The enormous power of the small grain

Эта небольшая книга - о силе и пользе пророщенных зерен, и приготовлении из них здоровой пищи. Содержит так же, иллюстрированные рецепты блюд с проростками.


Have you ever asked yourself if everything in our world is accidental? Does everything go according to someone’s great idea? Perhaps, we ourselves draw things we need most into our lives?
It is quite possible that this book entered into your life for a reason and it is not just coincidence. In my case it happened that way.

The idea of eating sprouts caught me at the moment when I needed it most. It came into my life as a powerful remedy to revitalize my weakened body. Weakness, sadness, indifference, and even aggression to the surrounding world- does it sound familiar?

As it became clear later, my body needed some energy source that broke through and imbued me with power. This tiny sprout of cereal and bean grains was the answer. At that time I had no clue about the life-giving power and the energy this small grain possessed; crop that was grown by a caring hands in comfortable conditions.

I did not understand the motivation but I was certain that I was listening to the inner promptings of my heart. I could only listen to my body and give it whatever it asked for.  Time has passed since then and results did not take long to appear.

Rising early one day I felt the strong desire to put on my sneakers, and have a run along deserted streets of the awakening town. Being a bit puzzled, I followed the desire as another demand from my soul. I ran along a park alley breathing in the wonderful scent of morning. I was surprised with the ease and flexibility of my body. Energy exploded. The same happened the next day and the day after.

I had to get rid of most of my clothes because they were hanging on me as shapeless rags. And do you know what?  I did it with pleasure. An understanding of the right way gave me more and more power.

I wished to shout to the entire world about changes that had taken place not only in my body, but in my soul as well. But I promised myself that I wouldn’t force anybody else to accept things that I considered a miracle.

I entrust my feelings only to this small book and I have no doubt that the reader will agree that nothing in this world is accidental.
I’m absolutely confident about that now…

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Dear Michael(Микаэль)!
I liked your story, your style to write so much.
Why do you write in English?
Your English is perfect.Do you feel you can express yourself
better in English?

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Знаете, бывают периоды в жизни, когда хочется попробовать что-то новое, бросить вызов самому себе. "The enormous..." - один из таких вызовов.
Прошу прощения, что так поздно отреагировал на вашу рецензию; давно не забегал на "Прозу". Опять-таки, своебразный жизненный период. "Пралайя", своего рода. Смена направления.

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