal assistant. Evelina took her to a fitness center, where they were swimming in the pool when a call from the clinic summoned her.
She drove Mila there in their company car and Mila took her to the neurological department as her intern. Mila admits to having told Evelina that during the bouts of glossolalia the girl spoke in the voice of the late shaman. Schefer responds sharply and straightforwardly tells Mila that by doing so she has exposed the child to mortal danger. At that very moment the department chief Ilya S. calls Mila and with tears in his voice informs her that they have a new emergency. They are expecting linear control in an hour, and on the floor of the girls ward there was found an unconscious nurse and a syringe in the corner with some brown substance that didnt look like any medication they ever had in the clinic. Ilya S. asks Mila to urgently come to the clinic. Linear control will be there in an hour, and then they all will be in big trouble. Mila tells Schefer that she must immediately go to the hospital. She gives him a brief account of whats happening, including the syringe with a brown substance. To this Schefer tells Mila that he knows of only one such brown drug - tetraetilfosfat. It is a potent poison that turns brown if it doesnt go into the blood system within half an hour after the depressurization of the ampoule. Schefer decides to go to the clinic along with Mila. Mila and Schefer ride in the car along the streets of the night Moscow

The first rays of the morning sun penetrated into the datsan, where the monks are quietly chanting a mantra. The Hambo-Lama and the elders sitting next to him hand an ancient book over to Andrey and ask with a gesture to open it on any page. Andrey opens the book and hands it back to the Hambo-Lama. The Hambo-Lama and the elders are looking at the text while talking quietly about something, and then inform Andrey that he opened the sacred "Book of Destiny" on the same page as the great Genghis Khan did. On this page it is written: "The Buddha chose his favorite disciple." This is a very good sign. They tell Andrey to go home and prepare for the Goroo ritual. Before noon him will be on his way together with the lamas Zodbo and Munkhe, and until then he is to recite the mantra "Om mani padme hum", and even if he dozes off,  keep chanting even then.

Valentins colleague, a colonel, sits looking at the large monitor in front of him, watching the movement of the red dot Schefers car as he drives in the streets of Moscow, - pressing a headphone to his ear with his hand. He reports to Valentine by loudspeaker that Schefer is driving by navigator to the post-shock rehab clinic where Yevtushenkos wife works, together with her; why they are going there Schefer hasnt reported yet.  His English is difficult for the Colonel to understand, but the colonel has understood that Schefer has told Yevtushenkos wife about his uncle an SS scientist, and then threw shaman dust in her eyes speaking about mystical forces and powers. The Colonel makes a joke about how Schefer is skillful in messing with a womans mind. 

 Mila and Schefer get out of the car near the post-shock rehabilitation Clinic. Taking the elevator to the department, they walk briskly down the hall. Mila is literally runs into the Chiefs office, followed by Schefer. Besides Ilya S., the teary-eyed plump nurse is in the office. Mila introduces Schefer as a forensic psychologist from Germany, who has come to help the Russian security services to deal with the consequences of the explosion. Mila is trying to find out from the violently shaking plump nurse what has happened, the nurse shakes her head in response, then stammers, makes inarticulate sounds, while gesturing and grimacing to portray someone,  obviously an old woman, and then  shows the flight of a crow, then points to the head of the table, where next to the tray is the syringe with some brown liquid. 
Mila reaches for the syringe, but is prevented by Schefer, who offers not to touch it and to have it examined at the Interpol crime lab.  Ilya S. also asks Mila about the young lady with whom she came to the clinic earlier today, to which Mila says that it was her intern. A nurse nods in confirmation, to be in a hysterical state. Mila asks Ilya Semenovich to take the syringe with the brown substance form the clinic and with Mr. Schefers help have his Moscow fellow-police officers provide a quick examination of the substance.
Regarding the plump nurse, Mila recommends to give her a double dose of sedatives and let her sleep it off until morning in the nurses room, and if the linear control people should wonder, to tell them that she got exhausted after a long day of work with the explosion victims and fell asleep at work in the evening.

In the hallway, at the reception the landline phone rings, and a cutesy female voice says this is the night news program of one of Moscows main TV channels, and they would like to know whether they have any lethal cases among the victims of the explosion? The nurse-on-duty reply that they dont have any at-risk patients, and, therefore, there have been no deaths. The woman voice also inquires after the little girl who miraculously survived.  The nurse replies that the girl is asleep.

Evelina hangs up. Her and Glotov are in bed together, and Glotov gives her an inquiring look. So, now we learn that the girl is still alive and well? Evelina tries to justify herself: she filled the syringe properly, and the nurse was about to go to the girl to give her a shot. An enraged Glotov grabs Evelina by the throat and tells her that if she has given herself away, he will strangle her with his bare hands
 The nurse on duty runs into the office of the chief of the department and reports that there has just been a call from TV asking if they have had any lethal cases among the victims of the explosion in the subway. Ilya S. is annoyed by this. He reminds Mila to remember to take the syringe for examination.  Mila, not touching the syringe and the ampoule, throws them from the tray into a plastic bag, puts the bag into her handbag, and then her and Schefer walk out into the hall. Mila asks Schefer to wait in the hall and goes to the ward to see the girl. Mila opens the door and enters the room. The girl lies motionless, with an IV, her eyes are closed. Mila sits down, gently takes the childs hand, feels the pulse, looking at her watch, measuring the time...

