Frosty mornings in Europe

4th June 2015
Great Britain, Nottinghamshire

Frosty mornings in Europe

2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals

2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals from the caves in Croatia Europe by 23andMe tests results

so, one of my ancestor was from a genetic mixture from Homo Sapience and Neanderthals,
having 50% of DNA from Neanderthals from the caves in Croatia Europe as the first baby and a child

there genes are dropped from 50 pro-cents or more or less or equal to now till 2.8% in the modern time in me in my genes.

Neanderthals  disappeared, vanished about 40,000 years back in time.

Modern people are carers from up from 0 till 4 pro-cents genes in their DNA from Neanderthals.

These genes from Neanderthals are resistant to the infections, a coldness.

Homo Sapiens  came from the hot Africa and Arab Peninsula while Neanderthals lived in another climate in Europe for a while, for a really long time, having a good immune system resistant to the weather condition and the nature in these places.

The mixture of genes with Neanderthals helped Homo Sapiens to survive on the new weather condition areas really successful to wash down till a nil all Neanderthals about 40,000 years back.

Really, we see now as local people of Russian Ethnic Group in Ukraine attacked by other people whom came from other land, towns, places, countries whom may have their wish to vanish, to disappear all locals as a white European race of local Russian Ethnic and to fill this land by theirs.

But here a cold snow winters in The East Ukraine and so it would be hard to survive here for strangers from more warm countries, including refugees from Africa and The Arab Peninsula in the East Ukraine with a cold snow winters and icy roads as surfaces.

Plenty people said they feel they miss Neanderthals as their feelings after 40,000 years of their disappear.

Probably the some feelings will feel future descents of American, British, Europeans after a time too... as they realized how many humans of their human Homo Sapiens, a white European race, locals in their places of living for centuries, murdered to stop to live in our modern time in Europe.

Frosty mornings in Europe

- Please, sit to eat with murders
One table is for all.
- O, Thank you. May be later.
Not ready yet, of course.

They gone. They gone forever.
Not try to find a smile.
And a frozen face forever
to keep without a smile.

The frost at an early morning
The fog on a summer day.
Fallow from the mouth -
if it'll stop - it will be the end.

Frosty mornings in Europe again
and again убивают людей
чьи вина что живут
на своей стороне
и растили своих детей

Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin