Vivid Vision

Slow and silent slumbers
Wrapped around a weary mind,
Sleepy brains were full of numbers
And letters of Latin kind.

But suddenly something appeared
And swept away dreary dreams -
Something ruthlessly interfered
And brought painful moans and screams.

Trembling tremendous fear
Crept into each of brain cells,
Something terrible was so near
And cast its maddening spells.

Vague images whirled and wound
In a frantic devilish dance
And to get through that hell around
There was no real chance...

'Twas dawn and the dreadful illusion
 Fled away in fear of light
 And left just a little confusion
 After the troublesome night.*

October, 2001

* In 2003 I sent some of my poems to Rutger Hauer and he selected this one to be put on his official website.