Glotov paces up and down the bedroom, giving instructions to his people by a walkie-talkie to urgently prepare a group. Evelina, shaking all over, is huddled in the corner of the bed. Glotov orders her to go with the group
While waiting in the hallway, Schefer calls his Russian colleague Valentin. Schefer tells Valentine that he is with Yevtushenkos wife at the post-shock rehabilitation clinic. While they were talking at her house, someone had tried to give her patient a seven-year-girl, who miraculously escaped death today in the explosion in the subway - a lethal injection. Schefer says that an urgent laboratory analysis of the substance is needed. It seems they have found their live bait for Glotov. In response Valentin asks if Klaus thinks that Glotov wanted to poison the girl. But why would he? Where is the connection? Schefer says that it, again, is the mystery, the third force. Valentin jokingly says that all this looks like a teenager flick. But, trusting Klauss intuition, he sends an order to the lab or the substance to be examined immediately. Schefer informs Valentin that he will most likely go to the lab with Yevtushenkos wife Mila as an important witness ...

Mila takes a few more moments with the girl, and then leaves the room. In the corridor, she rushes to Schefer and shows him the feather. It turns out a crow really flew into the room when the nurse came back to do the injection. But the old woman, where did the old woman come from? Was this again was the incarnation of the dead shaman? Then are the crow and the shaman somehow connected? Schefer says that it looks like in this story anything is possible. Mila lets him listen to the mantra "Om mani padme hum" pronounced by the girl, as well as the phrase in old Mongolian. As they walk down the clinic hall, Schefer, a well-read man, explains to Mila the meaning of the "Om mani padme hum" mantra, which is the prayer of the great Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara that every Buddhist should repeat an infinite number of times. The syllable "Om" represents the body of the Buddha, "Mani" expresses the idea of pure wisdom in the form of a precious stone that makes wishes come true. The syllable "Padme" is associated with the lotus, the symbol of the method by which knowledge comes. The last syllable "Hum" represents the body of truth, which the one who practices the mantra seeks to find. The mystical phrase "Om mani padme hum" refers to an indissoluble union between the man and the universe. For example, the Orthodox Christians have a similar prayer practice called "smart doing", although the meaning of the prayer is completely different. However, Schefer emphasizes that the prayer practice of the Buddhist asceticism "thami" and the Christian "schema" are very similar. Mila tells Schefer that for a police officer he has an unusually extensive knowledge of religious matters. 
Back in the car Schefer offers Mila, if she is very tired, to drive her home, but she can drive home in her own car, which is parked on the clinic parking lot but she is determined to figure out everything by herself.  Mila sends the new recording to Andreys phone in Kiakhta for her mother-in-law to translate the phrase from the old Mongolian. Mila explains to Schefer that her husbands mother has sent him to a datsan for the night prayer, but forced him to leave the mobile phone at home so that at the datsan it doesnt distract him. So they are using his smartphone to exchange information. After a while, Mila dials her husbands number. Yanzhima Tsebegovna tells her that even though in Kiakhta its early morning, she has already listened to all that she had sent her. She brings forth her conclusion: the shaman Handa, her late mother, uses the miracle survivor to direct Andrey before the enraged spirits of the Holy Mount get beyond the point of forgiving him his attempts of desecration. Yanzhima Tsebegovna hopes that soon he will understand and abandon his plans of building the telescope on the Bolshoy Kumyn. The last phrase in the old Mongolian is from the sacred "Book of Destiny", and Yanzhima Tsebegovna translates it as: "The Buddha has chosen his favorite disciple." Mila thanks her for the help and asks her to tell Andrey to call her when he gets back... 

Its midnight, but theres some vicious activity happening at Glotovs villa. People in dark clothes are loading oblong objects resembling covered firearm into a black jeep and a minivan with tinted windows. Theres also something that looks like a hand grenade.

