Руки прочь от России! - 2

Dear COMPATRIOT! Looks like we have been dreaming for a few months and ended up in some kind of parallel world, completely breaking away from reality.

And today we woke up and cannot understand what we see and hear: it is simply beyond comprehension!
What is happening?!
Why are the black waves of lies, hatred and malice brazenly rolling on Russia from the "democratic" West?
What kind of punishment for the Russians are their leaders harping on from all tribunes?

Who are they to judge?
Who allowed them to hound Russia with no trial or record?! And most importantly, TO WHAT END?

God forbid, gentlemen! Enough scaring yourselves! You want to turn Russia into a second Libya, a second Syria or a second Ukraine?
It won’t work! Your lethal techniques are not suitable for Russia!


Remember the stories of your "Great Teachers" from all countries now barking who came to punish Russia! Do you remember?
It ALWAYS ended with their shame and downfall - and with a terrible disappointment for their people. And so it will continue!


Multinational Russia is the most peaceful country in the world: it does not stage color revolutions in other countries, does not overthrow the legally elected rulers of other countries and does not pit fraternal peoples against each other in battles for the death!

It was not Russia that sat out a BROWN EGG in the ancient city of Kiev for 20 years, and what hatched from that egg was ordinary Nazism-Fascism!
The West nurtured them to stand against Russia. But... maturing before our own eyes, Nazism will not go to Russia, gentlemen, but to you, starting from the Baltic States, then to Poland and ONWARD...

Because "УКРАИНА - ЦЭ ЕВРОПА!" ("UKRAINE IS EUROPE!") – this is the motto of Ukrainian nationalists.

That's when you will be scared! That's when, as in the old days, Russia will be the only hope of your people!


On the 17th of July 2014, a crime against humanity took place in the center of Europe, both in the sky and on earth!
The name of the crime scene is the State of Ukraine.
In the sky of Ukraine 298 innocent souls perished, including 85 children! The following night, Kiev punishers slaughtered 150 innocent civilians in Lugansk and Donetsk regions! The world must know THIS as well!

The Nazis took advantage of the fact that the people's militia of Donbass, in connection with the airline tragedy, unilaterally laid down their arms, secured the perimeter of the thirty-kilometer zone and along with hundreds of volunteers-turned miners began immediately to collect the bodies. The heat was unbearable, it reached 30 degrees. And experts only arrived on the FIFTH day...
Scary to imagine what would happen if the leaders of the Donbass militia obeyed orders from Kiev: "Don’t you dare touch the dead bodies before the arrival of foreign experts, you can only mark their location with white ribbons"...

After Kiev issued a fake order for the immediate ceasefire in connection with the crash, thirty tanks of the Ukrainian army stormed into the center of Donetsk. They opened fire point-blank at the administration building and residential quarters, they partially destroyed of the local coke-chemical plant, which is the largest in Europe, as well as the main railway station and railway lines in the million-plus city...
All this was done to delay the arrival of foreign experts from Kiev, to scare them... and slander the militia!
… At that terrible night the cities and villages of Donbass were set ablaze at the hands of Kiev punishers, along with the still-smoldering debris from the plane...


The brutal Western world that is supposedly so concerned about the fate of Ukraine is indifferent to the hundreds of thousands of refugees! Their houses were turned into ruins by punishers, the entire infrastructure of their towns and villages was destroyed by bombing, and they were deprived of livelihood... Thousands of civilians were killed, and the body count is still climbing up! Nazis were given carte blanche to proceed with the total decimation of those who DISAGREE with the anti-people policies of Kiev. They are using all kinds of weapons, including the prohibited phosphorous bombs! Isn’t it the 21st century?!

Where is the "Red Cross", where are human rights defenders? Where is the world community? They are hanging upon the words of LIARS.
Only Russia does not leave in peril those Ukrainians who broke out of the blockade, who escaped fire and death now raging in the country where life was peaceful only a few months ago. People from all regions of Russia accept the unending stream of desperate, deprived adults and children. From border camps these refugees are being sent by planes, helicopters and trains to the places where someone is waiting for them.

The Russian government has already allocated five billion rubles for the issue of the legal stay of Ukrainians in the country as well as for their housing, employment and education for their preschool and school-age kids...
Millions of Russians from Kaliningrad to Siberia, from Dagestan to St. Balaam now provide Ukrainian families with all that is necessary for life.
Thousands of Ukrainian children will go to Russian schools on the 1st of September. They have nowhere to go back: it will take many years of peace to re-build the huge region ruined by punishers... And for now the civil war is only getting more violent...

How greatly do Crimeans rejoice that Crimea "came back home to Russia" so timely! The massacre in Crimea would have been much more bloody and tragic, as local Russian-speaking people (that is, the absolute majority of Crimea’s population) are even more critical of the current Kiev regime than those from the South-East of Ukraine.
Crimea is now providing thousands of Ukrainian refugees with official (including government subsidies) and unofficial aid: summer camps for children, pensions, support from the private sector. A continuous stream of humanitarian help is flowing there from all Russia.

But the proteges of the "West" need neither refugees nor peace in Ukraine. By virtue of their patrons they are confident of their impunity, committing heinous crimes against their own people.


