I Love Your Eyes. Musical illustration


Your sad  and so clear  brown  eyes,
Your words I so much deeply am surprised.
You   say; “We`re on  the wrong  way”
You see   that our love  has been in vain.

I  say;”I strongly love   your  eyes,
Your kisses giving feeling  like sunrise
So  light,  so   warm  and  tender heated
They’ve   bathed  the  whole our  life”.

You say; “That our love is not forever”
You  feel   it’s   melting, disappearing
Don’t tell;  ”It’s  truth”, don’t  tell,
You  feel  I   can  the same  retell.

I  say ; ”Your thoughts are far away”
I see  your eyes directed to somewhere
Your   sad   and  so  clear brown eyes
With which I so much deeply am surprised.

I  Say;” I strongly  love you  dear”
Our  love   will   never   disappear.
The God’s  gift  is  this  our  love
It’s  shining   here   and    above.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-V_S7QHWyQ&feature=youtu.be