In one of the rooms of the villa Glotov gives Evelina an order to remove everyone who who knows about the syringe. Even if she didnt leave fingerprints, it is still circumstantial evidence against Glotov. But the girl must be left alone for now. Otherwise, you the astronomer and his wife might leave. Glotov hasnt received any information concerning the guest from Germany yet -  all the "pictures" Evelina took, she took from the back.  If all traces of the night incident at the clinic are cleaned up successfully, in the morning Glotov will fly out to Ulan-Ude. The situation should be taken under control on location. But Evelina must force the girl to tell them what they want to know. This shaman nonsense is a threat to the future of all humanity - the future ruler of the world Radomir Glotov! The girl must be taken hostage by terrorists to a fairy tale hut in the forest, and there - get her to SAY what we need to hear, yells Glotov! Evelina must learn the Buryat language overnight and record all the shaman chants, and the compassionate sweet Mila will quickly send the  right messages to her Buryat-mother-in-law, when his guys begin skinning the girl alive in front of her! And yes, Evelina also! But suddenly ... Glotov changes his tone, and tells Evelina of a very strange dream he dreamed last night, in which he was choosing a bride for himself. Women were many, all wearing some incredible hats on their heads, but one of them had a shaved head, big ears and a mask on her face, made from a cats skull. He disliked her most (vague fragments of what Glotov describes further). Then he was lying in bed in a spacious, dimly lit room, and a woman got into his bed, it was dark and he could not really see.
She began kissing him in some very disgusting manner. He drew back and saw that it was that very ugly woman with big ears, but she wasnt wearing a mask. He thought hed do it with her anyway since it was her initiative. She immediately slipped from under him and began giggling and laughing hysterically. He became scared her shaved head was disgusting, with deep wrinkles on her scull like a 100-year old mans. Then the big eared woman calmed down, sat on the bed next to him and began talking to him peacefully about something. And behind her there was a bedside lamp. Against its light her huge ears were transparent. And then he saw that one of her eye sockets was transparent too. And then, he took a good look and realized that she had no eyes at all, and instead of them, a membrane - matte, like parchment, covered in fancy ornaments. Then she raises her head, straightens up, and her eye sockets become huge, maybe the size of a human palm, like those of an alien... And then he realizes - it's a robot! In fear, he storms out of the room and runs down the deck of a huge yacht, and around him is the night, the ocean, and not a soul ... She chased after him, catching up, grabs him with an iron fist, and then he wakes up in a cold sweat and think: who am I? And he answers himself: I am a multibillion Mafia of the single-celled, collectively concerned about the device and the meaning of life together 
Evelina, humbly listening to Glotovs story, is quiet. Again, Glotov gets into a rage and begins yelling at Evelina, demanding that she gets online the Internet and read everything there was to read about shamanic rituals and learnt it by heart! An enraged Glotov throws the shaman statuette at Evelina who just jumped out of her chair. He misses, the netsuke hits upper marble slab of the mantelpiece and breaks to pieces
At the same moment a man dressed in black enters the room and reports that the group is ready. Glotov gives the order to leave no witnesses. No one! No! "Get near" all who see them. A complete clean-up. The main thing is to find the syringe! Shout as loudly as possible, something like: "Death to the enemies of Al-Darudzhi!" Take the girl hostage. If the astronomer's wife is there, do not touch her, let her go, so as not to scare the scientist. Take the child to the hut in the woods, together with Evelina. She will be there to chant instead of the girl! Further instructions will be given the team over the phone. Then Glotov whispers to the man in a dark suit, pointing at Evelina that if she gets sluggish be off with her! Evelina, overhearing the conversation, cant catch all the words, but it shows on her face that she is understands that her life is in danger. In the yard of the villa men in dark clothes finish the preparations, throwing a couple of shovels in the trunk of the jeep and into the minivan ...

Andrey looks distant, sitting on an old couch next to his mom. He is listening again and again to the girls chants. Yanzhima Tsebegovna again explains to his son the meaning of what was said during the ritual through the child's mouth: "Home he came. Offend ongon he will not. The Spirit of noyn will help him save the sacred mountain". In other words, this is what he came here for. The spirit of the dead shaman, the Zayan, cant directly talk to ordinary people, it can affect the persons state of mind. So to say it all, Handa chose this girl. Spirits saved the girl in the subway explosion, the soul of the shaman Handa entered her.  Then Yanzhima Tsebegovna leads her son to a dark storage room at the far end of the house, where they find a small bag containing an oblong object wrapped in a rag. It is a carved wooden statue of a man. Yanzhima Tsebegovna tells her son that his grandmother cherished this statue and never showed it to anyone. It was Namdak Noyon, or rather his ongon, or the soul. Handa always turned to him for help. Namdak Noyon was the last of the eight Taishi of Buryat tribes. He was a very educated man, with great erudition. Grandmother Handa saw him when she was a little girl. He was big and beautiful. Namdak Noyon died in 1919, and in the Tzar times he was for many years the assessor of the Trans-Baikal steppe Duma and the foreman of the Tsugolsky region. The Tzar granted him a lot of awards, medals and certificates. Once Namdak Noyon spread his Suba on top of a mountain (flashback: on a mountaintop  - a silhouette of a person spreading a cloak and sitting down on it, his face shows a determined man with typical Mongoloid features, staring into the distance, confident of being right...) and declared that from now on the vacant lands of the Chinese Manchuria pass into the possession of the Agin Buryats.

Yanzhima Tsebegovna puts the carved image back into the bag and tells her son to get some sleep and get ready for the Goroo. In the course of the ceremony, he will have a chance to understand a lot of things for himself. Andrey doesnt hear these last instructions his mother gives him -  hes already on his side, falling asleep. At that moment, Mila calls. Yanzhima Tsebegovna picks up and says that Andry is back and has just fallen asleep. It seems to Yanzhima Tsebegovna, that he is beginning to understand something. A few hours later he will wake up and go with the Lamas to the sacred mountain to perform the Goroo - the ritual of honor: they will walk around the mountain of Big Kumyn clockwise, and then get to its top.

Mila is upset that she wasnt able to talk to her husband. Now she and Schefer are at the Interior Ministrys crime lab of the, where a forensic expert examines the contents of the syringe.

The black jeep and the black minivan with tinted windows drive fast through the night city.. .On the back seat of the jeep next to one of Glotovs men sits Evelina. Her face is sullen, she is very tense.