The fratricidal war in Ukraine is approaching Russia's borders. Ukrainian mines and missiles already explode on Russian soil. The first Russian citizen was killed with a shrapnel shell...
In response, the Russian armed forces had the right and opportunity to instantly destroy the place from where the projectile arrived in any radius! But they did not do it, because they are strictly monitoring the situation at the border. They know what is happening on the ground and in the sky.
It is perfectly clear to them that this is not a provocation, but unprofessional work on behalf of recruits. There are dozens of rookies per one professional National Guard fighter!

Russians do not care that "the West" regards their lack of harsh response as a weakness! A truly great country cannot kill hundreds of innocent but deceived and befuddled young people from the bleeding Ukraine.


The militiamen and civilians are not the only victims of the Kiev junta: it is killing Ukrainian army recruits on a massive scale as well. The National Guard fighters and ultra-nationalist “Right Sector” gunmen are hiding behind their backs in combat. They are shot for refusing to gun down civilians, for protesting against lack of food and basic conditions in their places of deployment.
In case of severe wounds they are "finished off" because there are no hospitals in the war zone, and sending them back to the country is dangerous: they can tell others what is really going on in the Ukrainian army ... Knowing this, wounded soldiers raise white flags and run for their lives to Russian border guard posts! The seriously wounded are being taken there by cars, if they are lucky...
Thousands of refugees who fled the South-Eastern Ukraine and crossed the Russian border are living witnesses of the terrible events taking place in the region, and they have already told much about this waking nightmare.

Mothers of Ukraine, know this!
Hundreds of your dead and wounded children were drowned by the Nazis in lakes or rolled up in previously excavated trenches to remain MISSING IN ACTION forever for you and for everyone...
But local residents and commanders of the people’s militia of Donetsk and Lugansk have learned about that via intelligence and are trying to keep a record of these blasphemous graves, so that criminals are brought to justice sooner or later!

Russian appeals to the people's militia to lay down their arms and come to the negotiating table with the Nazis caused their protest and outrage, as they are on their own land to protect their homes and families, their right to live and to think differently from what the anti-people government in Kiev demands.

To lay down their arms unilaterally means, at best, to be sent to filtration camps, which are already under construction, and wait for the mercy of the executioners. It means to betray thousands of innocent victims, their countrymen, who perished at the hands of executioners.
To betray that young mother, the wife of a militiaman from Slavyansk: when the city was captured by punishers, they tied her to a tank and wheeled over a local square... Prior to this, in plain sight of the grief-stricken woman they crucified her one year-old kid on a tree...

Seeing firsthand what the brown plague is capable of, the few men remaining in the city took up arms and began to wade to the people's militia. And to think that before they simply intended to “sit out” the war...
Punishers regularly shell the refugee buses as well as buses carrying local miners who are going on a shift and all civilian vehicles. They abduct, torture and kill Russian journalists and then show various fabricated images of supposed Russian saboteurs and terrorists to gullible viewers.

Fatalities are especially numerous after carpet bombings.
Militiamen have learned how to shoot down death-sowing fighter bombers by man-portable anti-air systems, saving hundreds of civilians who are unable to flee their homes.
When punishers bombed a mine and miners barely had time to evacuate, even miners who remained neutral before joined the people's militia...

Oligarchs in Ukraine create their OWN ARMIES consisting of experienced foreign mercenaries and the country’s military air force as well as civil aviation is in their full control and on their payroll.
Their frostbitten gang is terrorizing the entire region of South-Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian oligarchs have more than enough money for a new power grab if they need it! And the authorities in Kiev are unlikely to stop the war machine that is gaining strength...

The whole world should now know what tragedy resulted from what started as the handing out of "MUFFINS" on Kiev’s Square of Independence!
…Meanwhile "The West" is harping on: if the situation in Ukraine is not improving, Russia is to blame and will be punished! Let us choke her economically TOGETHER! Third, fourth, fifth round of sanctions...

Try not to choke yourselves, you self-proclaimed "Masters of the World"!

Conjure up some sanctions for YOURSELVES, gentlemen, if you and your employed misinformers like Psaki still have a drop of CONSCIENCE remaining!


Хотят ли русские войны? ("Do the Russians Want War?")
(Yevgeny Yevtushenko)

Хотят ли русские войны?
Спросите вы у тишины
Над ширью пашен и полей,
И у берез и тополей.

Спросите вы у тех солдат,
Что под березами лежат.
И вам ответят их сыны,
Хотят ли русские войны!

Не только за свою страну
Солдаты гибли в ту войну,
А чтобы люди всей земли
Спокойно ночью спать могли.
Спросите тех, кто воевал, 
Кто вас на Эльбе обнимал.
Мы этой памяти верны...
Хотят ли русские войны!

Да, мы умеем воевать,
Но не хотим, чтобы опять 
Солдаты падали в бою
За землю горькую свою!
Спросите вы у матерей, 
Спросите у жены моей!
И вы тогда понять должны,
Хотят ли русские войны!

Поймет и докер, и рыбак,
Поймет рабочий и батрак.
Поймет народ любой страны,
Хотят ли русские войны!


Спасибо Вам, Владимир, за отклик!
С уважением,

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