The expert reports to Schefer and Mila that the syringe contained the chemical tetraethyl-phosphate. It is known for not leaving any traces in the victims body. But it is a diphenylhydramine ampoule. The syringe also has a small admixture of diphenhydramine. The miscreant seems to have emptied the syringe with diphenhydramine, but not completely as he or she was probably in a hurry and then filled it with tetraethyl-phosphate. Fingerprints on the syringe and the ampoule belong to the same person presumably a female. Mila concludes that  the fingerprints could easily be the nurses, but this isnt even a possibility to consider. Then, it was Evelina who filled the syringe taking care not to leave her own fingerprints. Mila is sure that Glotov and his people already know that the little girl didnt die, and they will try again  (flashback: the nurse on duty picking up the phone, talking to TV people inquiring about lethal cases among the explosion survivors in the clinic, then reporting to the Head of Department).  The little girl and the whole neurology department has to be protected immediately! Schefer dials Valentins number and explains that tetraethyl-phosphate was found in the syringe which means that someone intended to kill the girl and make it look like a natural death. Its possible that the third force saved the child. Glotov probably knows that the girl is still alive, and that the syringe could get into someone else's hands.
 He does not like to leave evidence, even circumstantial, and will send his men to cover up the tracks. So theres a chance to catch his people in the act. Until then, they need a covering party. But the girl cant be guarded openly, this would scare Glotov away. Valentin Schefer decide to send in armed men dressed up as nurses. This decision outrages ila, she accuses Schefer of using the child as bait and wait for Glotovs people to attempt to kill the girl again.  Schefer tells Mila that noone will be able to cause the child any harm. Mila calls Schefer an ordinary cop and looking at him with scorn says that shes going to the clinic to pick up the girl and take her home. This said, Mila rushes out of the lab into the corridors of the interior ministry. Claus runs after him, but cant figure out where Mila has gone. Mila has taken the elevator down and is already running out of the building. In the street, she flags a car and when a car stops, she gets inside and leaves.

 Going at full speed, the black jeep and the black minivan drive up to the post-shock rehabilitation clinic. A group of dark figures jumps out of the minivan.  In a moment they are in the yard.
The car brings Mila to the rehab clinic. She gets out and enters the building through the front door. At that moment a line control staff person, a woman in  a white doctors gown with a fancy hairdo is telling off Ilya Semenovich: his nurses sleep at their workplace. The woman with the fancy hairdo enters the elevator just when Mila jumps out of the other elevator and, without any explanation to Ilya S. rushes to the girls ward. She quietly enters the ward. The girl has the IV and is asleep. Mila takes the IV needle out of the girls vein, takes the sleeping child in her arms and heads to the door.
 Faces covered with camouflage masks, operative communications devices hanging on them, Glotovs hitmen have entered the building of the post-hock rehab clinic. Two of them are tip-toeing up the stairs; on is climbing up the pompier ladder with climbing equipment; the fourth one gets on the staff elevator and presses the button. Glotovs hitmen sitting in the jeep report the groups successful penetration into the building. Glotov watches the moves of his men on a screen in his bunker. The men are bright dots on the screen. Young programmers and the stooping man are helping him control the situation.
The Interior Ministry special operation soldiers wearing bullet-proof vests put on white robes under which they also hide short-barreled handguns. They get inside an ambulance car. Schefer gets in his car at the Interior Ministry parking lot and drives out through the checkpoint following the ambulance ...

Carrying the girl in her arms, Mila  is about to go out into the hallway, but realizes that it wont be easy to walk fast carrying a 7-year-old child. She slowly puts the child onto the floor and asks her gently to wake up. The girl stands on her own  with her eyes still closed. For a few moments she just stands there, and then suddenly whispers: Om mani padme hum Alarmed, Mila looks around. Rolls of thunder are heard outside. A rush of wind opens the window; the room is lit by lighting flashes, rain begins to flood the floor. An exhausted Ilya Semenovich in his study takes an umbrella out of his bag, looks out the window and decides to wait out the weather in the clinic. The patients begin to wake up in their wards. The rolls of thunder sound like bomb explosions. The patients look alarmed. The only one not to hear all of this is the plump nurse who, still under the sedative, continues sleeping peacefully in the nurses station. One of Glotovs hitmen has climbed up to the roof by the pompier ladder and is adjusting alpinist equipment up there in the pouring rain. Two others block the neurology department floor on the side of the stairs. They are holding short-barreled guns with bafflers

An ambulance car drives into the clinic yard through the service gate. Two male nurses emerge and carry a patient on a stretcher inside the clinic. Four more male nurses get out of the car, two of them remain outside and disappear somewhere in the yard. In the meantime one of Glotovs hitmen has gotten to the hall of the neurology department by staff elevator. Mila, holding the girl by the hand, crack-opens the door of the ward and peeks outside. At that moment the girl whispers, Om mani padme hum. In the dimly lit all Mila sees the dark figure of the armed and masked hitman. Scared, Mila doesnt know what to do as the hitman heads towards the reception desk where the nurse on duty is reading a book, not seeing him. That very moment the girl suddenly shakes her head and screams out in a rasping guttural voice: Kumyn-Khan! Ahay! Kumyn-Khan!!! A burst of thunder outside and suddenly the hall behind the hitman is brightly lit all the way. The hitman turns around. A ball of fire flies in through the window pane with a slight cracking sound, hangs for a second in the air and then rushes towards the masked hitman.  The nurse on duty looks up at the flash of light, hears a hissing and sees an armed man, twitching, fall to the floor, his head burning. She faints in her chair. The ball of fire flies on straight along the hall. Mila watches from behind the ajar door. The girl, her eyes closed, is standing next to her calmly, her eyes closed.  Another masked hitman is pointing his gun at the Chief of Department demanding to know where hes hidden the syringe. The hitmans head suddenly catches on fire and burns before Ilya S very eyes. The hitman falls in the office doorway in agony.  Ilya S sinks in his chair. In the meantime the elevator brings the male nurses to the neurology department floor.  Through the pouring rain Evelina sees and recognizes Schefers car. The jeep driver informs Glotov on the phone that the German has driven up to the clinic. Glotov says that hes from the Interpol and orders them not to lose sight of him even for a minute. There might be a change of plans. A masked hitman descends from the roof upside down on a rope.  Another hitman finds one of his colleagues dead in the hall, then sees the fuming had of another. He jumps out into the hall from the landing and yelling Death to the enemies of Al-Darugy! fires his gun into the ceiling. That very moment he gets a plasmoid blow into his masked face. His head turns into a fuming stump and the hitman falls dead. The hitman descending from the roof levels with the window of the girls ward and is ready to get in through the window when the ball of fire appears at the door above Mila an the girls heads. The ball rushes into the room an flies through the hitmans head burning it off. With a non-human scream the hitman falls down to the ground. The ball of fire rushes up into the air outside and explodes loudly Mila is stunned. The girl is still in her somnambular state The girls hand in hers, Mila hops into the staff elevator just when the armed male nurses run out of it Schefer calls Mila asking where she is. Mila replies that shes going down in the elevator together with the girl The male nurses in the hall of the neurology department look in amazement at the dying embers of the hitmens heads on the floor of the neurology department hall 
Glotov looks at the screen thats supposed to be showing him the shining dots of his people, but all the four of them have disappeared. Glotov calls the jeep driver asking whats going on. The latter replies that a sad fate befell them all. Glotov commands not to wait for anyone and to liquidate the German, the astronomers wife and the girl. And the idiot Evelina too be off with her. Be off with everyone!!! Everyone!!!!

The jeep and the minivan follow Schefers car. Theres one hitman and the driver in the minivan. Schefer asks Mila what happened. Mila explains that a ball of fire killed all the masked men.  Schefer says it might have been a lightning ball, which is a rare phenomenon. However his uncle has told him that that was also something shamans could do. Schefer tells Mila that now they are driving to the Interpol safehouse and hands her a piece of paper with the address written on it the navigator isnt working very well because of the thunderstorm, and he asks Mila to show him the way. Thats when Schefer sees the black jeep behind them together with the minivan. The plan changes they arent going to the safehouse anymore because they are followed. Schefer asks Mila to get down together with the child.  Schefers car is now on the Third Transportation road. The storm is raging, its night. Schefer isnt letting Glotovs people catch up with him, but he doesnt know Moscow and is just driving ahead.  He informs Valentin by loudspeaker that theres a tail after them. Valentin sees him on his monitors but says he cant snd help after them until the thunderstorm ceases.  Now Glotovs hitmen are firing at Schefers car, and one bullet hits the satellite antenna.  Valentin cant see Schefer on the monitors anymore.  The chase is now headed towards Losiny Ostrov (the Moose Island). Glotovs hitmen continue firing at Schefers car. Lightning flashes in the dark sky, the storm continues, and in the woods, a gigantic moose is gaining speed as it makes its way through the bushes and tree branches  One of the hitmen with a bazooka shows on top of the jeep from the roof shield. The moose runs through the woods The hitman with the bazooka on his shoulder takes aim of Schefers car, his finger on the trigger, and that very moment the jeep hits the moose whos now in its way. The moose flies up, and falling down breaks the windshield. His head hits the hitman whose bazooka turs 180 degrees and when he triggers it, it fires at the minivan and the minivan explodes, the jeep catches fire and explodes also
Schefer sees that the chase is over and stops the car. Mila rises and the girl lays still with her eyes shut.
When the jeep hit the moose Evelina was thrown out of the car and fell into a gutter filled with rain water and mud. From the gutter Evelina sees how the moose who seemed dead rises and, throwing water and mud with its mighty hooves walks off to the clearing  Her clothes wet and torn, and she herself scratched and bruised, Evelina crawls out of the gutter and feverishly looks for something under her clothes. She  finds her mobile phone and calls Glotov. She tells him that she now sees that he wanted to kill her too. Now she will go to the police and confess everything. She says no Bibiru alien gods for him. Jail is what hell get till the end of his days. Glotov is enraged, but she throws her phone into the gutter, struggles to her feet and, the rain pouring on her, stumbles along the highway, away from the burning cars. Glotov, mad with rage, demands from his hacker employees to find where Evelina is at, but they explain that now that her phone is off this is impossible. The young men working at computers at the bunker are looking down and say nothing. 
Schefers car is driving along the wet road far from the place of the accident.  Schefer takes Mila and the girl to the Interpol safehouse. As they drive Mila tries to call Andrey, but Schefer snatches the phone from her, opens the lid on the back of the phone with his free hand and throws the battery on the seat next to himself. He explains that Glotovs hackers are able to trace them down using her phone, and then Glotov will send another group.  Then Schefer calls Valentine and says that Glotovs hitmen fired at his car, and he was sure that they would kill him, Mila and the girl, but something interfered. Instead they set each other on fire and their vehicles are now burning on the highway.   It seems to have been the third force again, Schefer  concludes. He asks Valentine about the lightning ball that worked on Glotovs men inside the clinic. All their burnt corpses are its doing.  Valentin struggles with accepting this version it killed all the hitmen and left everyone else without a scratch! What is he going to write in his report? Who destroyed the hitmen? A third force? Hell get fired for such a report. Schefer offers Valentin a compromise which is to write in his report that the lightning was drawn to the headsets and other communication equipment the hitmen had on. Valentin is grateful for to Schefer for the idea. The only thing that bothers him is that again they dont have direct evidence against Glotov. Valentin says hes already sent experts and investigators to the place where the cars exploded. What if they are lucky enough to find a survivor who will testify against Glotov. The third force must be helpful in this too. Schefer only sniffs in response, looking at Milas reflection in the mirror. Mila seems indifferent to everything thats happening. As Schefer drives he sees two firefighter cars, several police cars and three ambulances.

Glotov offers his people in the bunker to rest and wait for him to return. He promises to reward them all for their faithful hard work. Coming out of the bunker, Glotov shuts the massive iron door and quietly locks it from the outside. Glotov goes up in the elevator, pulling out a pistol with a baffler from his pocket. The  triggered gun behind his back, he comes into the security room, where one guard is asleep in his chair and the other - at a table in front of the surveillance system monitors. The guard doesnt have the time to look back at Glotov approaching him from behind, as the latter sticks a syringe needle right in his neck, injecting at least half the contents of the syringe. The guards mouth foams and he goes limp in the chair. Pulling the syringe from the first victims neck, Glotov comes up to the sleeping guard and injects the rest of the contents of the syringe into his neck. The guard foams from the mouth and dies. Glotov throws the syringe to the floor, leaves the room and with the lowered gun in his hand quickly goes to his office.

Above the villa lightning flashes and thunder rolls. Rain pounds on the roof. In the office Glotov opens the safe hidden in the wall, takes out several passports, a set of wigs and mustaches, different kinds of glasses, puts it all out in his suitcase, and then pulls out of the safe a box with needle glassy formations looking like sea stars. Before putting them in the suitcase, he philosophically utters: "If living matter will give the rest of his secrets of the universe, the universe will explode with the abundance of life ..." He also throws the gun into his case. Then he takes out of the safe a gas mask and a small metal catridge. Wearing the gas mask on his head, and the cartridge with spray in his hand, he goes to the bunker. Having gone down in the elevator, he briefly opens the massive door, removes the cylinder pin and throws the cartridge to the floor: the colorless gas, hissing, begins to fill the place

Schefer, Mila and the girl are already in the sitting room of the Interpol safehouse. Mila asks Schefer to forgive her for having reproached him hes saved their lives. In the meantime the girl, sitting in the middle of the living room floor, sits down on the floor and begins rocking from side to side, waggling hear head. As she rocks harder, she begins chanting in an old-lady guttural voice: Kumyn Khan!!! Ahay Kumyn Khan!!! Its the first time Schefer sees the girls  shaman practices, and hes watching in genuine amazement.
Meanwhile in the sky above Glotovs villa the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls with triple force, as if ready to set the world on fire

The four people in the bunker are on the floor in agony Kumyn-Khan!!!! Ahay!!! Kumyn Khan!!! the girl repeats.
Glotov, wearing the gas mask on his head, opens a small door in the wall of the bunker, presses buttons on a device that looks like a bomb, and sets a 05:00 minute timer. Still in the mask, Glotov walks out of the bunker to the platform and shuts the heavy door. He immediately goes to the elevator, pushes the button to go up ... "Kumyn-Khan! Ahay! Kumyn-Khan! "- repeats the girl, and at the same moment, a powerful bolt of lightning strikes the transformer vault near Glotovs villa. Suddenly, the lights go down in the elevator, and the elevator stops ... In the darkness, tearing off the face mask, Glotov yells in panic, "Whats this? Who would dare?.. Who would dare?! Aaaaaaaaaagh ...! "Glotov randomly pounds his fingers on the elevator buttons, punches and hits the elevator doors... "Kumyn Khan! Ahaaaaay ... ... Kumyn Khan! "- continues the girl, ecstatic. The clock of the timer ticks, getting closer to 05.00. Amazed, Schefer and Mila watch the child.
The explosion of a solitary villa in the forest area by night looks like the continuation of the storm: the sparks from the explosion dance across the sky for a while, then followed by the roll of thunder and lightnings fiery dance of frantic ecstasy ... Little by little, the girl calms down, and is only rocking a little a while longer. Mila, getting down on her heels next to the girl, looks at the child: at first the girl is still, but then suddenly breaks into tears, and cries loudly like a child would. 
When looking for sympathy, the girl raises her head, looks at Mila, and then throws her arms around her neck and says, "Mom, Mommy, Mommy ...!" Overwhelmed, Mila grabs the child, and starts hugging her and kissing her face, saying, already in tears, "Alyonushka, Alyonka, my baby ... What is it? Oh God ...! ... Oh, dear ... Schefer doesnt know what to do anymore,  and then all of a sudden the girl rushes to Schefer, hangs on his leg, and, looking him straight in the eyes, shouts," Daddy, Daddy, Daddy ...! " Schefer looks at the child in utter confusion, then at Mila, whos sitting on the floor crying. He picks up the girl in his arms, in a fatherly way presses her to his shoulder presses, and reassuringly says in Russian: "Vsie budiet horoso ... da, da ... uspokoys , uspokoys ... Vsie budiet horoso " (Everything will be alright, yes, yes, everything will be alright, relax) - and his voice trembles.

 Schefer drops a solitary tear. After a while, the girl calms down on his shoulder. Schefer is holding the child as he stands by the window, looking at the Moscow roofs wet with the overnight rain, dissolving in the predawn light. Sitting on the floor, Mila casts a confused glance t the silhouette standing with his back to her with the girl in his arms. She looks down, then looks back at Schefer. Mila is caught in a hurricane of complex feelings, which she cant explain right now...
In the clothes of a Buddhist novice Andrey whos inside the monastery walls, walks around the statue of a white elephant. He is accompanied by two monks. Then the tiny figures of the three pilgrims move along the edge of the sandy desert of Aman Khan. Theres a difficulty on the journey presented by a thick forest. Up along the slopes of the Bolshoy Kumyn the pilgrims move to the top of the mountain. Once in a while Andrey ties a blue ribbon to a tree branch or a shrub. Already quite high on the rising slope of the mountain, Andrey and the two monks look back at the path, and before them opens an unprecedented spectacle of the entire hillside under them: the spurs, the desert, the distant hills, dotted with thousands, hundreds of thousands blue ribbons touched with the subtle waves of the gentle prairie wind...
Yanzhima Tsebegovna has turned on the TV and is watching the news on one of the main TV channels. A young female journalist stands in front of Moscows post-shock clinic entrance reporting "After yesterday's tragedy in the Moscow subway terrorists have decided to continue to intimidate the civilian population. Last night, right in the clinic, they attacked the victims of the explosion undergoing their post-shock treatment here. With the battle cry "Death to the enemies of Al-Darudzhi", they broke into the neurological department. Threatening the staff with guns, the terrorists intended to take the patients of the clinic hostage. Among the patients was the miracle survivor, the seven year old girl. However, armed with the newest weapons of the secret services were able to stop the terrorist attack. Within a minute, the four attackers were killed without firing a shot. Their colleagues who had fled from the scene were destroyed near Losiny Ostrov (the Moose Island). The terrorists personalities are being identified. Only one of the terrorists managed to survive it happens to be a woman (the close-up of a hand-cuffed woman whose face is covered by a an illumination lamp, on the TV screen in a woman in handcuffs, his face which covers electronic die, reveals Evelina ...)
Today it also became known that last night countryside villa of the businessman and arts patron Radomir Glotov (...TV shows the smoking ruins of Glotovs villa) There are five charred corpses found at the explosion site. The power of the explosion was about ten kilograms explosive yield equivalent. It hasnt yet been found out whether Glotov himself is among the victims. He is now listed as missing. Intelligence agencies are work at finding a possible connection between yesterday's subway bombings, the attack at the post-shock rehabilitation clinic and the explosion at the businessman Glotovs villa. After all, the bandits could have known that Glotov was funding the development of new electronic tools to help fight terrorism, including the means of space-satellite surveillance of terrorist organizations.

... Sitting in front of her TV, Yanzhima Tsebegovna comments on this as if speaking to her late mother: You were a strong shaman, mother, very strong (flashback: stroking the rim of a huge shaman tambourine, an old woman in multicolored garbs giggles with a toothless mouth and disappears into the dark ...)

Its morning in Moscow. Schefer crack-opens the bedroom door, looks at Mila and the girl cuddling as they sleep. Then he goes to the kitchen, calls Valentin, who immediately asks Klaus what he thinks happened to Glotov, whether he died in the explosion or managed to get away again. The five people in the bunker literally turned into coals. And Glotov seems to have evaporated. But Schefer does not know what to say to this, and, in his turn, asks about Glotovs surviving assistant. Valentin tells him that shes giving some very serious testimony. Glotov could easily earn three life-sentences. Only he, as always, has disappeared. A gas mask filter-box, a gun with a silencer and fragments of some scapiform sharp formations of unknown origin were found in the elevator. Somebody was in the elevator at the moment of the explosion most likely, Glotov himself.
 It also became known, Valentin continues, that during the storm lighting hit the transformer vault which powered the villa. So, from some point the villa was without power ... At this point Glotov was probably in the elevator wearing the gas mask, but then - where did he disappeared? There wasnt even a piece of coal from one of his fingers left ... Schefer says that dematerialization might have taken place, but Valentin does not understand the word Schefer uses. The only conclusion that remains is: Radomir Glotov is now also officially missing, as well as Basil Levchuk and Ghzegohz Kaminski. Schefer plans to fly back to Cologne today, make a report, and then go to the Mass at the Dom. Valentin will take him to the airport. Suddenly Schefer wonders if theres a good toy shop near to where they were. Valentine assumes that Schefer wants to get a souvenir for his wonderful little daughter Ulrica, but Klaus says that his wife and daughter have died in a car accident in Egypt a year and a half ago. Valentin struggles to find the right words to say here in Moscow they knew nothing about the terrible tragedy that had befallen Klaus ...
Klaus Schefer walks around a large toy store looking at all kinds of stuffed toys: teddy bears, tigers, dogs, donkeys, dolphins, hippos, and chooses a white elephant with big ears and a pink bow on its neck ... Later Schefer tiptoes into the bedroom where Mila and Alyona are sleeping, very carefully tries to put the elephant in front of the sleeping child, but the sleeping girl reaches out, grabs the toy and hugs it.  Schefer is moved. He quietly leaves the bedroom. In the hallway Valentin and his colleague, the Colonel, together with the man in a gray suit are waiting for him. Schefer asks not to wake the woman and the child, and together with the colonels he leaves the safehouse.  The man in a gray suit stays in the flat, on duty.

A pilgrim in the clothes of a Buddhist novice, together with two monks in orange robes, climbs the trail that leads to the top of the sacred mountain. From the top of the Bolshoy Kumyn they see the green-yellow vast steppes melting in a haze stretching underneath.  The pilgrim and the two monks seat down in the middle of a rocky area in the lotus position, each repeating unceasingly in a whisper: "Om mani padme hum, om mani padme hum ..."

Schefer has gone through passport control using the VIP channel. Its the  when Mila calls him to thank for the white toy elephant. She informs him of her desire to adopt Alyona and asks Klaus what she should tell her when she asks about Klaus as her father.  To this, Klaus says that she needs to tell her, Vsyo budet khorosho, and the girl will understand everything herself.

Schefers airplane takes off leaving a slight trace in the sky

At her house Mila stands in front of her mirror in the hall fixing her lip make-up, while in a kind tone telling Alyona to turn off the TV and get dressed: its time to go to the puppet theatre. Alyona shouts from the room:
- Mummy, mummy! Theres a white elephant on TV, almost like mine!
-What elephant? responds Mila.
- Come, Mummy! Come look at the elephant!
Mila has to respond. As she stands in the doorway of the living room, she sees the white elephant statue in the yard of a Buddhist datsan.

The reporter comments: Its from here, from the Murochinsky datsan, that a month ago the one who the Trans-Baikal press already calls the Kumyn phenomenon has begun his  Its the Moscow astrophysicist Andey Yevtushenko. It turns out that a month ago Yevtushenko came here to visit his mother, a local. In respect of tradition, he asked to be able to make a pilgrimage around the holy mountain (the reporter continues in a flying helicopter, trying to speak over the sound of the working engines)  Now we are flying up to the top of the Bolshoy Kumyn mount where the phenomenon is taking place So, dear friends, you can already see  a man sitting in the lotus position on the very top of the mountain (the camera shows the top of the mountain with the solitary figure of a man sitting in the middle of a platform). He has been in unceasing meditation in this manner for a month. Now we will make another round around the top on the lowest altitude possible, but be assured theres no way the Kumyn phenomenon will be disturbed by the noise and the wind from our helicopter (on the screen it can be seen how the wind caused by the helicopters fans raises clouds of dust from the platform where the man is sitting, and how his clothes wave in the wind but the man continues to peacefully sit in the same)
To be on the safe side, the lamas ask the journalists not to get to the meditating astrophysicist closer than 100 meters.  But someone was able to capture him at night in the infrared light (the broadcast shows the infrared filming the man on the mountain top sits absolutely motionless in the lotus position).  Andrey Yevtushenko doesnt change his pose by day or by night, irrespective of the weather. He neither eats not drinks. The Murochinsk lamas recognize him as a double reincarnation Namdak-Noyon and Namnane-lama. The latter meditated for 18 years straight in a special cave called A mothers womb. The local shamans predict that Andrey Yevtushenko will continue in this manner till the winter of 2015. More precisely till December 24, 2015. By different beliefs, on that very day the mysterious planet Nibiru will get near the Earth on that day, bringing on an encounter with the extraterrestrial intelligence and the Annunaki gods. Some say it will be the end of the world, and others, on the contrary, - the coming of a new and beautiful era that will bring Maidari, the Buddah of the future. Time will tell what will happen in reality. The waiting wont be much longer.  Regardless, the Kumyn phenomenon has every chance to become no less sensational than the phenomenon of the incorruptible body of Dashi-Dordjo Itigelov. The amazing things are near, just open your eyes. Pyotr Lagoda, Evgeny Tapochkin, Bolshoy Kumyn mount, Buryatia.
As the coverage ends, Mila takes the remote and turns off the TV. Alyona, who, suddenly, has grown very thoughtful, asks Mila why the man on TV just sat there doing nothing all the time. Mila answers distantly that he might just like it better this way. Alyona keeps playing with her elephants trunk and forgetting all about her question, asks:
-And why has Daddy been gone so long? Where is my Daddy? Isnt he going to buy me any more new toys?
To this Mila tells the child that Daddy is on a long business trip and will be back soon. Then Mila takes her phone and calls Valentin, the Interpol Colonel. She asks him what she should do: the orphan she has adopted asks about Klaus as her real Father. She asks if it would be possible to connect somehow, maybe by Skype or any other satellite means. She will bring Alyona to Interpol for this.
Valentin replies that he will think of a solution  in this matter and will get in touch with Klaus today. While on the phone with Valentin, Mila hears the doorbell. Still talking, she opens. Some teenager in a hood that partly covers his face is standing there. He hands Mila a small package and immediately turns around and runs down the stairs. Mila locks the door and tries to open the package with her free hand. A light object falls to the floor. Mila picks it up and recognizes the netsuke she gave to Glotov about a month ago. Taken aback, Mila sits down on the floor.  Looking at the paper the netsuke was wrapped in, she reads: To little Alyonushka from her loving Grandfather.

Stunned by this, she immediately tells the colonel about the Netsuke she had given to Glotov and the note she received today. Valentin replies that it seems like theres no need of a skype call to Klaus. It looks like Klaus himself will be here soon enough. As to the note, Valentin is ready to hand it to his handwriting experts today.

Mila hangs up and, sitting on the floor in the hall, leaning against the wall looks at the netsuke in her hand with a scared and detached look. 
Alyona runs into the hall.
- Mummy, are you unwell? Mummy dear!...
- No, dearest, Im not unwell 
- And why are you?.. Well, so are we going to the puppet show yet? 
- Yes, yes of course we are going, honey, we are - Mila mutters.

Mysterious chords of the Asian zither are heard in the dead of night. A lone pilgrim sits up on the platform on a mountaintop. Above him the starry sky is spread like a canvas. He repeats for the ten-millionth time, Om mani padme him... In a while one of the stars becomes brighter and bigger than the others. That star projects thin rays onto the Earth. The rays reach the place where the pilgrim is sitting in the lotus position

Final subtitles